November 2013

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Hello sweet friends,

You haven't heard from me in awhile because I just returned from an unforgettable 22-day trip to Asia!

My travels took me to four beautiful countries. My husband and traveling partner, Brian, had the most amazing time. This was a "bucket list" trip, for sure.

We traveled 29 hours to Singapore where I was fortunate enough to speak to the Association of Image Consultants International chapter on "How to Outshine the Competition and Build a Better Brand." We stayed at the luxurious Regent Hotel and were treated like royalty. We even got to have fun and taste the local cuisine by visiting the hawker stalls at Newton Food Centre. Yes, I tried spicy crab and stingray!

Our next stop was Chiang Mai, Thailand. One of the many highlights of our trip included spending a day with our very own elephant at the Patara Elephant Farm. These elephants are rescued from unsuitable conditions including circuses and illegal logging camps and are nurtured back to health by a kind and caring staff.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience allowed Brian and me to clean and feed our elephants, ride them in the jungle and through the mountains, and even bathe them in the river! We spent the entire day bonding with these gentle animals.

Another highlight was visiting the wondrous and holy temple of Wat Phra That, which is located near the top of Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. Built as a Buddhist monastery in 1383, it is still a working monastery today. We marveled at the splendor of our surroundings and by the beautiful music and dancers.

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Our third stop was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I spoke to another AICI Chapter on "How To Develop a Thriving Etiquette Business." It was an educational experience for me to teach women and men of various backgrounds, cultures and religions. I now have a greater understanding and appreciation of international etiquette. The members were so gracious and made us feel right at home.

My husband departed for the U.S. and I went on to Shanghai, China to spend the next 10 days visiting my friend and colleague, Lisa Wan. This was a trip I will never forget.

I was awestruck by the friendliness and hospitality that I was shown by the Chinese. I was also flattered by all the attention I was given. It's not every day that the locals see a blonde-haired, blue-eyed American woman, so I got a lot of stares on the streets. I even caught a few people taking my picture!

Lisa and I traveled to the small and tranquil city of Hangzhou. Also known as the happiest place in China, we  teamed up to speak to a group of consultants on how we started our own etiquette businesses in the U.S. and China. Each student received a certificate of completion after the weekend was over. We laughed and celebrated, and made long-lasting friendships.

I'm so grateful for all the many experiences I have had this year and I look forward to many more. I hope you will also take time this season to count your blessings and give thanks for everything that brings you joy!
In the spirit of Thanksgiving,
What NOT To Do When Taking Clients Out To Lunch

It may be somewhat of a lost art, but a business lunch is one of the best ways to connect with your clients and earn more business.  


Though technology helps us stay in touch more frequently, it will never replace the face time provided by taking your clients out to lunch.


But don't let your flawless business plan be overshadowed by your dining faux pas. You'll want to avoid these dining disasters at all costs. Read more. 

Master Your 'Mingle-Ability': 5 Creative Ways to Network

Networking Etiquette An extensive network is vital to your success as an entrepreneur. Thanks to social media, the process of meeting potential clients and customers has evolved over the years.  


Often people believe networking is a law of large numbers -- if you put yourself in a lot of places you increase your chances of building your business and your reputation. But this time sucker isn't your only option. There are less traditional, yet more effective ways, to stand out from the crowd. Here are five creative twists on networking.

What I'm Reading

It's rare to find an etiquette book that is easy to read and contains valuable, up-to-date information.

Modern Manners by Dorothea Johnson (Potter Style, October 2013) is one of those books. I highly recommend it for young professionals who are beginning their career.

I met Dorothea in 1994 when I worked in the public relations department at The Breakers hotel in Palm Beach. At that time, I was searching for an etiquette expert to instruct our children's etiquette camps. She and I worked together every summer for four years. In 1996, I attended her five-day train-the-trainer course. As a result, I was appointed the hotel's first protocol officer and I began teaching business etiquette to the the employees.

In 1998, I left The Breakers and started my own business. Dorothea and I stayed in touch and she was instrumental in helping me become successful. I eventually became an associate at her school in Washington, DC and Portland, Maine and taught business etiquette and marketing skills to her students for several years.

She has since retired but I'm happy to know that she is sharing her wisdom with the world through this wonderful little book.

Do You Practice Good Cell Phone Etiquette?
I Forgot My Phone 
I Forgot My Phone
Most of us think that we practice good cell phone etiquette but this video might make you think twice.

Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) Education Conferences   


It was so much fun meeting and teaching all the outstanding AICI members in Singapore and Malaysia, but it was more fun going out with them and exploring their beautiful cities and trying new foods.

Thank you AICI for your hospitality and for giving me the opportunity to serve your members! 


AICI Education Day
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
AICI Education Day

Enjoying a Singapore Sling at the famous Raffles Hotel.
Enjoying a Singapore Sling with friends at the famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore.
Cooper Practices His Listening Skills at the West Palm Beach Library
Cooper, my 19-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, made his first visit to the West Palm Beach Public Library where he participated in the Dog Tales Program.

This program is designed to encourage children to practice their reading skills. Studies show that a child is more comfortable reading to a dog rather than an adult. It's no wonder; dogs are non-judgmental and they are great listeners!

Cooper is certified through Therapy Dogs International.

Inspiring Video of the Month      
Gratitude HD - Moving Art??? 
What is Gratitude?

I was so moved by this six-minute video by Louie Schwartzberg and his message to open your heart, feel grateful for each day and the people that you meet. I promise that this little movie will heal your heart and you will want to share it with others.

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