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  The Power of Forgiveness - Restorative Justice  

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Alternative to School Suspension Explored Through Restorative Justice


A Shooter, His Victim and Race

2015 Restorative Justice Symposium
September 24-25
Colorado Springs
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Restorative Justice
Winter 2015 E-Newsletter
"I felt like having this conversation was helpful and spiritual."
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Restorative Justice Facilitator Training for YouthZone Volunteers


YouthZone will be offering a free Restorative Justice Facilitator Training on Thursday, April 9, 2015 from 8:30-4:30 at the Pointe in Glenwood Springs.  Volunteers who have participated in  2 or more circles and are interested in becoming a Restorative Justice Facilitator are welcome to participate in the training.  This training is specific to YouthZone's Restorative Justice Program.  It is an abbreviated training that will  focus on skills needed to facilitate circles at YouthZone and will not include pre-conferencing with the victim and offender or post circle follow-up.  I have 8 spots available.  If you would like to become a facilitator for YouthZone, please contact me at for more information and to register.


 HandsLisa Sobke, Restorative Justice Coordinator 


  Crisis Training for Facilitators 
In our Restorative Justice Circles, we may find out that someone's life is danger.   What would you do as a Facilitator?  If you have not been trained in Crisis Protocol or would like to update your skills, please join us for our lunch  on Thursday, April 9th at 12-1pm at the Pointe next to Yampah High School.  Please email me by April 2nd at if you are planning to attend.
    RJ Quick Tip        

Asking "open ended" questions allows the client to share information, in their own words. 


"How did you feel about...?" versus  "Did you feel....?" or "You must have felt..."

Victim-Centeredness and
 Restorative Practices Training

This experiential training is designed to deepen restorative justice practitioners' understanding and awareness of victim needs and "victim-centeredness". This will be a safe space to practice "victim-centered" language and thinking in order to better serve the victim community through restorative justice practices.

Date: MARCH 20TH, 2015
Time: 9AM - 12PM
Fee: no charge ~ maximum capacity 75
Colorado Organization of Victim Assistance (COVA)
1325 South Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO 80222 


Nancy Lewis, Member Coordinating Council on Restorative Justice, Executive Director of COVA

Deb Witzel, State Coordinator for Restorative Justice and Adult Diversion

All registrations must be received by 5:00 p.m. on March 13th, 2015.



Lisa Sobke, Restorative Justice Coordinator, (970)274-1049