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Saturday, August 24
9:30 am
Summer Gathering of Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Scioto Valley
at the Hanover Presbyterian Church
(For further information, click on the PW logo on the presbytery website:

Sunday, August 25
4 pm
McArthur Presbyterian Church
Commissioning of Ruler Elder
Christine Burns

Tuesday, August 27
3:30 pm
PSV 2014 Budget
Planning Team

August 28

Hanging Rock Church Professionals Lunch
Jackson Ponderosa

September 3

8:30 am
Retired Ministers'
Breakfast/Book Review

Thursday, September 5
2 pm
PSV Church Professionals Retreat Planning Team

4 pm
Commission for Nurture and Outreach Higher Ed Task Team

September 9

12:30 pm
PSV Commission for
Church Professionals

4 pm
PSV Commission for
Congregational Life

6 pm
PSV Commission for
Presbytery Operations

September 10

4 pm
PSV Coordinating Team

Wednesday, September 11
10-11:30 am
Westminster-Thurber Community
Paths to Successful Aging: Mental Aerobics
Presenter: Barbara Bruce

Thursday, September 12
10 am
PSV Certified Ruling Elders
Task Team

September 17

3:30 pm
First Presbyterian Church, London
Presbytery Meeting

Saturday, September 21
6-9 pm
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Presbytery-wide Human Trafficking Youth Event
Information: www.covenantpcusa.org

Saturday, September 28
Geneva Hills Center
5 pm
PSV Commission for Nurture and Outreach Planning Retreat

Sunday, September 29
Geneva Hills Center
2-7 pm
Presbytery-wide Youth Rally
Grades 6-12
Information on the presbytery website: www.psvonline.org


This Week's  

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Lifted up in Prayer  

Concord Presbyterian Church 


Prayer for the day... 

Dear God, open our ears, eyes and hearts to sense the possibilities all around us for mission and evangelism. Make us communities that sense needs and do everything in our power to meet them. In the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.

(From the 2013 Presbyterian Mission Yearbook for Prayer and Study)


Presbytery Mission and Vision Statement

God calls us through the Holy Spirit to connect with each other to plant, grow and nurture vital, 
faithful communities of Christ for service and ministry.
In response we build partnerships,  
communicate with and support congregations,
leaders and individuals,
and embody Christ's transforming love in the world.
Congregational News...

Covenant Presbyterian Church...located in Upper Arlington, is looking for a part-time Music Director to work with the Chancel Choir and instrumentalists, and coordinate a variety of guest artists and special events.  A position description is available on the church website: www.covenantpcusa.org, or by contacting Nancy Davidson: ndavidson7@gmail.com.  

McArthur Presbyterian/Trinity Episcopal Joint Ministry...invites you to share in the Commissioning of Christine Burns, CRE, as their Presbyterian pastor this Sunday, August 25 at 4 pm at the McArthur Presbyterian Church, 202 W. High St. in McArthur.

Highlands Presbyterian Church...invites you to a free concert with Dr. Erin Torres, professor of flute at Ohio Northern University, and pianist Hector Garcia on September 8, 2013, 2 p.m. at the Church, located at 6909 Smoky Row Rd., Columbus. 
Plan Now to Come and Bring your Church Youth to these PSV Youth Events...

  • Saturday, September 21, 6-9 pm: Human Trafficking Youth Event: Covenant PC, Upper Arlington. The event is designed for youth in grades 6-12, and will help them be safe through education and awareness. This program will inform through dance, poetry and art. The topic is serious, but the evening will be fun with a band, activities and pizza. Email: katherinekinnison@covenantpcusa.org for more information. 
  • Sunday, September 29, 2-7 pm: Fall Youth Rally,  Geneva Hills Center, Lancaster. This will be an afternoon of fun, friends, activities, hiking, hayrides, canoeing, crafts, music and worship for youth in grades 6-12. Flyer and registration forms are on the presbytery website: www.psvonline.org 
  • Friday-Sunday, January 31-February 2, 2014. Winter Youth and Confirmation Retreat, Camp Akita.  
PSV Neighborhood Mission Grant helps support Bethany PC Community Lunch Ministry...

