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  Visit Us on FacebookNovember 20, 2012
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The Spokane River Forum is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that creates materials, events and activities that promote sustaining a healthy river system while meeting the needs of a growing population.
What better time than Thanksgiving to acknowledge some folks volunteering their time to protect and restore the Spokane River.


As previously reported, a grant from TransCanada enabled the Forum to put together a coalition to improve and enhance water trail access at Barker Road. In early November, seventeen volunteers from different groups planted pine trees to initiate the riparian restoration project.


This slideshow tells the story of how the area has been transformed.


Said Stan Mrzygod, "It was a wonderful morning digging, shoveling, watering, and meeting like-minded folks. With all that TLC, those pines will surely thrive!"


In 2013, the Forum will be back to install signage and do further plantings of native shrubs at the downstream and upstream locations of the area.


Thank you, volunteers!


Northwest White Water Association: Bart Rayniak, Wayne Benjamin, and Dan Schaffer.


Spokane Canoe and Kayak Club: Brian Durheim and daughter Katherine, Bill Sager, Joyce Kelley, Jim Nelson and son Christian, and Stan Mrzygod.


Spokane Conservation District: Charlie Peterson.


Spokane Riverkeeper: Bart Mihailovich.


Spokane River Forum: Donna and Brent Emmingham, Gail and Alden Sherrod, and Tonilee Hanson.



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