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During the holiday season there is so much to be thankful for. We at Purple Asparagus are thankful for you. You have helped us make an impact on one of Chicago's most important issues - Childhood obesity.

How are we doing it? By exposing Chicago's elementary school children to healthy foods in a fun and interactive way through the Delicious, Nutritious Adventures program.


And it is working! The University of Chicago Center for Mathematics and Science Education conducted an evaluation of Purple Asparagus' Delicious, Nutritious Adventures (DNA) program and the results couldn't be more encouraging. The Study indicates that the program helps kids:

  • Become interested in trying new foods. One parent said that Delicious, Nutritious Adventures, "Fueled Curiosity." Prior to the program only 25% of parents strongly agreed that their kids liked to try new foods; that number jumped to 44% afterwards. Most importantly, kids said, "...if we try something new, we might like it."   
  • Believe healthy foods taste great. On one survey 98% of students answered "true" to the statement: "Healthy Foods Taste Great." One parent noted, "... when we walk down the fruits and vegetables [aisle], it used to be, 'I want green apples, and that's it.' And now it's like, 'Mom,... can you get some of those split peas'. And I'm like, 'split peas, you know about that?' "
  • Understand the importance of healthy eating. One parent said, "... [my 7 year old] is asking you if it's healthy for you. She never asked that before, she would just eat it, and either like it or not. But now she asks if it is healthy." Before the program, 15% of parents answered that they strongly agree that their child talks about the nutritional value of food; this number increased to 23% after the program.     
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables! 77% of parents said they agree or somewhat agree that their kids eat more vegetables, and 81% agree or somewhat agree that their kids eat more fruit.      

Today, we are in 30 Chicagoland schools. And although we teach more than 5,000 children a year, with over 330,000 kids between 5 and 14 in the Chicagoland area, we need to reach many more.

Our goal is to expand Delicious, Nutritious Adventures to 10 new classrooms, teaching over 300 more kids about healthy eating.   

Help us reach our goal.  

Donate a classroom for $1,500, a single class for $166, or any amount big or small to help combat childhood obesity.
Visit our website to make a donation.




Thank You for your Support!




Melissa Graham 

Founding Executive Director

& Head Spear   



Greatist         IACP Award Logo          Tribune Logo
Top 15 Crusaders for Health              IACP Award of Excellence
            Tribune Good Eating Award, 2011

On behalf of our students and their families, as well as our team, volunteers and board members, thank you for your interest and past contributions of time or treasure. This holiday season, as you gather together with your loved ones to eat, drink and be merry, please consider supporting Purple Asparagus and the children and families we serve.


Happy Holidays
from all of us at Purple Asparagus
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