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   A NEW Kushi Institute Extended Weekend Workshop!

Making Macrobiotics
Work For YOU!

with Warren Kramer & Melanie Waxman

                       Melanie axman

Thursday, June 13 to Sunday, June 16, 2013

See how Macrobiotics can be more:
    • Effective - for helping you reach  
      your health goals.
    • Easy to do - so it fits into your life. 
    • Enjoyable and Sustainable - so 
      you stay with it. 
    • and FUN!
Join us for this new weekend workshop and get tips, techniques, and an abundance of knowledge and wisdom from these popular and dynamic macrobiotic teachers.

Classes and Workshops with Melanie:

Quick and Easy Healthy Cooking 
Healthy cooking doesn't mean you have to spend hours in the kitchen. Learn practical and realistic ways to be efficient in the kitchen so you can whip up simple yet delicious and satisfying meals in a jiffy.

Creative Cooking For More Variety and Enjoyment 
Bored with the same old meals everyday? Learn how to make simple changes to your menu and receive fantastic results. Discover how to create dishes that taste delicious and give you that added sparkle. Enjoy creating meals that make you feel calm and peaceful, yet energized and inspired. A great class for those who wish to understand the energy of foods and develop their creative culinary talents.

Menu Planning 
Learn how to feel empowered in the kitchen and enjoy renewed vitality with more variety of ingredients and dishes. In this interactive class, Melanie's gentle, relaxed and fun approach will help you to feel confident and adventurous with your menu planning. You'll learn how to develop your intuition when planning meals that sing on the palate and dance on the taste buds. You'll discover how different cooking styles and combinations change the effect food has on you, and much more.

How to be Successful with Macrobiotics 
A great class for those who are new to macrobiotics or want inspiration and tips for their current practice. Melanie will share her long time macrobiotic experience on what works and what doesn't. Learn simple and practical techniques that will enhance your lifestyle, develop your energy, and increase your vitality. Discover the uniqueness of macrobiotics and why it isn't just another fad diet.
Classes and Workshops with Warren:

Taking Your Health to the Next Level
This empowering class will cover common mistakes that people make when practicing macrobiotics that keep them "stuck". Warren will offer practical advice on how to improve health and fine tune the practice, discussing key points that people who practice macrobiotics successfully have in common.

Overeating: How and Why to Eat Less
One of the most challenging lifestyle habits we commonly share is overeating. In this inspiring class you'll learn how overeating truly undermines an otherwise wonderful macrobiotic practice and our health. You'll get insights into why so many of us overeat, and more importantly, how to break this pattern once and for all. Warren will discuss the proper way to eat and the remarkable health benefits gained by simply chewing well. You'll have the opportunity to practice chewing during this class.

Understanding Cravings and Addictions
Learn how to see cravings as your friend, and understand how cravings can help you find balance and satisfaction day-to-day. In this class, you will discover what many of your cravings mean, and how to satisfy them in a gentle way. Food addictions can be very powerful, controlling our lives. Warren will discuss how to break free from many food addictions, including sugar, chips, baked flour products, excess oil, and more.

Achieving Balance in Your Life
Most people would agree that to be "balanced" is a good thing and certainly desirable. But what does it actually mean to be balanced? Where does it come from? Why does it seem so hard to maintain? These questions and others will be the theme of this timely lecture. Certainly a must if we are to create and maintain our health in modern times.

What do Yin and Yang Have to do With Me?
The answer is everything! When a person is new to macrobiotics it is not as essential to know yin and yang. However, gaining understanding of this principle and applying it in daily life can greatly help a person achieve their goals and dreams. In this class, Warren will lead a lively, interactive discussion on how yin and yang can be applied on a daily basis to create the life you want.

The Spirit of Macrobiotics
Macrobiotics is often referred to as the "great" life or "big" life. Most people new to macrobiotics think that it is all about the food. However, food is only a small part of macrobiotics. In this class you'll discover the larger perspective. When people understand the principles of macrobiotics they are more likely to embrace macrobiotics as a lifestyle rather than a temporary diet to be used to recover ones health. 

Warren Kramer
teaches world wide bringing the macrobiotic approach to health and wellness to individuals and organizations and institutions including the United Nations Macrobiotic Society, Whole Foods Market, Barnes & Nobel Bookstores, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Churches, Temples, and Health Conferences.  

Warren's wide range of experience in teaching and counseling macrobiotics includes working in individual homes as a personal counselor assisting people in recovering their health. Warren is a member of the Kushi Institute faculty, and frequently teaches in the Macrobiotic Leadership Program.
Melanie Waxman has been actively involved in the healing arts since the early 1980s. She specializes in balancing health through food and diet, in the body, and the home.

Macrobiotic for 30+ years, and mother of seven, Melanie is an international educator with a busy macrobiotic practice ranging from presenting at large seminars, to private cooking classes and health coaching (including the English singer Boy George).

A prolific writer, Melanie is the author of The Cooklets, a series of manuals on kitchen methodology and healthy food options. She is also the author of  Eat me Now and The Little Carrot, books on healthy macrobiotic cooking for busy people and the wonder of nature. 
Additionally, she writes on child-rearing in Bless The Baby and in Yummy Yummy in My Tummy.
Program Fees

$425 includes full program and daily meals

Housing Fees:
Includes the full 3 nights, Thursday, Friday and Saturday  
  $75 - North Hall Single                         
$125 - Main House Shared Double           
$250 - Main House Single                      
$430 - Main House Single or Double/Private Bath

Airport shuttle to and from Bradley International Airport (serves Hartford, CT):

Only on program and arrival days at specific times. $50 each way. Contact us for details. 


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