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Restorative Justice 
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Restorative Justice Research Overview
Restorative Justice Research Overview by Mark Umbreit

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Beyond Crime and Justice-Restorative Justice offers healing and justice to Colorado communities 


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Restorative Justice
Summer 2015 E-Newsletter
"All the people I met today are wonderful and changed my way of seeing things."
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Mark Umbreit to Speak at RJ Symposium in September in
 Colorado Springs  
Dr. Mark Umbreit, Professor and Director of Center for Restorative Justice & Peacemaking, University of Minnesota, School of Social Work, will deliver the keynote address Thursday, September 24 on The Energy of Forgiveness: Lessons from Those in Restorative Dialogue.  Dr. Umbreit is an internationally recognized trainer, editor, author and researcher in the field of restorative justice and mediation with over twenty-five years of experience as a practioner. He has been a featured speaker on restorative justice and mediation throughout the United States and the world.   He is the author of six books, and more than several hundred articles, book chapters, and monographs in the field of restorative, mediation, and peacemaking.
HandsLisa Sobke, Restorative Justice Coordinator 
                     Restorative Justice and Forgiveness?
Thursday, September 24 & Friday, September 25

The Restorative Justice Symposium is an excellent opportunity to learn more about restorative justice, meet people who practice RJ from around the state and hear and share great stories about RJ.   Following Dr. Mark Umbreit's keynote address on Thursday, you will be able to visit breakout groups based on your interests See the attached agenda  On Friday, September 25, State Representative Pete Lee will discuss restorative justice legislation in Colorado and his passion for bringing change and healing to those whose lives have been affected by violence. Then meet Patty Kiefer (see link to article in RJ in the News),Jessica Kuhn and Andy Ulferts; listen to their stories and the power of restorative justice in their lives. It will be an inspiring and interactive circle presentation about High Risk Victim Offender dialogue you won't want to miss!
The registration fee is $125. Get the group discount by registering through YouthZone.  Register at
   Facilitators Meeting

There will be a facilitator meeting on Wednesday, September 2 from 4:30-6:30. The purpose od the meeting will be to discuss changes to the script and other concerns and ideas.   

    RJ Quick Tip        
Sometimes parents in RJ circles are pretty angry with their kids.  Reflective Listening helps angry parents feel heard and validates how they are feeling.   Using phrases like "It sounds like you are feeling ...", "What I hear you saying...", "It seems as if..." communicates that you understand what the parent has said without inserting  judgment into the meeting.
Fall Training Schedule
YouthZone New Community Member Training-Thursday September 17 from 4:00-5:00 pm at the YouthZone Glenwood Springs office.   Call Lisa Sobke at 970-274-1049 or email at [email protected] to rsvp.
Restorative Tools for the Classroom-October 3 from 8:30-4:30 at the Longmont Community Justice Program-  $95  Register at

Lisa Sobke, Restorative Justice Coordinator, (970)274-1049 
[email protected]