January 2014

Practical Solutions for
Serious Problems in
Standards-based Grading
    By Thomas Guskey, Ed.

Standards-based education poses a variety of challenges for grading and reporting practices, especially for ensuring that the grades assigned to students are honest, meaningful, and fair. This solutions-oriented book provides specific suggestions for improving grading policies and practices at the school and classroom levels and offers teachers, principals, and administrators practical strategies for implementing grading policies that benefit all students. 

Call Number:  TS101

Writing for Understanding: Strategies to Increase
Content Learning
By Donovan R. Walling
You don't have to be a writing instructor or an English teacher to use writing in the classroom. This resource focuses on writing as an essential instructional tool to deepen and expand student understanding in the content areas. Written specifically for non-language arts teachers, this book debunks myths about using writing in the classroom and offers practical approaches for the upper elementary grades through high school. This valuable resource will help teachers of any subject facilitate learning through writing.
  Call Number: IS4

Co-Teach!: Building and

Sustaining Effective

Classroom Partnerships in

Inclusive Schools


By Marilyn Friend


Educators around the world are realizing that co-teaching can be an extraordinarily effective way to ensure students meet the rigorous achievement demands of 21st century schooling while simultaneously addressing their specialized learning needs.  Written specifically for teachers and other K-12 professionals who plan to co-teach or are ready to take their practices to the next level, this resource will lead colleagues to thoughtful analysis, lively discussions, and critical decision-making.


Call Number: CC72

Response to
Intervention in Math
By Paul J. Riccomini &
Bradley S. Witzel
This exciting new resource leads the way in applying Response to Intervention (RTI) to mathematics instruction by offering guidelines for improving learning for all students, especially those who have learning disabilities or are struggling with mathematics content. The authors describe how RTI's three tiers can be implemented in specific math areas and include case studies to provide examples of RTI procedures. This timely resource provides tools and strategies that educators can immediately implement to help students achieve increased critical thinking and academic success.

Call Number: CMT141
Collaborative Teaching in Elementary Schools:
Making the Co-teaching Marriage Work!


By Wendy W. Murawski


Using the metaphor of marriage, this lighthearted, highly practical, and teacher-friendly resource from the author of "Collaborative Teaching in Secondary Schools" provides readers with the tools to successfully set up, conduct, and successfully maintain co-teaching partnerships in any learning environment. Based on the author's extensive experience, this book blends solid educational research and literature with lighthearted humor to help readers nurture co-teaching partnerships through the stages of co-planning, co-instructing, and co-assessing. 


Call Number: CC73
  Inclusion Strategies
 That Work for
Adolescent Learners!
By Toby J. Karten
Higher performance and more positive experiences are possible for all adolescent learners with some guidance, perseverance, and the right techniques. Backed by more than three decades of experience and expertise, this accessible guidebook helps teachers focus on teaching and learning for results using a wide variety of strategies, including differentiated instruction, universal design for learning, brain-based learning, RTI, and evidence-based practice. Other areas of focus include classroom management and helping adolescents transition to life after high school. With helpful forms, activities, graphic organizers, and quotations throughout, this teacher-friendly resource is the perfect companion for educators striving to help their adolescent students achieve success in the classroom and beyond.
Call Number: IN201

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