Winter Day Retreat
Roger Williams Park Botanical Center
Saturday, February 8th ~ 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM


Join us in the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center to melt away your winter woes! Take a tour through tropical plant biomes and indulge in a "sweet" discussion about the health benefits of pure maple syrup. Warm up with a talk on herbs, followed by a make-your-own salve workshop! We'll have you armed with all the natural remedy knowledge you need to get you through the rest of the winter.

What We'll Do
Guided Tour of the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center
BC pond
We'll take you on a tour of the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center, led by URI Master Gardener volunteers with superior knowledge of the unique tropical, sub-tropical, desert, aquatic and carnivorous plants housed in the 12,000 square foot greenhouse facility. The tour will provide cultural and environmental information about the Botanical Center's plants, their uses and their importance in the lives of humans, their highly varied physical characteristics and their climatic adaptations.
The Latest on Maple Syrup: Sweeter Than You Think

Discover exciting new research highlighting previously unknown information about the key role maple syrup plays in improving human health. Dr. Seeram will share information about the 54 beneficial compounds he and his team from URI have isolated and identified in pure maple syrup, five of which have never been seen in nature before. Join us to learn more about how this champion food's anti-inflammatory agents may help prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer's.

Dr. Navindra Seeram is an assistant professor in the Dept. of Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy at URI. His research group, the Bioactive Botanical Research Laboratory, investigates plant foods and natural products for therapeutic and preventive effects against chronic human diseases.
Introduction to Herbalism and Therapeutic Salve Workshop

Part 1: Herbal 101 ~ Learn about the many uses of medicinal plants, basic terminology, and how to get going on using them for preventative health care or to address specific imbalances for you and your family.
Part 2: Salves ~ Make a salve yourself! Salves are crucial for skin health, cuts and scrapes, wrinkles, excema or just to treat yourself to something nice. We will make a salve using local ingredients that can easily be replicated at home to take with you at the end of the day.


Mary Blue, owner of Farmacy Herbs in Providence, is an herbalist, farmer and business womanShe has taught classes on herbalism at local hospitals, colleges, high schools, nursing homes, elementary schools, conferences and to special interest groups and non profits. Most of her experience as an herbalist comes from working directly with the the public, and creating her own herbal product line that is sold in stores all over the region.
Registration: $50.00
Catered lunch will be provided
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