Saturday June 6 and Saturday June 13, 2015

The URI Master Composter program trains individuals to become advocates for composting and overall waste reduction within their local community and around the state.  To earn the title 'URI Master Composter,' participants must complete both days of training and volunteer at least 30 hours; however, the training is open to everyone whether you choose to become a volunteer or not.  This training is for beginners and seasoned composters. 

Lecture topics:
Small-scale composting, vermicomposting, concepts in chemistry & microbiology, waste & resource management in Rhode Island

Field Trips:
Earth Care Farm, Rhode Island Resource Recovery, Southside Community Landtrust, Roger Williams Park Botanical Center & Community Garden

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Includes 2-day training, meals for day one and materials.

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Transportation is not included, but 
 will be encouraged.