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Lust, Betrayal, LOVE - In a Tango World


This is the true story about a straight photograph that took place in a Tango World. I was on a photo safari in South America. This was ten years ago. One of my stops was in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  When walking this city it's not difficult to find the tango performed at street corner cafes
... it is the birthplace of this dance circa 1890.

I was strolling along. It was a beautiful day. In the distance there was this activity. What initially caught my eye, pulling me in to take this photograph (below), was the contrasting highlights and shadows, the attractive young couple dancing this tango, and the bright colors behind them. I quickly moved closer and the following scene unfolded... (Follow along to the end to explore the integration of a photo.)

1] The Tango has meanings relating to "the touch" or "embrace". It is a sensual romantic dance perfect for lovers.



2] Color is the single most emotional ingredient in the visual process and the colors behind the dancing couple lean towards the warmth and love represented by reds


3] The man is sitting next to a woman he appears to have a relationship with. Yet his attention, the curl of his mouth and his gaze, although obscured by glasses, seems somewhat lustful in expressiveness in the direction of the dancers.


4] The woman he's with appears distressed and on the verge of tears, which seems to indicate a feeling of emotional betrayal.


5] A study in visual literacy teaches us that smooth, round, circular lines and patterns represent serenity, peace, and love.


In this photograph the shadows are sharp crisscross angular patterns associated with stress, edginess, and turbulence. 



6] This fellow appears to be the local gent having his espresso along with a smoke. His appearance in years and demeanor indicate he has seen it all. 


7] This lady inside in the shadows is watching.  Is it the dancers or is she staring at you! It's not easy to see her, but she has strong features similar to the type of woman painted by Picasso.


8] In whatever variation you may see it the tango is a passionate dance....


No matter how you count out the beats, 3+3+2, 2/4, 4/8, or 4/4 gets you.......

Next time photographs of a mermaid on the rocks from my recently re-discovered artist proofs. I still haven't found the original negatives!.
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