URI Spring Garden School
at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center
Saturday, March 29
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM *
*take one class or all four!
Creating an Edible Garden
Sejal Lanterman
URI Cooperative Extension, Compost & Food Safety
 9:00-10:30 AM  
Growing fresh vegetables, herbs or fruits provides a great sense of joy and accomplishment. A vegetable garden can also reduce the family's food budget, and it can be a source of hard-to-find vegetables. Join us in a discussion on how to combine simple steps for building a successful garden with preventative measures to reduce food borne illnesses.  
BONUS! Following the discussion you will have an opportunity to meet with trained URI Master Gardeners one-on-one to have your personal gardening challenges or questions addressed.
Making the Most of Your Perennials
Rosanne Sherry
URI Cooperative Extension, Consumer Horticulture
11:00-12:30 PM
Join Rosanne Sherry in a workshop about perennial garden management including pest controls, seasonal tasks of watering and fertilizing, and the basics for a season-long blooming calendar. Weather permitting- we'll visit the Roger Williams Park outdoor gardens that are filled with dozens of perennials that bloom from May through October.
Maintaining Soil Health
Andy Radin
URI Cooperative Extension, Sustainable Agriculture
1:00-2:30 PM
We will take a whirlwind tour of the root zone of the soil and how it interacts with plants: minerals, water, pH, Cation exchange, and the microbiological world that provide plants with what they need. Then we will discuss strategies to enhance and maintain the health of your garden's soil.
Hops & Home Brewing
Sanne Kure-Jensen, Administrator
Northeast Organic Farming Association of RI
3:00-4:30 PM
Participants will learn about trellising systems, how to tell when flowers are ready for harvest, as well as proper drying and storage techniques.  Workshop will include home brewing steps, terminology, equipment, ingredients, sanitation, things to watch out for, and sources for recipes and ingredients. Learn about yeast types, how to start and pitch yeast and brew mash, when to add hops, and the importance of speedy wort cooling. Learn how to bottle homebrew with various bottle types and capping equipment.
Each class is $15.00 or sign up for the entire day ($50.00) and save $10.00! 
Lunch is not provided; however we encourage you to bring your own and enjoy it in the warmth of the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center!