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Colloidal Silver: Blue Man or Miracle Supplement?
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Earth Clinic Newsletter
December 3, 2013

This week we'd like to introduce you to Dave Thomas, whom some of you know as "Dave from Fountain View, SC," one of Earth Clinic's frequent and popular contributors.  Dave has been contributing to Earth Clinic since 2012 and his extensive knowledge on Colloidal Silver has caught our notice on many an occasion. We invited Dave to write about his experiences with Colloidal Silver and whether or not it turned him blue.

Enjoy the writings of this fabulous storyteller!
Colloidal Silver: Blue Man or Miracle Supplement? 

by Dave Thomas |  December 3, 2013

I'm not a scientist, but I can speak from experience about the many practical uses of some of my favorites: vitamins (natural Vitamin E), glandulars (pancreatin), minerals (magnesium) and antivirals (Colloidal Silver). Colloidal Silver (CS) is my favorite antiviral. In fact, CS is so versatile that its uses are only limited by one's imagination. I will illustrate this with my personal experiences. I will also describe how I make my own silver water: The CS I've used for about 20 years.

How Plem Taught Me About Colloidal Silver (and Beat the Flu...)
Twenty-one years ago I thought that I was dying. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but I really believed that I was in a serious physical decline. For three weeks, I had been terribly ill from the flu. I was becoming weaker and weaker as each miserable day went by. I'd tried all of my usual remedies and nothing worked.

One evening, a dear old friend (nearly a father figure) came by to see me. He had heard how ill I was. He's still alive and well at 92 years old. I told my friend that he'd taken his life in his hands just being around me since I had some kind of deadly disease.

He'd brought a little 6 oz. bottle of CS. I thanked him and shooed him along for his own safety. Obeying his orders, I drank half of the bottle in one long gulp, just to satisfy "Plem" (Dr. H.H. Plemmons), as his friends called him. Now I do not exaggerate. In fifteen minutes, I looked at my worried wife and said, "You know what. I feel fine. I'm feeling like myself again. What is that stuff Plem gave me?"

CS and Me...The Next Twenty Years
And so began my twenty year campaign of propagating the benefits of using atoms of silver to defeat viral infections. My stories are what the scientists call "anecdotal". This means that the events or cases are specific and not "double blind" scientifically controlled. However, there is also a theory in practical science that talks about the thing that repeatedly works. Folk medicine is just that. A community learns what is effective by experience.

One of the great books along these lines is the famous New England Folk Remedies written by an MD, Dr. Jarvis. He gave case studies of the effectiveness of Apple Cider Vinegar, a mild antibiotic. ACV cured me of virtually every lower tract infection. Worldwide, there are stories about it; I could repeat a hundred stories on ACV as well as CS. My point is that just as Dr. Jarvis did not use double blind studies to prove ACVs usages, I am also using examples that I have observed over the decades that demonstrate the startling effectiveness of CS.

Colloidal Silver Can Save Your Life
And turn you "blue"...? That's the rap on CS. The condition is called "argyria"; this means that the skin is permanently tinted by silver consumption. Here are the facts. There is such a condition; the tinting is usually a graying of the skin and apparently happens when one consumes compounds of silver. This is not what is made today by the thousands of CS makers. They use little 27 volt generators; the silver is only a light cloud of silver in a few cups of water. That is diluted again and again until one cannot even see the cloud or taste any metallic content at all. I've been taking four or five tablespoons weekly for about twenty years. Since I have never had any tinting at all, I know the argyria condition must be caused by using the wrong production method.

A gentleman from my church sold me my first CS generator shortly after CS cured that flu condition I told you about. He demonstrated how he had been making CS for fifteen years and how often he'd seen CS kill virus, fungal and bacterial infections. I told him I'd been plagued for years with sinus infections and was desperate to find something to keep the infections from running rampant. Because the CS had apparently zapped the infection that I believed was doing me in, I'd decided to have it on hand all the time. In no time at all, I found, again and again, that the CS would terminate any sinus infection that came along. What a discovery! So I got one of the little generators for myself. For a mere $69 dollars, I was on a path that became somewhat of a commitment.

What I found, over and over, was this: there was a remarkable association between even chronic disease and viral triggers. Again and again, I'd Google some condition and type "viral cause or virus" beside the condition and up would pop a number of studies that established a relationship between the condition and a viral cause. The virus, or often fungus, was at the start up of the disease.

