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e    January 2014


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What's in store for 2014? 
January can be a time of reflection and inspiration. Starting off the new year we often feel a sense of hope and optimism as we seize the change to start over or begin again. New Years resolutions give us a frame for what we would like to see better in ourselves and goals to move towards. That was certainly our focus at CCCG until we found ourselves dealing with an unexpected crisis.  Our Decatur office flooded on January 8th and the damage was extensive and rendered our space unusable.
After taking a brief moment to realize the enormity of the situation, CCCG leaders, staff, board members, and community rallied together to find temporary space and create comfort in the midst of uncertainty. We are so grateful for the thoughts, prayers, well wishes, and helping hands extended to us and amongst us as we have responded to this situation and how we have continued to provide services of hope and healing to the community. 

In this issue we consider resolutions, how to make them realistic, as well as how to get back on track, if you've strayed from your intent. We also welcome our newest group of Chaplaincy interns. and announce the theme for our Spring Event, A look at Our Personal Resiliency.        


Gratitude and Resilience 
Some of the good people of CCCG working to make our temporary space great! 
As mentioned above, our main office in Decatur flooded and will be closed for several months. CCCG leadership reached out to our vast community and were able to secure a temporary space for counseling services to continue in Decatur in  offices graciously provided at Scott Baptist Church. The smiling faces of our reception staff are there, as well as many of the familiar items brought over from 1814 Clairmont. While only temporary, the offices are a warm and inviting space for clients and counselors to meet and continue their journey together.  

Administrative staff are being housed at Camp Sunshine just two doors down on Clairmont, and our newest neighbor, Physicians Immediate Medicine is also making space available for counselors as needed. We are so thankful for the support which makes continuing our work possible!
If you would like to know how you can assist during this time of transition and rebuilding, please contact Tom VanLaningham at or Alicia Starr at
Sometimes it takes a crisis or tragedy to remind us who we really are. These past few weeks have shown that together we are strong, compassionate, resilient, caring, and capable. We are part of a community and we are grateful.



New Years Resolutions: Easy to Make,  Hard to Keep 
Everyone is motivated to make resolutions to improve their lives and themselves in the new year. The most popular resolutions, as pictured in the top ten photo above tend to be so popular in part because they are easy to make but can be difficult to maintain throughout the course of the year. 


 The good news jar,  pictured here, illustrates  how to recognize the many positive changes and events do happen every year even when we feel we have "failed"  at whatever resolutions we might have set for ourselves at the outset. There are however, things to do to stay on track, or revive your intentions to make positive change, even when the inevitable setbacks happen. Tips such as increase your accountability by telling other people your goals to using applications on your phone to track your progress can be powerful tools to accomplish what you set out to do. Read more tips and tricks here. 

New Beginning for Chaplaincy Interns

The Center for Chaplaincy and Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at the Care & Counseling Center of Georgia has kicked off the spring unit with a bang! Orientation was held on Friday January 17th at Camp Sunshine, our new temporary home. Interns were welcomed by the director of Chaplaincy and CPE, Dorothea Lotze-Kola and other staff members. We are grateful to Rev. Jonathan Ball, CPE Coordinator at Northside Hospital for orienting 16 new incoming interns to the CPE program.  The students will be providing pastoral care for patients, families, and staff at their individual site placements including Gwinnett Medical Center, Northside Hospital, and Grady Hospital System.  



CCCG also welcomes Patricia Symonette, current Supervisory Education Student (SES,) as our new CPE Administrator.  We also welcome two new SESs, Christina Garcia-Alfonso and Larry Daniels. Christina serves as staff chaplain at Gwinnett Medical Center in Duluth Georgia and Larry serves as Vice President of Spiritual Care for PruittHealth, Inc.


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Gratitude and Resilience
Make Resolutions and Keep Them
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CCCG offers ongoing workshops


Our Clairmont Road Office is temporarily closed, but CCCG is OPEN! 
Counseling services continue to be offered Mon-Sat at our temporary location in the Scott Boulevard Baptist Church. The 

church is located at the intersection of Scott Boulevard and North Decatur Road in Decatur.  The address is: 2532 North Decatur Road, Decatur, GA 30033. Our phone number is the same: 404-636-1457.


There is a parking lot on the North Decatur Road side of the building. The entrance also faces North Decatur Road, and there is a mailbox right outside the doors. Please walk in the front doors, and the receptionist will greet you. Click on the link to get directions through Google Maps. 


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When faced with daily life challenges, it can be hard to distinguish a real problem from a normal struggle everyone faces at some point. In either case, working with a professional counselor can be a positive, healthful experience.


If you or a loved one is dealing with issues that might benefit from speaking with a counselor, please contact us to schedule an appointment.





Thank you  


Over the past two years  the  35 professional counselors, 20 resident counselors and 40 CPE residents and interns of Care and Counseling provided over one million dollars worth of free or reduced cost counseling and chaplaincy services.


Please Give to a Cause that Speaks to You:


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- A gift of $25 helps provide art supplies for working with children.


- A gift of $65 sponsors a counseling session for a family in need.


- A gift of $100 supports a grief group to help those who have lost a loved one.


- A Gift of $250 provides psychological testing for things like ADHD, depression and  other mental health challenges.



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Taking care of yourself is critical for a healthy life
 and family. 
CCCG offers ongoing workshops that can help with self-growth and self-care.  You don't have to do it alone.  Here are some of our upcoming workshops: Workshops listed as in Decatur are being held at our temporary offices at Scott Baptist Church. 
Nurturing the Soft Side of a Strong Woman with Stephanie Hughes in Decatur. This 4 session series starts on Thursday, January 28th, at 6:30 p.m. Dates and times for following sessions will be determined by the group. An initial assessment is required ($23 for 30 min) and each 1.5 hour group session is $50.  Additionally, participants will recieve a 45-min check-in session up to 6-months after the last group session. To schedule your assessment, contact Stephanie Hughes at 404.636.1457 ext. 413. 
Understanding More About Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Relapse Prevention Psychoeducational Group - In Decatur with Monica Dutke.  Ongoing: Tuesdays 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Buckhead group meets Thursdays 9:00 am to 10:00 am. $45 per group session.


Adult Survivors of Child Abuse Support Group - with Robin Kirkpatrick at Oak Grove United Methodist Church - $Free


Anger Management Group -In Decatur with Karon Ferguson - Starting in January, this group will be held Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm. $35 per group session.
Premarital Workshop at The Cathedral of St. Philip (Atlanta) with Doyle Hamilton - $150 per couple, upcoming dates include January 25th and February 15, 2014.



Care and Counseling Center  

of Georgia  




HEALING- CCCG Chaplains meet the needs of people who experience crisis, loss or pain in several of the metro Atlanta hospitals, hospices, and prisons.


HOPE - CCCG Counselors and residents with an integration of sound clinical practice and deep understanding and respect for the sacred self are trained and serve those of every age,  gender, race, creed, sexual orientation, and ethnic background, and makes our services affordable to all.   


EDUCATION - CCCG educates resident counselors and chaplains to serve in places where lives are falling between the cracks and trains them to help bring healing and hope in to those in need.


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