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January 2013
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Welcome to 2013!  We hope that this newsletter inspires you to make (or keep) a New Year's Resolution to live a more sustainable life.  There are plenty of ways to start off on the right foot.  From diverting that holiday styrofoam from the landfill by recycling it or clearing invasive weeds before the arrival of spring gives them a growth spurt, there is a lot going on this month whatever your personal passion or New Year's Resolution.

As we celebrate the new year, we're delighted to announce five new Board members for 2013--Abra Bennett, Jonathan Davis, Carolyn Goodwin, Jane Lindley, and Rob Smallwood.   Each one brings a wealth of experience and talent to the Sustainable Bainbridge Board.  We'd also like to thank outgoing Board members Liesl Clark, Lisa Macchio, Donna Mohr,Tony D'Onofrio, and Barb Zimmer for their many contributions to the organization and the community. 

As always, if you have a sustainability issue that inspires or interests you, please let us know! Sharing our ideas strengthens relationships, weaves a community together and becomes the heart of sustainability. You can contact us by email or by phone at 206/842-4439. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Bay Hay and Feed

Saturday, January 12, 9 am - 5:30 pm

Saturday, January 13, 10 am - 4 pm



Styrofoam blocks (the kind that flakes off) 

Must be clean, dry and white. Also, remove all tape and any labels. 


Cannot accept:

Styrofoam peanuts - Take these to the UPS Store for reuse. 

Compostable peanuts - These can go in your home compost, in your yard waste toter, or in yard waste recycling  

Styrofoam blocks (bendable type) - This is not recyclable around here. Try artist friends who mail out their pieces. Otherwise, it's landfill.

Green Building Isn't Timid

 Friday, January 18th

5:30 to 7 pm

Bainbridge Public Library


featuring Bert Gregory 
CEO, Mithun Architects


Explore how you can take an active design leadership role in mixed use housing, workplace and transit oriented development, and urban design. A reception will follow the talk.  FREE, but please reserve your place at

West Sound Time Bank 

Monday Munchies 

- a casual gathering


Monday, January 14

5:30 - 6:30pm

Rhododendron Apartments Commons

235 High School Rd NW


Monthly Monday Munchies, a casual, no agenda "meet and mingle" with Time Bank members and interested friends. Bring a light snack, something sweet or savory, or a beverage to share - we'll have the coffee pot on!


For  more information, visit our website or contact us at or 206-842-4800.
Protecting the Ground 
We've Gained! 

Help the Weed Warriors remove Scotch broom
at Faye Bainbridge 


Saturday, February 2, 1 to 3 pm 


Join us and help remove Scotch broom seedlings from the shoreline at Faye Bainbridge Park. Seedlings are easy to pull right now!! Meet at the picnic shelter closest to the beach. 


Monthly Poncho Walk 

Sunday, February 3

1:30 pm


Poncho Walks continue this winter on the first Sunday of each month. 

Sturdy, comfortable shoes and waterproof clothing is advised, a poncho is perfect! 


Our next GO! Bainbridge meeting is Thursday, January 24, 11:30 am at the Marge Center. Please come and bring your ideas for the new year regarding sustainable transportation. 

For more information contact Dana Berg.

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Leave Your Routine Behind

Bainbridge Island has peaks in power consumption every day. These peaks are from 6:00 AM through 9:00 AM every morning, and from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM every evening. 


At this time of the year, the largest peak is in the morning, when the temperature drops below 30 degrees. Electric heaters for showering, keeping rooms warm, and drying clothes use the most power. Try altering your routine by drying your clothes the night before, when the load is lower, or take a shorter shower. 

On the Sustainable Bainbridge Blog!
A Janus-faced post for the new year


Jon Quitslund's first blog post of the new year:
"The Dialogue of Hope with Doubt." As usual, it deals with global issues and local opportunities. At the year's turning, Jon's inner dialogue was prompted by a provocative British writer, Paul Kingsnorth, whose essay, "Dark Ecology," appears in the January/February issue of Orion magazine.


Read more  

Healing Democracy Action Circles
Sunday afternoons in February, March, April

KT Frog Rock
Last September, Frog Rock Forum presented a workshop entitled "Citizenship:  The Heart of a Resilient Community."   One result of the Forum is the formation of a local Healing Democracy Action Circle.
 You can be a part of this opportunity to join one of many nation-wide Healing Democracy Action Circles. It's one way to dignify the complexity and courage of our real civic lives, far afield of the polarities too often promoted during our 24-hour news cycle. For more information contact Dianah Jackson.
If you are interested in working with great people and helping us coordinate some volunteer activity, we'd love to hear from you.  Contact us at for more information.


Sustainable Bainbridge Board