Columbus Bethany Presbyterian Church received one of the PSV 2013 Neighborhood Mission Grants to help support its Community Lunch Ministry that serves free lunches on Saturdays.  This ministry was started in 2006 after Bethany member Ann B. Walker and a community coalition discovered that the homeless in the area of the church were under-served, particularly on the weekends.  The first Saturday only 15 people were served.  A few years later in 2012, the program served a total of 5857 persons, averaging 113 a week.  Food, which is purchased through the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, is prepared by professional chef Keith Walker.  The program is supported through the Social Justice Ministry of the Bethany Session.

Older Adult Ministry Task Team Sharing...
by The Rev. Dr. Dick Milford, Honorably Retired

Whatever I have learned during my rather long life is that Dr. Paul E. McGhee was "right on" when he wrote: "Your sense of humor is one of the most powerful tools you have to make certain that your daily mood and emotional state support good health." Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain and conflict.  Nothing works faster to bring your mind and body into balance than a good laugh. Humor lightens burdens, inspires hope, connects you to others and keeps you grounded, focused and alert. That is why laughter and a sense of humor are vital for young and old alike. 




And now it is time to smile and laugh: "Youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life."  (Herbert Henry Asquith)

Sign up now for PSV's Fall Mission Work Team!

This second 2013 PSV mission work team of adults will head to the New Jersey Shore on October 27 and return to Ohio on November 2. They will work Monday through Friday assisting in the recovery work from Superstorm Sandy. The maximum number for this team is 36 persons. If you are interested in participating in this work team, please complete the application process before the end of August. Applications are available on the presbytery website. For questions, email: jeannie@psvonline.org

PC(USA) Resources Available for You...

For the new program year beginning this fall, you may want to purchase the 2013-2014 Presbyterian Planning Calendar for only $8.50.  The new Book of Order 2013/2015 is now available through the Presbytery Office for only $8. The Book of Confessions is available for $9. Please contact Dagmar at the presbytery office, email: dagmar@psvonline.org, or by phone 614-847-0565 if you are interested in any of these resources.
What is Godly Play?

Godly Play is a creative and imaginative approach to Christian nurture. It teaches children the art of using Christian language: parable, sacred story, silence and liturgical action while discovering the mystery of God's presence in their lives. If you are interested in learning more about Godly Play, plan to participate in a gathering of people interested in forming a Godly Play Network on Saturday, September 14, 9-10:30 am at the Mill Run Panera in Hilliard. For questions, or more information contact Kathy Jackson:kjackson5383@sbcglobal.net.

Interim Pastor, Rev. Dr. Thomas Mori, writes about why he is Presbyterian...from the Newsletter of the First Presbyterian Church of Mt. Gilead  

I became a Presbyterian by choice. After studying a number of different denominations, I decided as an adult that I would remain in the Presbyterian Church. Why? Primarily, because I believe that we Presbyterians are the most democratic of all denominations. It takes both the ruling elders and the teaching elders to make the important decisions governing the church. Also, the Presbyterian system of government grew out of the same  ideas that created our American democracy. The Constitution of the United States is patterned after the Presbyterian Constitution. In addition, the blueprints for numerous schools and hospitals in this country and around the world bear the mark of Presbyterians, for whom education and health issues continue to be a top priority.   

For more information about Presbyterians, order the special edition of Presbyterians Today, called: "Welcome to the Presbyterian Church" available on the website: www.pcusa.org/today 

The Presbytery of Scioto Valley Weekly Email News...
 News is normally sent out each Wednesday. If you would like to share information about your congregation and its mission and ministry activities, please email them to: jeannie@psvonline.org.
Items are included as space allows. 
For the latest news and information from the Presbytery of Scioto Valley and its churches, visit www.psvonline.org.  Telephone: 614-847-0565 or 800-244-7207; Fax: 614-847-4359