October 2013

Differentiating Instruction in Inclusive Classrooms: The Special Educator's Guide
By Diane Haager &
Janette K. Klingner


This methods textbook is a practical, user-friendly guide for the prospective or practicing special education teacher that offers specific suggestions for how to promote student learning in inclusive settings at both elementary and secondary levels for students with high-incidence disabilities. The book takes a balanced stance on inclusion, emphasizing the importance of decision-making based on students' academic and social needs, and moves fluidly between theory and pedagogy by illustrating important concepts and constructs with realistic examples and practical ideas that can be readily implemented. Readers will learn how to provide more intensive individualized intervention for students with particular learning or behavioral challenges within an inclusive context.


Call Number:  IN196

Great Ideas: Using Service-Learning and Differentiated Instruction to Help Your Students Succeed  
By Pamela J. Gent
Classrooms across the country are discovering the power of service-learning: the ideal way to help students develop social and academic skills while giving back to their community. Now for the first time, there's a practical how-to guide on using serving-learning to promote inclusion and differentiate instruction for students with and without disabilities. Readers will get a complete guide to every step of service-learning, from planning and funding service activities to monitoring the results and sustaining a schoolwide service-learning program. And the 30+ practical forms help educators assign student roles, determine necessary resources, differentiate instruction, evaluate what students are learning, and more.   
  Call Number: IN200
A Practical Guide to Early Childhood Inclusion:
Effective Reflection
 By Ann M. Gruenberg &
Regina Miller
Designed to actively engage the reader in a participatory process of problem-solving regarding the inclusion of young children with developmental challenges in general early childhood classrooms, this new text is based on a developmental approach highly relevant for the inclusive model. An ongoing assessment model and consideration of how each child responds to intervention contributes to the reflective decision-making process for practitioners-a distinctive feature of this book. Strategies and examples are provided in a range of curricular areas, and comprehensive resources are available throughout the text for flexible use by readers with their young students.
Call Number:  IN199 
Creating Inclusive Classrooms: Effective and Reflective Practices
 By Spencer J. Salend
Rich in K-12 classroom-based examples, CD-ROM video examples, and case studies of effective inclusive educational practices, this non-categorical text addresses the latest information on inclusion in today's schools. Four principles of effective instruction provide a framework for the text:  1.) all learners and equal access 2.) individual strengths and challenges and diversity 3.) reflective practices and differentiated instruction 4.) and community and collaboration. These principles, woven throughout the chapters, demonstrate that inclusion is not just a government mandate, but a principled philosophy of reflective and effective teaching for individualizing the educational system for all students.
 Call Number: IN130
Inclusive Teaching: The Journey Towards Effective Schools for All Learners

By J. Michael Peterson &

Mishael Marie Hittie 


Organized around the profound question, "How can we create schools and classrooms where vastly diverse students learn well together?" the text strives to provide a myriad of helpful and creative answers to this question for teachers-leaders of the classroom impacting positive change for tomorrow's schools. Clearly organized around the way in which teachers think, from arranging the physical classroom to dealing with the social-emotional needs of students, to designing effective, multi-level, differentiated instruction, the text remains positively devoted to teaching change and impacting the future of all students learning together. 


Call Number: IN197


Building Inclusive Schools: Tools and Strategies
for Success
  By Ann T. Halvorsen &
Thomas Neary
Written as a guide for
pre-service teachers as well as teachers, administrators, service providers, parents, school site teams, systems change and professional development coordinators, this book presents the best research-based strategies for implementing inclusion or planning for new inclusive efforts at the school or district level. In this second edition, the authors outline specific steps and processes to help educators unify the systems and resources around them to promote the academic achievement of all students, including students from at-risk situations, and students with mild as well as severe disabilities.
Call Number: IN198

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