Classroom instruction for one grade for two months

Classroom instruction for one grade for one month



Classroom instruction for one class for one month



Covers ingredient costs for an entire grade



Covers ingredient costs for one class


Girl Smile & Bowl  


P.S.  Your generous donation will ensure that more of Chicago's neediest children have access to healthy foods. Help us fight back against childhood obesity and related chronic diseases.



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Dear Friend of Purple Asparagus,


How old were you when you ate your first apple?  Devoured your first ear of corn? Peeled and savored a banana? For many of my students, their first bites of fresh fruits and vegetables happen when they enter my kindergarten classroom and go on a Delicious Nutritious Adventure with Purple Asparagus. They have already been waiting five years. Please don't make others wait any longer; make your gift to Purple Asparagus today.


Purple Asparagus is leading the charge to tackle global health issues right here in Chicago by bringing healthy foods and recipes directly to my classroom and to many other public schools. Each month, a new food is featured in four different forms. Children learn a common language around food, make recipes and encourage each other to "take a polite bite". They talk about their tasting experiences with their peers and bring their enthusiasm for healthy eating home to their families.   


These are the critical first steps to tackling childhood obesity and the chronic diseases

directly linked to low fruit and vegetable consumption.


I have partnered with Purple Asparagus for the past six years and can tell you from first-hand experience that they get results. Children who participate in their flagship Delicious Nutritious Adventures program learn from an early age how healthy eating can make a positive impact on their futures. In fact, according to a study conducted by the University of Chicago, 66% of parents said that Purple Asparagus had inspired them to try new recipes and more than half agreed that their child eats more fruits. 


Your support is crucial to the continued success of Purple Asparagus. Right now, more than 30 schools are waiting for the Delicious Nutritious Adventures program. With your generous year-end donation, Purple Asparagus can reach more school-aged children in Chicago and help them live longer, healthier, disease-free lives. Please make your fully tax-deductible gift now.




Nora Ryan

Kindergarten Teacher

Polaris Charter Academy

West Humboldt Park, Chicago