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September/October 2013       

W&M Symposum on Professional Collaboration and Inclusive Education
October 23, 2013
William & Mary School of Education
Williamsburg, VA
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October is 
Resources that can be used to promote and highlight Disability History and Awareness Month in Virginia
during October can be found on the
with the
What Works Clearinghouse™
As summer winds down and the classroom heats up, turn to practice guides from the What Works Clearinghouse™ (WWC) for practical back-to-school teaching tips.
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Greatest Hits Revisited: The Encore Edition of Link Lines

By Elaine Gould, M.Ed. 

This encore edition of Link Lines contains many of our most popular T/TAC W&M articles and includes easily-implemented strategies to support teacher and student success. Click here to learn about these instructional and learning strategies, and how to make them most effective by implementing them during the appropriate phase of the learning process.

Instructional Sequence for Teaching the

Structure of the English Language

By Mary Murray Stowe, M.Ed. 

With Multisensory Structured Language Education (MSLE), instructional concepts are taught directly, sequentially, and systematically (Henry, 2009). How does this impact the instructional sequence? Language concepts must be taught explicitly, not implicitly, and in an organized sequence, where one concept is taught and must be mastered before another is added, coinciding with or supporting the first. This article provides explicit examples of the organized sequence of language instruction.

 Increasing Student Opportunities to Respond 

By Elaine B. Gould, M.Ed.

This article focuses on an evidence-based instructional practice that increases positive and decreases negative student behaviors. The targeted classroom management skill described in this article, raising the number of opportunities to respond, increases student engagement and on-task behavior. Read the article and access the additional resources to find strategies that can be easily implemented into your instructional plan.

 Discovering a Wealth of Resources to

Build a Solid Math Foundation

By Tina Spencer, M. S.

Students with weak basic math skills often struggle in school. It is common for students to need numerous practice opportunities to fully understand math concepts. Active instructional strategies help students learn content in core academic subjects. Discover resources grounded in the Concrete-Representational-Abstract (CRA) strategy, a research validated instructional sequence model known to lay a solid math foundation for all students. Read more

Note Worthy Strategy for Student Success:
Becoming Effective Listeners and Note-Takers
By Tina Spencer, M.S. 

Imagine waking up every day with a knot in your stomach because you know you are not able to keep up with teacher lectures and the notes you are required to take. Many at-risk students and students with disabilities experience these feelings every school day. The increased rigor in secondary schools comes with a price they often are unable to pay. Read more about a NOTE worthy, research-validated strategy that was designed to help students master the art of note-taking.

 Partnering to Build "Good Day Plans" for Students
By Elaine Gould, M.Ed., and Butler Knight, Ed.S.

If you have ever wondered what your students need in order to have a good day, try asking them. This article explores how students and teachers can partner to develop a student's Good Day Plan, which includes strategies that will maximize a student's potential for being successful in school.

 Featured Apps:  The Home-School Connection
By Cathy Buyrn M.Ed.

Parents and teachers have engaged in the ritual of exchanging contact information every September since the early days of organized education.  Every method imaginable has been tried and tested.  Unfortunately, despite the best of intentions, many direct contacts occur only when something has gone wrong.  Today's technology tools make it easier than ever to keep parents, students, and teachers connected and informed on a daily basis.  A proactive approach to the 'home-school connection' sets students up for success from the very beginning. Read more


T/TAC W&M is pleased to announce its newest co-director, Elaine Gould Read more 


With mixed emotions, T/TAC William and Mary bids farewell to specialist Tina Spencer upon her retirement