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   A NEW Kushi Institute Extended Weekend Workshop!

Achieving Abundant
Energy & Vitality!

with Warren Kramer and Melanie Waxman

Warren and Melanie

Thursday, September 12th to  
Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Learn how macrobiotics can help you:  
    • Manage stress and boost daily joy
    • Enjoy cooking simple, nourishing dishes to sustain energy.  
    • Discover how to create a healthy acid/alkaline balance
    • Maintain energy to live the life of your dreams!
Join us for this brand new weekend workshop and get tips, techniques, and an abundance of wisdom from these popular and dynamic macrobiotic teachers. Vitality building morning exercises included!

Classes and Workshops with Melanie:

Maintaining Energy to Live Your Best Life

In every moment energy - or "chi" as it is known in ancient Chinese wisdom - is constantly flowing throughout and around us. By understanding the vital energy connection between you and your surroundings, you can make changes to those things that influence you most, and ultimately change how you feel. In this class you'll learn about the internal and external ways in which we receive and give energy and how we can use or change it to look and feel great.  


Reducing Stress & Finding Balance Naturally

Stress is a normal physical and emotional response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way.  This class will look at ways to reduce everyday stress including breathing, meditation, exercise, and food choices. You'll also learn how to manage stress, boost feelings of joy and serenity, and stay calm and collected under pressure.


The Food-Energy Connection

You are what you eat! This lively class will introduce you to the energy of foods using the ancient system of the 5 transformations. Find out the magic that happens when the energetic quality of the seasons are combined with various ingredients and cooking styles.  You'll also discover how to create dishes that provide an uplifting, youthful energy and strong, enduring vitality, plus how to nourish different organs and emotions using specific foods and remedies.


Cooking: Energizing Snacks & Fun Foods

Discover how to create an array of delicious snacks and appetizers that boost energy and add wonderful nourishment to our daily diet. This class will incorporate discussions on food and dishes you can to take to work, picnics and travel. Fabulous desserts and teas included!


The Acid & Alkaline Balance for Healing and Vitality

Over acidity, known to weaken all the body systems and leave us more vulnerable to health problems, is very common today. When excess acids must be neutralized, our alkaline reserves are depleted, leaving the body in a weakened condition. A good pH balance is a vital key to health maintenance. In this class you'll discover how to create a healthy pH balanced diet, using specific foods, good eating habits, and varied cooking styles. Healthy pH supporting physical activity, and the powerful effects of attitude on health, will also be discussed.

Classes and Workshops with Warren:

Keys to Abundant Energy and Vitality
All of life is energy.  In this exciting lecture we will look at the
numerous ways we can increase our energy and build our
vitality for a fulfilling and joyful life.  Warren will also explain what energy really is!

"Why Am I So Tired?": The Fatigue and Kidney Health Relationship
This lecture explores the numerous ways we are able to "diagnose" our own kidney health - visually through outward body signs, emotionally, and through various physical symptoms. We will also look at the two most common causes of fatigue and how to overcome and naturally heal this concern.

Cooking: Strengthening and Energizing Dishes and Remedies
Learn how to prepare some of the most important dishes, remedies and condiments needed to create vitality and nourish you on a deep level.  September is a perfect time of the year for introducing these powerful, energy-boosting foods.

The Role of Minerals in Achieving Vitality
Minerals are essential for optimum health and great energy.
They support our bones, keep us mentally sharp, and help us to
maintain an alkaline condition.  Minerals are often used incorrectly, causing imbalances which contribute to physical and emotional problems.  In this class you'll learn how to incorporate minerals properly (and deliciously!) day-to-day in your busy life.   
Warren Kramer teaches world wide bringing the macrobiotic approach to health and wellness to individuals and organizations and institutions including the United Nations Macrobiotic Society, Whole Foods Market, Barnes & Nobel Bookstores, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Churches, Temples, and Health Conferences.  

Warren's wide range of experience in teaching and counseling macrobiotics includes working in individual homes as a personal counselor assisting people in recovering their health. Warren is a member of the Kushi Institute faculty, and frequently teaches in the Macrobiotic Leadership Program.
Melanie Waxman has been actively involved in the healing arts since the early
1980s. She specializes in balancing health through food and diet, in the body, and the home. Macrobiotic for 30+ years, and mother of seven, Melanie is an international educator with a busy macrobiotic practice ranging from presenting at large seminars, to private cooking classes and health coaching (including the English singer Boy George)

A prolific writer, Melanie is the author of The Cooklets, a series of manuals on kitchen methodology and healthy food options. She is also the author of  Eat me Now and The Little Carrot, books on healthy macrobiotic cooking for busy people and the wonder of nature. 
Additionally, she writes on child-rearing in Bless The Baby and in Yummy Yummy in My Tummy.
Program Fee:

$475 includes full program and daily, organic meals.


Please call for accommodation options!

Airport shuttle to and from Bradley International Airport (serves Hartford, CT):

Only on program arrival and departure dates at specific times. $50 each way. Contact us for details. 


To Register or for more information:


Call 1-800-975-8744
Int'l 1-413-623-6457

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