February 2013

Solve it!
Strategies Series 
By AIMS Education Foundation


This series presents a collection of problem-solving strategy activities. The tasks included will engage students in active, hands-on investigations that allow them to apply their number, measurement, computation, geometry, data organization, and algebra skills in problem-solving settings. Please specify which book you'd like to receive (K-1, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade), when submitting your request.

Call Numbers:
CMT136 (K-1)
CMT137(2nd Grade)
CMT138 (3rd Grade)
CMT139 (4th Grade)
CMT140 (5th Grade)
Error Patterns in Computation:
Using Error Patterns to Help Each Student Learn 

 By Robert B. Ashlock


  As students learn about mathematical operations and methods of computation, they may adopt erroneous procedures and misconceptions. This engaging book was written to model how teachers can make thoughtful analyses of their students' work and in so doing, discover patterns in errors made.


  Call Number: CMT91

Math For All:
Differentiating Instruction, Grades K-2 & Grades 3-5
By Linda Dacey,
Jayne Bamford Lynch, and
Rebeka Eston Salemi
Embrace the diverse spectrum of abilities, interests, and learning styles among K-2 or 3rd-5th students with this powerful resource that offers practical, research-based guidance to differentiating instruction in the mathematics classroom.  Please specify which book you'd like to receive (K-2  or 3rd-5th), when submitting your request.
Call Number:
CMT131 (K-2)
CMT132 (3rd-5th)

Elementary and Middle School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally
By John A. Van de Walle, Karen S. Karp, and Jennifer M. Bay-Williams
   This text was written to help teacher candidates and practicing teachers understand mathematics and become more confident in their ability to teach math to children in pre-K through eighth grade. Structured for easy reference and offering 23 chapters reflecting the latest research, the revised edition infuses NCTM and Common Core State Standards with the benefits of problem-based mathematics instruction. This 8th edition better prepares teachers to teach mathematics to all learners by including new strategies for English language learners and students with disabilities; greater coverage of mathematics in early childhood education. More activities infusing technology and samples of authentic student work are introduced. Increased emphasis on formative assessment, showcased with an icon and notes throughout, guide teachers to master this difficult practice.
Call Number: CMT135
 Dinah Zike's Big Book of Math: Elementary, K-6 and
Dinah Zike's Big Book of Math: Middle & High School

 By Dinah Zike



 These books provide instructions on making Foldables as well as ideas on how to use them in the math classroom. A Foldable is a 3-D, student-made, interactive graphic organizer based upon a skill. Making a Foldable gives students a fast, kinesthetic activity that helps them organize and retain information. Foldables are designed to be used as a study guide for main ideas and key points; however, Foldables can also be used to solve math problems, answer questions, explain computations, and record definitions. The purpose of these books is to give teachers countless ways to customize Foldables to meet K-6 math curriculum needs. Please specify which book you'd like to receive (K-6 or middle-high school), when submitting your request.

  Call Numbers: 

CMT96 (K-6)

CMT95 (7-12)

 Hands-on Standards:
The First Source for Introducing Math Manipulatives
By ETA/Cuisenaire
How can we make sure that children grasp the real meaning behind mathematical concepts instead of just memorizing numbers and repeating them back on tests? How can we help children develop an in-depth mathematical understanding? This preK-6 series provides teachers with easy-to-access ways to help children "visualize mathematics". Each manual delivers age-appropriate lessons designed to engage teachers and children in meaningful, authentic learning. Each lesson defines the specific concepts and skills that children will be taught and includes step-by-step procedures for children to use in solving a problem that easily links math to their day-to-day lives. Please specify which book you'd like to receive (preK-K, 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, or 5th-6th), when submitting your request.  
Call Numbers:
CMT134.1 (preK-K)
CMT134 (1st & 2nd)
CMT134.4 (3rd & 4th)
CMT134.4 (5th & 6th)

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