Since January 2014, eleven New Jersey municipalities as well as New York City have passed paid sick leave laws.  It is imperative that employers in these jurisdictions, regardless of size, ensure they are offering sick leave in accordance with these laws.
As of today, the complete list of New Jersey municipalities, with effective dates, is as follows:
Jersey CityJanuary 24, 2014
NewarkJune 21, 2014
PassaicJanuary 1, 2015
East OrangeJanuary 7, 2015
PatersonJanuary 7, 2015
IrvingtonJanuary 8, 2015
TrentonMarch 4, 2015
MontclairMarch 4, 2015
BloomfieldJune 30, 2015
New BrunswickJanuary 6, 2016
ElizabethMarch 2, 2016
In line with this trend, the New Jersey state legislature is considering mandatory paid sick leave for employees statewide.
The Senate passed such a bill on December 17, 2015, and has forwarded it to the Assembly for consideration.

Similar legislation known as "The Healthy Families Act," is pending in Congress, but has not gained much traction.

What Should Employers Do?
We recommend that employers operating in the jurisdictions listed above review their sick time policies and practices to ensure compliance with all applicable laws.
Please contact Katherin Nukk-Freeman or the NFC attorney with whom you normally work if you need assistance.
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