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When:   Tuesday - June 17th, 2014

             from 10 AM to 1 PM

Where:  MCAM Northwest, Inc.

             19136 Molalla Avenue

             Oregon City, OR 97045

Join us to see Verisurf with the new Gen 3 Romer Portable CMM's.


We'll talk about the new Romer hardware and look at Verisurf software and the advantages of running inside Mastercam.  This total solution can help with Reverse Engineering, Part alignment routines, First Article Inspection and in process inspection.


Lunch will be served.


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The STL Prep for 3D Printing module prepares models for 3D printing efficiently and easily by offering a single solution that not only repairs problems, but also modifies STL and CAD files. This new module also extends SpaceClaim Engineer's intuitive interface, speed, and ability to work with any major 3D format into the 3D printing world.
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Mastercam: News
Taking full advantage of software maintenance 
Over the years, we have observed many different approaches to how our customers take advantage of their software updates, the services available with the purchase of maintenance and the overall effectiveness to those approaches. Some companies roll out new versions immediately, some want to wait until initial bugs are fixed and others try to wait for a gap in their very busy schedules. While others, as a worse case scenario, wait until they can't justify waiting any longer. So what is the best strategy? In general, we believe it's best to roll out immediately and avoid the difficulties that can come with waiting until the last minute.

There are technological advantages at your disposal and that should by far outweigh the perceived economic benefits of waiting. The initial roll out information can be taken in and the hype of the new version can be an energizing kick start that is best absorbed at the peak. CNC Software is very good about addressing release bugs and annoyances in their first maintenance update. The faster they get feedback, the faster bugs are fixed. In many cases, the additional MU's contain additional functionality.

Running side by side (X7 and X8 both installed) is not a bad idea, as long as there is a clear migration plan in place. For example, once all of the machine definitions and support files are migrated, users should remove their desktop shortcuts to X7, and then 30 days later, X7 should be uninstalled.

Training existing users is easier with a quick rollout. With more new release events scheduled around the first quarter after release there are more opportunities to get everybody up to speed. For example, our workshop activities transition from new version functionality to application specific topics as the version matures.

Waiting until it's convenient is a double edged sword. On one hand, it's great not having the distraction of migration and learning the "What's New", but on the other, the migration is inevitable. So think of it this way, if you learn the new functionality as it trickles out, it doesn't pile up on you, it's easier to assimilate in smaller packages, and you get to leverage the new technology right away.

Streamingteacher is maintained by MCAM Northwest. We work diligently to keep our courseware current. We always shoot for the new version's courseware being ready by the time it's actually shipped to the public. Our reference based search makes it easy to explore the new functionality, while brushing up on any weak areas of understanding you mave have within Mastercam.

MCAM Northwest - Maintenance policies and benefits

Our goal is to help you make your maintenance investment worthwhile, year after year.
  • All maintenance customers receive support first and take priority over customers not current on maintenance. Calls and emails are taken on a first come, first serve basis.
  • We migrate your files for free, from version to version, posts, setup sheets, simulators, etc.
  • Our custom training and workshops are always based on current software and our goal is to emphasize the new functionality whenever possible.
For more information on Mastercam, visit: or contact Tori for a quote.
Windows 8 File Protection


Windows 8 has introduced a method of automatically protecting files that is new to this version of Windows. Folders under the Program Files or Program Files (x86) folders are automatically set to Read Only status. For many users this is not a concern, however there are some situations where the user needs to have write access to the Mastercam application folder. An example would be if the Cimco Editor DNC settings needed to be changed, these settings are stored in files in Cimco Editor folder under the Mastercam application folder in Program Files.

To change the Mastercam folder status from "Read Only" to allow writing, use the following process:

1. Start Windows Explorer
2. Browse to the Mastercam application folder (default location for X7 shown).
3. Right Click on the Mastercam folder, select "Properties" from the right-click menu
4. If the "Attributes" are shown as "Read Only", continue to next steps.
5. Select the "Security" tab. Note the "Full Control" and "Modify" permissions are not allowed.
6. Scroll to "Users".
7. Click on the "Edit" button.
8. Scroll to "Users".
9. Check the "Full Control" check box. This will also check the "Modify" check box.
10. Click "Apply".  It will take a moment for Windows to change the permissions for the folders and files.

11. Click "OK" several times to return to Windows Explorer. 
SpaceClaim:  News 
SpaceClaim's New STL Prep for 3D Printing Module Available!

The speed and ease-of-use of SpaceClaim Engineer is now available for editing STL! SpaceClaim provides a new module to prepare models for 3D printing efficiently and easily by offering one tool for the job. Instead of using numerous products to get a model ready for 3D printing, now engineers can use SpaceClaim's STL Prep for 3D Printing module to more quickly prepare models for printing. 

The module extends SpaceClaim Engineer's intuitive interface, speed, and ability to work with any major 3D format into the 3D printing world.

With SpaceClaim's STL Prep for 3D Printing Module, you can:

Work directly with STL files: Analyze, Clean, Edit STLs; combine STL models with or STL models or solids; decimate/reduce models
Shell & Create Connecting Features
Save & Export STL files
For more information on Spaceclaim, visit: or contact Tori for a quote. 
Master3DGage / Verisurf:  News
Master3DGage Software Transition


Looking forward to the release of X8 Verisurf is transitioning all Master3DGage software to the standard Verisurf build to help streaminline sources of information and support. Future software releases will be Verisurf builds and accessed from If you have any questions or need any assistance getting up to date please contact us. 

For more information on Verisurf or Master3DGage, visit: or contact Mike for a quote. 
Verisurf: Tech Tip

Datum Alignments by WCS


When performing more complex inspections with multiple datums it can be helpful to create World Coordinate Systems (WCS) that correspond to each Datum Reference Frame (DRF)

After measuring the Datum features use this button  to create a WCS from the features. The process is the same as a feature alignment and you can name the WCS based on the datums being used (Datum ABC).  


Then when it's time to generate your report you can select the corresponding WCS in the Report Manager.



This WCS will be added to the report for each object to make it more clear that you used the correct reference features.



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