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Kitsap Recycles Day
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Sustainable Bainbridge receives Land Trust award
Giving Scotch Broom the Heave-ho
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Thank you to all who supported Sustainable Bainbridge in the 2013-14 One Call for All campaign. Your contributions through One Call for All are our main source of funds, and your support makes it possible for us to continue to nurture and develop a wide range of initiatives that provide services to our community.   


As always, if you have a sustainability issue that inspires or interests you, please let us know! Sharing our ideas strengthens relationships, weaves a community together and becomes the heart of sustainability. You can contact us by email or by phone at 206/842-4439. We look forward to hearing from you!

 This Friday's BASE Lecture: 

with Judy Wicks
BALLE Co-Founder, White Dog Cafe Founder


Friday, February 14, 2014,  5:30 - 7 pm
  Bainbridge Island Public Library
1270 Madison Avenue N  


Explore how communities far and wide create local living economies that value people and place as much as commerce, and learn about some of the innovative businesses involved.


Enjoy refreshments with Judy after the talk.  


RSVP for this FREE event: 


"Kitsap Recycles Day" this Saturday 

Kitsap County Solid Waste celebrates Kitsap Recycles Day this Saturday, February 15.  The theme is "Close the Loop," which encourages us, the consumer, to not only recycle, but also to purchase items made from post-consumer recycled content.  In other words, we are both the supply and the demand!  

Check out their eye-opening display through the 15th in the Bainbridge Public Library lobby.  It showcases the many everyday objects made from materials we toss in our recycling bins.   

What's good about recycling? 
* Our trash bill goes down. 
* Resources stay in circulation. 
* Less water and energy and fewer raw materials are needed to create new products. 

If you have older elementary children at home, download the "Close the Loop" activity book for some entertaining word and math games on recycling and recycled products.


Critter Dive!
Ft. Ward IslandWood event
Sunday, February 16, 
10 am to noon 
Fort Ward Park beach

Bainbridge Beach Naturalists join with IslandWood and Exotic Aquatics Scuba and Kayaking to bring creatures from the depths of Rich Passage for you to meet up close and personally.  This is a great family activity, as the sea life comes to you, along with stories about the various forms of life that are found and placed temporarily in the pools.  
Join us, rain or shine, and be prepared for possibly windy weather along Rich Passage.
Your Opportunity to be "On the Air"


Bainbridge Community Broadcasting will start producing internet radio programs (podcasts) this spring! We've rented a space for a Winslow radio production studio in the Marge Williams Center on Winslow Way, and we're now furnishing and equipping it.


In the meantime, we're looking for volunteers who either have an idea for a radio series or program, or who would like to participate as a producer, host or audio tech in the making of radio programs for the community.


If you're a High School student, or if you know one, please have a look at the front-page student newspaper article about the broadcasting club that BCB would like to equip at the High School campus this Spring.


If you'd like to learn more about the fun opportunities for volunteers of all ages, please contact our project manager, Barry Peters, at   




Sustainable Bainbridge honored by the Bainbridge Island Land Trust
The  Phyllis Young Award is presented annually to honor people or organizations that have supported and enhanced the mission of the Bainbridge Island Land Trust.  This year Sustainable Bainbridge was honored to receive the award in recognition of our efforts to improve the environmental health of the Island.

Among other activities, our Beach Naturalists program has worked closely with the Land Trust on monitoring the nearshore areas on conservation easements, as well as helping with the restoration of the Powel property in Port Madison.  Sustainable Bainbridge has also helped reduce waste (Zero Waste), worked to remove invasive plants (Weed Warriors,  Let's Pull Together, Student Conservation Corps),  monitored salmon streams (Watershed Council), and engaged citizens in finding and walking Island trails (GO!Bainbridge).   
The beautiful award was accepted by SB Board president, Jane Lindley, and is on display in the Sustainable Bainbridge office in the Marge Williams Center.


Got Scotch Broom on the Sound End? 
Contact BSBC!
Bainbridge Scotch Broom Control (BSBC) has expanded the Cooperative Weed Management Area to include the entire southern third of Bainbridge island. If you live in this area and are battling a scotch broom infestation, please get in touch. We can help! Contact us at

Let's Pull Together (LPT) serves to organize and encourage Scotch broom removal all over the Island, but for an optimized approach the Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA) coordinates efforts of the Bainbridge Metro Park & Recreation District, the City of Bainbridge Island, Kitsap County Noxious Weed Commission and local non-profits for a comprehensive monitored progress in managing Scotch broom infestations. Our success in removing over 50,000 sq. ft. of scotch broom from the original CWMA encouraged us to take on the larger area.

Read more about to how partner with us to do ecological good while also fund-raising with non-profit Scotchbroom work parties 

Finding Our Way Around the Island

Wayfinding is the term we use for all the ways that we find our way around an area. GO! is working to increase awareness of all the great walking places in Winslow. We are designing a Walking Map similar to the one at Waypoint Park and looking into coordinated signage in the whole area. Many of the paths, road ends, and special places in our great downtown are hard to 
find. A map, a directional sign and online information are all important. Please send any ideas you have or join us at a meeting.


Check out our Facebook page which has lots of great island trails shown and also lists any upcoming walks on the island and non-motorized issues. The two important projects happening currently are the renovation of our ferry terminal and of Waterfront Park. GO! is following them closely.

Jon Quitslund's latest post, "NO on the Keystone XL Pipeline," responds to the State Department's latest word on the environmental impact of the pipeline's completion, from the Canadian border to refineries on the Gulf coast, and to the widespread demonstrations against that possibility. His piece delves into the context for President Obama's ultimate decision, and it ends abruptly, to be continued within this short month.

Don't miss Deb Rudnick's lively post on the same issue, "Action 108. Say Hell No to Keystone. Again." Her blog is at


From the Sustainable Bainbridge Board

It's never too late to include us in your giving through One Call for All. Responding to the red envelope is a great way to support our community organizations.

Congratulations to SB Board Member Jonathan Davis, whose firm was named the Sustainable Business of the Year by the Bainbridge island Chamber of Commerce. Founded in 2002 by Jonathan and Mary Jo Davis, Davis Studio Architecture & Design is a principal architect for the Grow Community.

The SB Board welcomes our newest member, Lara Hansen. Lara has worked in the non-profit sector on climate change and related issues locally and globally for over a decade, and in issues relating to sustainability for over two decades. In addition to her work with Sustainable Bainbridge, she is the Chief Scientist and Executive Director of EcoAdapt, a Bainbridge-based non-profit working on developing solutions to the challenges of climate change wherever people are inspired to take action.

We'd love to talk with you about our programs and plans.