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October 2013 
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It's time for One Call For All!  This community fund drive remains our primary source of income, and strengthens our efforts to support a thriving and resilient community.   Have you seen SB volunteers in action?  Among many activities this year, we worked with the City to gather public input for the Waterfront Park and Dock, reduced waste at public events, helped sponsor informative talks, and removed invasive weeds.  Your generous support makes a difference.  Thank you!


Are you a Facebook fan? Follow Sustainable Bainbridge as we keep you informed of daily and weekly sustainability news.


As always, if you have a sustainability issue that inspires or interests you, please let us know! Sharing our ideas strengthens relationships, weaves a community together and becomes the heart of sustainability. You can contact us by email or by phone at 206/842-4439. We look forward to hearing from you!

BASE:  Building a Sustainable Economy  Friday, October 11  
5:30-7:00 pm Bainbridge Public Library    


Kelsey Marshall will speak on Friday


Learn how an inspiring idea became an inspired business that manages growth while reducing its carbon footprint, provides livable wages and benefits, and supports non-profits that better the planet and its inhabitants. Kelsey Marshall, President of Grounds for Change, will share this engaging story.  The talk will be 

followed by a reception and refreshments. 


RSVP for this FREE event:   


  The Student Conservation Corps and the Weed Warriors invite you to ...   


have some fun in the great outdoors! 
Friday, October 25, 1-3:30 
Saturday, October 26, 1-3:30
You are invited to join the Student Conservation Corps on Saturday October 26 for a shoreline work party at Blakely Harbor Park, 1 to 3:30 PM. The Park District has a new restoration plan for the north area of the park, and we will work on clearing invasive weeds to help that effort. Bring work gloves and your favorite loppers or pruners, and be inspired by SCoCo energy! We will meet rain or shine, at the 3-T/Blakely Avenue parking lot.

And, the Weed Warriors will also be pulling weeds and planting at Blakely Harbor Park on both Friday and Saturday, October 25 and 26, 1-3:30.  Come and enjoy the fun of working together!


New video from Annie Leonard:
The Story of Solutions
Watch it here


 Green Power Challenge update:  Bainbridge wins $20,000 solar array


Bainbridge Island has hit its first goal in Puget Sound Energy's "Take Charge Green Power Challenge."  Five cities throughout PSE's territory are participating in the challenge; the goal is to increase participation in Green Power, PSE's voluntary program through which customers can guarantee that some or all of the energy they use is matched with local, renewable energy sources from the region.  


Bainbridge has hit its first target of 125 new participants, winning the city $20,000 for a solar array on the roof of the Waterfront Park Community Center.  If the island gets the highest percentage increase in potential new program participants among all the challenge cities by the end of the year, we win another $20,000 -- a $40,000 solar array!  


Sign up now, or if you're already a participant, encourage a friend, neighbor or business you patronize to sign up at -- and help top the Community Center with solar!


    Pulling the Broom!

Let's Pull Together sponsored two productive scotch broom removal work parties this past month. On September 14, 28 BHS sailing team volunteers cleared the Blakely Elementary school campus of scotch broom, sending a huge dumpster for hot composting- with thanks to the Kitsap County Noxious Weed Board for help covering costs. The very next day, 57 BHS Cross- country team volunteers cleared broom at the historic Johnson farm, making a big impact on aggressive stands of broom.


Is your favorite non-profit looking for a fund-raising event? Consider replacing that car-wash with a broom pull. Let's Pull Together will organize a service work party that is a win-win: we work together to clear scotch broom for a healthy island ecosystems and then make a donation to your non-profit. Email Barb at 


Mapping Winslow & Poncho Walks 

GO!Bainbridge is creating the first ever comprehensive Winslow Walking Map in conjunction with The Chamber, The Waterfront Trail Committee and The Winslow Downtown Association.


Our winter Poncho Walks will resume on Sunday, November 3 and continue through March.  Once again we'll start the walks with a short informative talk by an historian or other captivating speaker. Our motto is "There is no bad weather, just bad clothing!"


If you'd like to help on any of our projects or to suggest new ones, please contact Dana Berg,   


Tuesday, October 29


5:30-7:30 pm

Bainbridge Island Brewing 

9415 Coppertop Loop NE




Announcing "BREW TIME," a new event from West Sound Time Bank. Bring your friends! Bring your kids! Bring your dogs! Earn an hour for coming! We'll be upstairs at Bainbridge Island Brewing for an evening of food and friends.


Drop in for a quick visit or stay for a potluck! Coffee and tea on us and a no-host lineup of award winning beers. Catch the brewery's newest: Oktoberfest Lager and "SMaSHaSS" Amarillo fresh hop. Non-alcoholic beverages are also available. Too busy to cook? Put in a request for a time banker who'll make a dish for you!


One Planet logo
 Volunteers love Bainbridge Community Broadcasting!

Nearly 40 community members attended the  September 17th public meeting to brainstorm  programming ideas for the proposed Bainbridge Community Broadcasting radio station.  Best of all, the meeting included a broad cross-section of the island -- with all generations from high school students to retirees, and with a combination of both technical and artistic skills.

The application for a community FM frequency will be sent to the FCC by the end of October.  Since there are more potential applicants than FM frequencies, we are also investigating the alternative of obtaining an easier-to-license low-power AM radio solution -- especially for radio information at times of emergencies.

What are the next steps for this all-volunteer endeavor after we file with the FCC?  We'll start meeting with volunteers for leadership positions.  We'll apply for capital fund grants and donations for the initial phase of broadcasting -- namely, the production of recorded radio programs in the form of online podcasts that can be heard on demand.  Before the end of the year, we'll want to start training volunteers to produce their own radio programs as podcasts.  We love the energy and enthusiasm around this new project.

If you'd like to be involved contact:

From Zero Waste:  Ideas for recycling those dried up markers! 


Do you have dried-up markers cluttering your desk drawers?   Now, instead of sending them to that great landfill in the ground, you can take them to The Curious Child . Home to educational toys and other learning supplies, the store has kindly agreed to serve as a community collection point for used-up magic markers, highlighters and dry erase markers. Many Bainbridge public schools are also participating in this Crayola-sponsored program, which converts marker feedstock into diesel and other liquid fuels that have the potential to heat homes, run cars or cook food. 


WSTB Long Logo

Tales from
 The Time Bank


Eating Hours

By West Sound Time Bank member, Monica A. 


"Stock your freezer!" Everyone had the same advice when I was pregnant. But no one warned me that grocery stores and cooking would be out of reach; I wasn't able to stand the sight of food for months, not even the neat colorful boxes on store shelves. (Yes, I often ate with my eyes closed, holding my nose.) So, no cooking for me. I was delighted when I realized that I could use the Time Bank.  

                                               Read more . . .


From the Sustainable Bainbridge Board

  Serving on the Sustainable Bainbridge Board is a wonderful way to get involved in creating a more resilient community.   If you are interested in exploring the possibility of joining us as a board member, please contact us at