November 2013

The FAST Method:
 Reducing Problem Behaviors in the Classroom, Grades 7-12
  By Iris Educational Media

   By combining the principles of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports with a Functional Behavioral Assessment, teachers learn to respond to misbehavior appropriately and to set the stage for building positive relationships with students. The FAST Method video (running time: 18 min.) features four vignettes that first show how a teacher's response can escalate student misbehavior, and then show how a "FAST" response can de-escalate the same behavior. Six extra practice vignettes give teachers the chance to apply the FAST Method in responding to typical challenging behaviors in the classroom.


Call Number:  BM309

Functional Assessment: Strategies to Prevent and Remediate Challenging Behavior in School Settings
By Lynette K. Chandler &
Carol M. Dahlquist
Written for special and general educators, consultants, therapists, administrators, and families who work with students and children with behavior concerns, this new edition presents a functional assessment model based on a naturalistic and team-based approach in preventing and resolving challenging behavior in school settings. Practical and applied, this resource focuses specifically on preventing and remediating challenging behavior in school settings, from preschool through high school, in the general education and self-contained classroom settings, and across students with and without special needs.
  Call Number: BM322

Classroom  Management

 for all Teachers:

Plans for

Evidence-Based Practice


By Ennio Cipani


The third edition of this manual for classroom management provides teachers and in-service personnel with specific plans of classroom management centered around using evidence-based practice. The author uses a uniform format to present each classroom management plan including: a brief description of the plan, terms, apparatus, baseline measurement, procedures, explanation of how the plan works, additional considerations, hypothetical examples, "what if" questions, and lastly, forms.


Call Number: BM323

Managing Noncompliance and Defiance in the Classroom:
A Road Map for Teachers, Specialists, and Behavior Support Teams
By Geoff Colvin
Student behavior expert Geoff Colvin provides a clear process for identifying key factors that contribute to noncompliant behavior and presents a wealth of field-tested, evidence-based intervention strategies. This comprehensive road map provides readers with assessment tools for distinguishing between chronic noncompliance and intermittent misconduct; strategies for preventing escalation and classroom power struggles; an easy-to-use chart that matches specific behaviors with proven interventions; guidelines for developing individual intervention plans; and, forms, checklists, and tables that can be adapted to specific needs.

Call Number: BM311
Classroom Discipline
and Management



By Clifford H. Edwards


This text is designed to help teachers explore approaches to classroom discipline and emphasizes informed decision-making, focusing on providing teachers an understanding of the assumptions behind a disciplinary approach, as well as the theory and practical applications of that approach. The new 5th edition looks closely at the extent to which a particular theory or approach is designed to either prevent or correct discipline problems -- an aspect of discipline that is often ignored. Another basic consideration throughout this new edition is the dramatic increase in diverse student populations and the teacher's role in helping these children learn efficiently and effectively.


Call Number: BM324
What to do With
The Kid Who...
Developing Cooperation, Self-Discipline, and Responsibility
 in the Classroom
By Kay Burke
This best-selling, essential guide uncovers current theories and research on classroom management and provides a wide range of user-friendly methods to help teachers proactively address common disciplinary issues before they become major problems. Educators will learn how to establish a warm classroom climate that fosters a spirit of cooperation, respect, and love for learning while encouraging students to interact courteously with their teachers and peers. This indispensable text provides the essential foundation teachers need to help students take responsibility for their own behavior, resolve their own conflicts, and celebrate their own learning.
Call Number:BM297

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