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null Up-Coming Pan-Canadian Study: Successful Integration and the Retention of Internationally Educated Nurses in Canadian Healthcare Systems
The existence of an effective, stable and adequate supply of healthcare professionals continues to be one of the biggest challenges of healthcare in Canada.  In light of the current shortage of registered nurses internationally and the global competition to recruit them, it is essential that internationally educated nurses (IENs) have the opportunity to fully contribute their theoretical and practical knowledge as well as the professional experience that they have acquired. 


With funding from Health Canada, the Université du Québec en Outaouais, in partnership with l'Université de Montréal and the University of Ottawa, is in the planning phase of a pan-Canadian research project exploring the integration, retention and career advancement of internationally educated nurses. 


While research has been conducted to identify the barriers and facilitators of IENs becoming registered and securing employment, less is known about what facilitates IEN integration and retention within the profession and workplace. Knowledge is also limited  pertaining to IEN career patterns and the factors that facilitate their career advancement within the Canadian healthcare systems. Gaining a greater understanding of these factors will allow us to identify factors that enable IENs to integrate successfully into the labour market in order to assist potential candidates to better understand how to prepare themselves for a job in Canada.  In addition, the project seeks to identify existing tools that can be used by educators and employers to enhance the support they can provide to ensure the successful integration and retention of IENs in long-term positions.  It is expected that the successful integration and retention of IENs will increase the ability of nurses working within the healthcare system to provide secure, competent and ethical care.

For more information, please contact Isabelle St. Pierre at or call 819-595-3900 poste 2345.


Internationally educated nurses' experiences with an integrated bridge program.

Atack L, Cruz EV, Maher J, Murphy S.

J Contin Educ Nurs. 2012 Aug;43(8):370-8.



Countries around the world are experiencing a current and projected ongoing shortage of nurses. Internationally educated nurses are an underused, valuable human resource that could reduce the nursing shortage. A bridge program, with several innovations bundled into one program, was developed specifically to meet the needs of internationally educated nurses.



A qualitative study using interviews was conducted with internationally educated nurses. Data were collected in the first semester, at the end of the program, and after nurses started work.



Although knowledge of the health care system is critical, an understanding of the adopted country's educational philosophy is also important. Occupation-specific language training and ample clinical time are essential for program success and for helping participants to secure employment.


"One-stop shopping" bridge programs that provide a range of curricular supports for internationally educated nurses are essential to support this pool of highly skilled nurses in preparing for practice in their new home. 

Recommended Readings
The Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing, with funding from Health Canada, developed Guiding Principles and Essential Components for IEN Bridging Programs.  To see the framework please click here.

Along with the Framework, a Self-Assessment Guide for Bridging Programs was developed. This is a tool to help bridging programs evaluate their own practices against the essential components recommended in the Pan-Canadian Framework of Guiding Principles and Essential Components for Internationally Educated Nurses Bridging Programs.


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