March 2014

Classroom Instruction
That Works with English Language Learners
    By Jane D. Hill &
Kathleen M. Flynn

As more and more English language learners (ELLs) are included in mainstream classrooms, what can we do to ensure that they understand academic content and develop their English language skills? To answer this question, the authors have examined decades of research, interviewed mainstream teachers with ELLs in their classrooms, and reviewed the classroom recommendations from Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock's seminal Classroom Instruction That Works (Call no.: TT259) through an ELL lens. The result is this comprehensive guide to helping elementary school students at all levels of English language acquisition succeed.

Call Number:  CD43


Raising Test
Scores Using Parent Involvement
By William L. Callison
A critical dimension of effective schooling is parent involvement. Research has shown conclusively, that parent involvement at home improves student achievement. Furthermore, when parents are involved at school, children accomplish more and attend better schools. In this book, the author focuses on the role of parents in helping their children succeed in school. There is increasing evidence that parent involvement increases test scores. New research indicates that family factors are more than eleven times as influential as school factors in predicting student performance
  Call Number: TS84
Collaborate, Communicate, & Differentiate!: How to Increase Student Learning in Today's Diverse Schools

By Wendy W. Murawski &

 Sally Spencer


In this accessible resource, the authors take research about collaborative teaching from the abstract to the concrete to offer valuable strategies for improving collaboration amongst teachers in order to improve student learning. Research-based ideas are linked with practical, concrete strategies for effectively collaborating to improve not only academic performance, but also student behavior, social skills and self-esteem. Educators who have wondered how to make collaboration reasonable, feasible, and time-efficient will find answers with this book!


Call Number: CC74 

  Study Skills for
Learning Disabled and Struggling Students:
Grades 6-12   
By Stephen S. Strichart & 
 Charles T. Mangrum, II  


This updated resource features 122 engaging and reproducible activities, each of which provides a unique opportunity for active learning and practice that encourages students in grades 6-12, success in the classroom. Teaching struggling and special needs students to use study skills and strategies effectively is a vital step in transforming these students into accomplished and independent learners - and this workbook offers a comprehensive and hands-on look at an array of time-tested approaches and innovative tactics for learning, retention, and analysis.

Call Number: CST70 
From Tutor Scripts to
Talking Sticks: 100 Ways to Differentiate Instruction in
K-12 Inclusive Classrooms


By Paula Kluth &

 Sheila Danaher


The ready-to-use, research-based adaptations included in this resource enhance motivation and improve achievement for all children-including English-language learners and students with autism, emotional disabilities, cognitive disabilities, learning disabilities and other special needs. Everyone in the classroom will benefit from this timely, ultra-practical guidebook-the go-to resource for any teacher who has ever had a doubt that differentiated instruction can be simple and fun!


Call Number: CC69

Discipline With Dignity:
New Challenges,
New Solutions
By Richard L. Curwin, Allen N. Mendler & Brian D. Mendler 
This completely updated 3rd edition details an affirming approach to managing the classroom that promotes respect for self and others and offers practical solutions that emphasize relationship building, curriculum relevance, and academic success.  Filled with real-life examples and authentic teacher-student dialogues, this book is a comprehensive and flexible system of prevention and intervention tools that shows how educators at all levels can customize the classroom to reflect today's highly diverse and inclusive student population.


Call Number: BM301

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