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When:  Tuesday April 14, 2015
           1:00 - 3:00 PM
Where: MCAM Northwest

Join us at MCAM Northwest for lunch and a see how Verisurf X8 Automate allows you to program DCMM's visually utilizing your 3D CAD models. Check your probing paths with full simulation as you prepare for unattended operation. Easily share those inspection routines with portable devices for in process Quality Control.


In Memory of Chris Rizzo


On behalf of MCAM Northwest and StreamingTeacher,
we are deeply saddened by the loss of Chris Rizzo. 
One thing we all agree on is that Chris lived his life to the fullest.
He will always be remembered as a great friend,
contributor and colleague to MCAM and
it's extended circle of employees, vendors and friends. 

 Come by and Say Hello!
April 1st & 2nd, 2015 - Oregon Convention Center - Portland Oregon
Exhibit hall hours: April 1, 10:00am - 5:00pm & April 2, 10:00am - 4:00pm
Conference hours: April 1, 8:25am - 3:15pm & April 2, 10:00am - 4:00pm

MCAM Northwest - Mastercam / Booth 933
MCAM Northwest - Verisurf / Booth 929

Nothing is Impossible!
Y o u    D o n' t   W a n t   T o   M i s s   T h i s

Our own Reverse Engineering Expert, Mike May
will discuss the newest Trends in analzing design intent
and recreating quality parts for production.

April 1, 2015
8:25am - 9:25am
Session 1 Conference Hall

Discover / Gain Knowledge / Share Ideas
Always Free! Register Here!

See you there!

The MASTERCAM X9 Public Beta release is open to all current Mastercam customers who are on Maintenance. 

Here are some just some of the improvements you'll notice: 

  • Expanded Dynamic Motion toolpaths bring new options to our groundbreaking technology. And our broad-based radial chip thinning calculator lets you apply chip thinning parameters to any appropriate tool, bringing greater cutting efficiency to your toolpaths.
  • Solid Modeling Improvements including Solid Disassembly for exploding and laying out a solids assembly, Solid Positioning for easy snap positioning of items such as fixture components, and more.
  • Power Multiaxis enhancements including Multiaxis Link, which delivers a new way of combining a safety zone with multiple operations to ensure repositioning between any 2-5 axis milling operations is as safe as possible.
  • Even broader tool support and improved workflow for importing, designing, and editing tools and holders.
  • Mastercam Simulator fixture support makes it easy to define, display and collision check fixturing while simulating your job.
  • Overall streamlined workflow with improved plane management, level and geometry control, viewsheets, chaining and more. The new Analyze Toolpath feature provides improved feedback and verification by displaying relevant toolpath information simply by hovering over a toolpath section.

Click here if you are interested in participating in the Mastercam X9 Public Beta. 


Stop by our booth at the

Northwest Machine Tool Expo for a X9 sneak peak.


Posting Code - Using Radius to Define an Arc

When manual programming using an editor was how most NC or CNC programming was done, it was very convenient to specify an arc in code using a radius value rather than defining the center of the arc. There was less math involved in writing a line of code that reads "G3 X.866 Y.5 R1." instead of "G3 X.866 Y.5 I-.9659 J.2588".

Using radius values to define arcs is still used by many programmers, as Defined in the Control Definition Arc Section. Sometimes this can cause problems, small rounding errors can cause arcs not to be posted as intended. Shown are two example screenshots of a surfacing toolpath, the first one with arcs posted using radius arc centers, the second using IJ arc center coordinates:

MCAM Northwest recommends that the Radius option in the Control Definition not be used, one of the other options that result in a fixed point posted for the arc center should be used. If your control supports it we also recommend to set the Control Definition to allow full 360 degree arcs, this can reduce code size, dwell marks, and reduce problems when an arc is broken and a very short arc results.

If you want help with reviewing your Control Definition settings, contact us at

Is your Video Driver Current?

That is one of the first questions we ask when we get a support request for a graphics issue. Often the response is "Yes", however when we look into it the video driver may actually be several years old. Too often customers rely on Windows Update to update the video driver, this does not always happen. It is best to go to the website for the video card manufacturer and get the latest driver directly from them. 

To check your video driver date, from the Windows Control Panel select "System". In the upper left corner, select "Device Manager". Expand "Display Adapters", right click on your video card and select "Properties".

Then go to the video card manufacturers website and see if there is a newer version.



Software versions V9 - X8 included in a single subscription