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Thriving After Stomach Cancer
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Thriving After Stomach Cancer
Kit Kitatani

Kit Kitatani -
Living the Great Life

"macro"= Great  "bios" = Life

Recently we received an inquiry from someone diagnosed with stomach cancer, wondering if there were people who had recovered from this condition with the support of macrobiotics.

I immediately thought of long-time macrobiotic and Kushi Institute supporter Kit Kitatani, who in 1983 was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer and told he had only six months to two years left to live. Kit credits his successful full recovery to macrobiotics. 

Born in Japan, Kim was 51 and working for the United Nations in New York when he started having health issues, including trouble sleeping, feeling lethargic, waning appetite, and a persistent sore on his tongue. Seeking medical help, he was diagnosed with a peptic ulcer, but medications did not relieve any of the symptoms.

In 1983 during an endoscopy, doctors discovered a huge ulcer with a tumor in its center. Within days an operation was performed and three quarters of Kit's stomach was removed. The tumor had not penetrated the stomach wall, which led the doctors to feel optimistic for Kit's full recovery. After spending some time in the hospital recovering from the operation, right before his discharge date biopsy results showed the cancer had metastasized throughout his lymph system. His doctors now considered his condition terminal.

Returning home Kit started chemotherapy, but this soon had to be discontinued because his white blood cell count stayed at a very low level. His oncologist determined that Kit's bone marrow had stopped producing blood, which he said was very unusual under Kit's circumstances.There was no other treatment the doctors could offer.

During this trying period, Kit and his wife Akiko attended a social event, where he encountered Joyce, a former colleague from the UN. Joyce had been struggling with cancer the last time he had seen her. "She looked like a ghost then, her hair was gone, and we thought for sure we would be losing her shortly," Kit recalls. Yet she now looked radiant and wonderful, prompting Kit's curiosity. Joyce explained how macrobiotics had helped her recover.

Inspired by Joyce's story, Kit purchased books on macrobiotics and found a macrobiotic counselor who periodically came to New York. A few months later Kit and Akiko went to Boston for a consultation for Kit with Michio Kushi, during which they were astounded when Michio turned to Akiko and, without any prior knowledge of Akiko's condition, accurately described health issues she was having. After the consultation Michio and Kit spent some time discussing the United Nations and their favorite topic: world peace. That was the start of their long friendship.  

Following Michio's advice Kit started improving, and within three years Kit's doctor announced Kit had been totally free of cancer long enough that the doctor considered him cured, and Kit no longer needed to come back for follow-up visits.

With fully returned health Kit went back to work for the UN, first choosing a field assignment in Burma as a UN Resident Representative. His work for the UN culminated with serving as UNDP Resident Representative in Myanmar (1986-1990) and Assistant Secretary-General/Deputy Executive Director, UN Population Fund (1990-1993). In 1993 he retired from the UN, and from that time until 2000 Kit served as Senior Advisor to UNDP.

In 1994, Kit established "2050," an NGO (non-governmental organization) dedicated to making the world a better place by promoting awareness among the Japanese public of such global issues as the environment, population and poverty. 2050 also focuses on enhancing the status of women in developing countries through education and revenue producing activities.

Kit is also a member of the Advisory Committee of the Foundation for Global Environment and Peace. He actively participates in international meetings and delivers speeches on global issues all over Japan as well as countries across the world.

From the time Kit recovered from cancer he has actively shared his story of the role macrobiotics played in his recovery, and how it continues to support his good health. While working for the UN he established a United Nations Macrobiotic Society, where health-oriented people working at the UN can regularly meet and discuss macrobiotic principles and practice.

Kit and Akiko own a home in Becket near Kushi Institute, and when they visit I am always amazed at how they have the same strong vitality and abundant happiness as when I first met them decades ago. Truly examples of a Great Life, they are inspirations to us all.

Mirea Ellis
Mirea Ellis is the Kushi Institute's Assistant Director
as well as being on the teaching faculty, and has
known Kit and his family since the mid 1980's

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