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Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss
Get the skills you need  
to reach - and maintain -  
your weight goals!

"My wife and I attended a Kushi Institute week-long program to support her successful health recovery. I was overweight, and after returning from the program and following what we learned, I lost 65 lbs in six months!" 
        - Rick Villalobos

"I came to Kushi Institute as a volunteer to lose weight. I lost over 110 lbs in eleven months! NO calorie counting, just good, wholesome food."
       - Dennis Iodice

Join us for a very special week, where everything about
the program is dedicated to helping you achieve your
weight goals and improve your health!

Your experience includes delicious daily meals, guidance
on adjusting macrobiotic meals for optimal weight loss, movement suitable for every fitness level, and great
classes led by our experienced faculty. 

Program Highlights: 
  • Learn to prepare healthy, weight loss supporting whole-foods dinners FAST -  in only 15 to 20 minutes!
  • Rev up metabolism and tone muscles through our gentle exercise classes.   
  • Learn how to prepare dishes that help you lose weight PLUS detoxify and strengthen natural immunity
  • Find out about specific foods and home remedies that help
    melt away visceral (belly) fat
  • Learn techniques that can help you break free of old emotional patterns that have kept you from reaching your weight goals.
  • Get tips on making healthy eating sustainable.
  • And much more!   

You don't need to have weight issues to benefit from what this program offers. If the topic appeals to you, please join us.


Program Fee:
Only $575 including all meals!
Housing Options:
Starting from $100 for all 7 nights!

For more information or to register: 

To register online and see all housing
options and prices:
Join us for programs  
that can change your life 
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