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February 2013

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Welcome to the VTCCC Newsletter:

Your clearing house for news, programs, and funding information related to reducing the consumption of petroleum for transportation in Vermont.


Upcoming Events


Vermont Clean Cities Annual Survey

Please help VTCCC collect data on petroleum reduction projects in Vermont.

Click here to take the survey and add your activities on fuel efficiency, alternative fuel use, anti-idling, VMT reduction, and more.


VTCCC Stakeholders Meeting

Clean Fleet Solutions

February 28, 2013 


Sugar Maple Ballroom, Davis Center, UVM 

Featured Speaker: Larry Beaulieu, UPS East Region Automotive Manager

Full agenda here   

Please click here to register


Transportation Sustainability on College Campuses 

A discussion with:

Dr. Norbert Mundorf

University of Rhode Island

March 1, 2013


Farrell Hall, UVM

For more info, contact Tom McGrath 


Free Training Course at Vermont Technical College

March 16-17, 2013 

Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance 


Green Truck Summit

March 5-6, 2013

Indiana Conference Center, Indianapolis, IN

Held in conjunction with NTEA's Work Truck Show. Join VTCCC coordinator Tom McGrath to view the latest fuel efficiency technologies and alternative fuel vehicles.  


ACT Expo

June 24-27, 2013

Washington, DC

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Clean Cities!

Discount rates for VTCCC stakeholders

Contact Tom McGrath for more details


Clean Cities TRS Questions of the Month 
DOE News


Thirteen Major Companies Join Energy Department's Workplace Charging Challenge

The pledge commits each partner organization to assess workforce PEV charging demands, and then develop and implement a plan to install workplace charging infrastructure.    


Energy Department Announces New Investment to Advance Cost-Competitive Hydrogen Fuel 

This investment supports the DOE's broader goal to achieve $2 to $4 per gallon gasoline equivalent (gge) of hydrogen fuel by 2020. 


AFDC Launches PEV Scorecard  

Tool will assess community readiness for the arrival of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).


Vermont News


Middlebury College Students Explore the 

Chemistry of  Biodiesel  

Students in first-year seminar called Smart Energy Choices made their own batch of biodiesel from a vat of used vegetable oil. 

The station, which will be open to the public, is being paid for in part by grants from Green Mountain Power and the Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund.


Complete Streets: A Guide for Vermont


Document highlights complete streets in Vermont, and offers steps for planning and designing new projects.

National News


Biodiesel Industry Aims for 10% of On-Road Diesel Market by 2022

Eight years ago NBB set a goal to be 5% of the diesel fuel supply by 2015, and the biodiesel industry is well on its way to achieving that goal.  


Nissan Will Triple Number of DC Fast  

Chargers in US

500 new DC fast chargers in the US would represent a three-fold increase.


Connecticut Aiming for Transportation Fuel Diversity

To support alt-fuel vehicle growth, the state is promoting more refueling infrastructure in order to facilitate a "broader range of vehicle choice."  


Survey Finds Robust Support for Natural Gas Vehicles

72% of Floridians approve of state-sponsored incentives.


Study: People Who Bike or Walk to Work Enjoy Their Commutes the Most

Commuters who drive alone reported to enjoying their commute the least.



International News

Gaz Metro: Making LNG Refueling Work in Canada
Plans call for GMTS to develop a series of public-access natural gas stations that will complement the existing private network.   

Technology will be tested in Canada's harsh winter conditions  at a special track in Montreal. 

The declaration calls for the U.S. and Spain to collaborate on projects of mutual interest in the development and use of sustainable alternative aviation fuels. '


FREE 8-Hour First Responder Safety Online Training for Electric Drive Vehicles

Not all firefighters are able to participate in classroom-based training due to location, cost, and time constraints. Because of this, the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) is exited to announce a limited number of firefighter scholarships to obtain FREE online Electric Drive Vehicle First Responder Safety Training. The NAFTC's award-winning Electric Drive Vehicle First Responder Safety Training online course will equip firefighters with the knowledge they need to safely respond to automotive incidents involving electric drive vehicles, including:  

- Hybrid Electric Vehicles  

- Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles  

- Battery Electric Vehicles  

- Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles


Participants in the self-paced, eight-hour Electric Drive Vehicle First Responder Safety Training online course will learn about different electric drive vehicle configurations and their built-in safety systems, how to identify an electric drive vehicle at an accident scene, battery technologies, electric vehicle systems, and how to approach, assess, and secure advanced electric drive vehicles. Participants will also complete online modules for personal protective equipment and gear, crash and fire, and extrication. For more information click here.  

Shorepower Truck Electrification Project

Cascade Sierra Solutions (CSS) and Shorepower Technologies have joined forces to install electrified truck parking at 50 locations nationally and make over $10 million in product purchase rebates available to truck owners who will agree to use electrified parking as an alternative to main engine idling during mandated rest periods. This project will install approximately 1,250 parking spaces with plug-in power capability and provide equipment purchase incentives (≈20%) to about 5,000 vehicle owners. Eligible SmartWay Verified Technology equipment categories include Auxiliary Power Units, Battery Air Conditioning Systems and Evaporative Coolers. Rebate recipients must agree to use available STEP parking at the 50 truck locations, when available, during the three year project period (until June, 2014).Applications are due 3/31/13. For more info contact David Orton or click here.    


Go Vermont Grassroots Grants For Energy Committees

The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) Public Transit Section is offering grants to municipalities to assist in building a statewide outreach and advocacy network for the Go Vermont Program ( VTrans will provide a $500 grant to participating municipal energy committees. Go Vermont is a web-based clearinghouse for all transportation modes in Vermont, featuring an automated carpool, vanpool and public transit matching service, a vanpool program, information for State Park and Ride locations, and a link to "511" traffic conditions. The project objectives are as follows:

  • Broaden Go Vermont outreach efforts
  • Build relationships with local committees and advocates
  • Identify local and regional transportation priorities and activities
  • Increase traffic to the Go Vermont website and tools (
  • Focus regional and local initiatives and advocacy efforts.
  • The ultimate goal of this program is to increase program awareness, carpool registrations, numbers of van-pools and general activity on the Go Vermont website.

For more information contact Ross MacDonald or click here




                         Gas at the Pump, VT        Crude Oil Futures 


Current                   $ 3.85/gallon                     $ 92.53/barrel

One Month Ago       $ 3.56/gallon                     $ 96.27/barrel

One Year Ago         $ 3.76/gallon                     $ 106.79/barrel

Sources: Fuel Gauge Report, NYMEX

Best Regards,

Tom McGrath
Coordinator, Vermont Clean Cities Coalition

Funding for the Vermont Clean Cities Coalition is provided by the US Department of Energy.