Bell's Palsy, Shingles and DMSO
I found, for instance, there was a relationship with such mean and perplexing conditions as Bell's Palsy. I believe Bell's Palsy attacked me once. I quickly Googled "Bell's Palsy virus cause" and up popped a few articles suggesting it is a virus that runs up the main nerve on one side of the face, from mid lower to upper face toward the ear; this is possibly a specialty virus. This reminded me of how the shingles virus works on one side of the body: a specialized virus. I knew that CS could kill the virus if I could get it to the point of infection. I needed something to penetrate the skin and carry the CS with it. That, of course, is DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), a good friend to anyone in the alternative world. I just mixed my CS and DMSO and applied it with a white paper towel to my "frozen" face (right side). In fifteen minutes, I peeled away the paper towel. Voila. Unfrozen. A miracle.

But not a miracle. Silver-coated plates and goblets have been used since the times of the ancient Greeks. The Greeks who ate off the silver-coated plates and drank from the silver-coated goblets just didn't get sick as often as those who didn't. They learned this thousands of years ago. Even our forefathers knew to drop a silver coin in a container of fresh milk to keep the milk fresh longer.

CS Cures My Sinus and Ear Infections
My most common use of CS is for sinus and ear infections. Sniffing a teaspoon of CS into the sinus cavity or using an ear syringe to apply CS to the ear canals kills the ear and sinus infections. I might have to repeat this three or four times to finally knock out an upper infection. A "mean" virus (coated virus) might take longer. I have fought such horrid virus infections for over a month, but such an infection rarely gets down to the lungs. Even if it does get to the lungs, I've discovered that putting CS in a nebulizer can stop the infection from worsening. I deep breathe the CS steam three times a day for three or four days.

If I have a long term infection, I always assume that the infection has gone system-wide. I'll take two tablespoons of CS twice a day for three months until I'm convinced that my strength is back and I show no symptoms of infection. Energy level is the key. I sometimes see a bad infection (staph, strep, mono or a bad sinus or ear infection) followed by the onset of a mysterious "auto immune" disease. This convinces me that the virus had triggered and may be the underlying ongoing cause of the illness.

To overcome it, I take long term doses of CS, possibly for a year. I know if the infection is being overcome because if the original infection is the cause of the illness, energy levels return in a few weeks (sometimes within five days).

Multiple Sclerosis
I've covered the most common use of CS (sinus and ear infections) and how the use of an irrigation covering both sinus and ear can knock out an "upper" infection. And how continued use can kill a system-wide infection. Let's look at a tough one. Here's an anecdotal account of one of the worst: multiple sclerosis. I know personally a diagnosed family member who had two confirmed lesions in the dorsal. MS is associated with both a virus and heavy metal, usually mercury. Steps: Kill the virus with CS. Chelate the mercury (yes, mercury was found at elevated levels) and use Calcium AEP (which Dr. Robert Adkins found very effective in his MS patients). (Read Vita Nutrients by Robert Adkins.) In two weeks, the patient was walking again without difficulty. Occasional flair-ups were dealt with by using four or five caps of Calcium AEP. Basically, anytime a virus is suspected, I apply copious quantities of CS.

So, my base line summary is that I've personally used CS to effectively fight off infections and that virus and fungal infections are often at the heart of disease.

Now, for the bonus section: CS for Longevity...

Here's my theory:
- Our immune system produces antibodies which kill viruses.
- Our immune system's antibody production decreases as we age.
- Therefore, as we age, there must be a viral "load" build up of viruses in the body.
- The viral load build up of viruses will weigh down the entire immune system and negatively impact the body's ability to properly function.
- The viral load build up will accelerate the malfunctioning of vital systems.
- CS can kill viruses.
- The consumption of CS on a regular basis as we age will keep the viral load low. CS will work like an internal viral cleanser.

Hence, regular CS usage may have the impact of extending life by keeping viruses from running rampant, loading down the system and overloading immune functions.

And that is my Viral Load Theory of Aging and the Use of Colloidal Silver to Decrease the Viral Load Buildup.


About the Author
Dave Thomas is a lawyer from South Carolina who has studied in the area of nutrition as an avocation for 40 years. Dave has served in the State Legislature for many years and in local office too.
As always, we welcome your questions, comments and feedback!

With Warmest Regards,

Deirdre Layne
Founder & CEO, Earth Clinic 

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