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setup sheet MCAM Workshop - Using and customizing setup sheets. Create complete shop floor documentation without using additional software. We will discuss the active reports type setup sheets in Mastercam X6, and how to output properly formatted PDF's or printed materials.

March 7, 2013 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
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nwmts 2013 Please visit MCAM Northwest at booth #939 - March 27th and 28th at the Oregon Convention Center!

We will be showing Mastercam, Spaceclaim, Verisurf and Master3DGage.
Spaceclaim Promotions, good through March 31st 2013

Existing customers: 

15% discount (total seat value) on NL or Float seat

2 hour Getting started (new users) or advanced workflow training 

2 hour Getting started training (web based) $195

    • CATIA - $995
    • DX1&2 - $1,200
    • DX1&2 + CATIA for $1,995
New Customers: 

10% discount (total seat value) on standard license or network floating

2 hour Getting started training (web based) $195

    • CATIA - $995
    • DX1&2 - $1,200
    • DX1&2 + CATIA for $1,995
MASTERCAM: X6 MU3 has released!


MU3 includes translator updates and fixes, and is available immediately to all Mastercam Maintenance customers.

Note: It's always a good idea to create a windows restore point before installing any major software update. In windows, go search, type restore, select "create a restore point"

If you need assistance, please contact

SPACECLAIM: X6 2012+ SP1 has released!


As many of you have already noticed, SpaceClaim SP1 has just been released on February 11th.  We always try to make the most of our updates and I'm excited to announce that we've improved our deviation inside the measure tool to include body to body comparisons.  This is useful when trying to see the differences between two models, even when they come from two different formats.


We've also added new:

  • Round transitioning
  • Import of OBJ
  • Structure Tree searching with F5
  • Solidworks 2013 support
  • Draft angles saved can save into the groups panel

For a more in depth look at the release notes on SP1, please view pages 4-14 of the below document which focuses on the new additions in the service pack.

SP1 Release Notes

If you need assistance, please contact

Direct vs. Feature Based Modeling, an overview


Here is a 4 minute video that explains the evolution of solid modeling and the trend towards direct modelers such as Spaceclaim.

See the video -  geometry is king



Google Drive - Keep those MCX's backed up!

google drive gfx

Most programmers know that sinking feeling when you realize the file you have been working on for so long is damaged, or the approach taken to develop it should have been done differently and you need to revert to an earlier version of the file. Mastercam provides the  Auto Save timed backup option that will allow you to create automatic backups at specific timed intervals.


Use of Google Drive is a great way to create revisioned backups at milestone points of your choosing by just pressing ALT-S or clicking on "Save" in Mastercam. Open a Google Gmail account if you don't already have one at Create Google Account. Then go to Google Drive to create a free 5 Gigabyte Google Drive account. Download and install the Google Drive software and follow the instructions to create a Google Drive folder on your machine. Point Mastercam to your Google drive - any folder structure you want under the Google drive folder. You can set this folder as your default MCX folder. Any file saved to that folder will automatically be synced to the cloud. Once it is synced, you will be able to visit your Google web drive (cloud) and from there you can copy the file, email it, right click on it and see the revision history, with the ability to restore previous versions.


Files are saved to the Google Drive only when they are copied or saved into the local folder. Multiple users can modify a file (each must have their own Gmail account) and you can see who saved a particular revision. You should do some research on the security of the Google Drive, plenty of information is available on the internet.