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MINI Way to Health 
Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning

Mini Way to Health
your life 
 in this

In this challenging economy   
you deserve a break

Our MINI Way to Health program is a shorter version of our popular, week-long Way to Health program,
but it gives you so much!
  • Get the keys to creating health through 11 classes and workshops, with Kushi Institute expert faculty guiding you in the macrobiotic approach to health and healing.  
  • Having a private consultation with one of our experienced macrobiotic counselors tailors the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle to your particular needs, and can make all the difference in your ability to reach your health goals.
  • Gain health benefits right away as you enjoy our healthy and delicious macrobiotic meals, prepared by world-class macrobiotic chefs.   
  • Our scenic 600-acre campus is an ideal environment for renewal.   
  • If you're coming by air, we offer an economical shuttle service between Kushi Institute and Bradley International Airport (call or email for details.)

Compare MINI Way to Health
regular Way to Health  

Mini Way to Health
4 days - Thursday to Sunday
Program and Meals Cost: 
$475 - Programs and Meals
Housing Options - full 3 nights:          
  $75 - North Hall Single
$125 - Standard Shared Double           
$250 - Standard Single                       
$430 - Single or Double/Private Bath 

4 days, 3 nights
Starts on Thursday, ends on Sunday   
Number of Classes: 

Private Consultation:

Bradley Airport Shuttle:
$50 each way

Way to Health 
7 days - Sunday to Saturday  

Program and Meals Cost: 
$975 -  Program and Meals

Housing Options - full 6 nights:   
$100 - Dorm Single   
$250 - Standard Shard Double
$500 - Standard Single
$860 - Single or Double / Private Bath

7 days, 6 nights   
Starts on Sunday, ends on Saturday

Number of Classes:

Private Consultation:

Bradley Airport Shuttle
$50 each way

Program Details

by 4 pm on Thursday
Departure: by 11:30 am on Sunday

Class Topics

       Macrobiotic Cooking Classes
  • Daily cooking classes - learn a variety of macrobiotic dishes that support health and healing 
  • Natural home remedies 
       Other Classes 
  • Learn which foods have powerful healing qualities and which to limit or avoid for better health.
  • Menu planning - see how to fit healthy macrobiotic cooking into your busy life  
  • Tips on how to be successful with macrobiotics
  • Morning exercises to get your lymph system moving and boost natural immunity and vitality  
  • And more! 
Limited space available!

For more information or to register call

or email

To register online click here

Registration Office and Main House
Kushi Institute

198 Leland Road
Becket, MA 01223


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