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Volume 7   Issue 7                                                                                       July, 2014
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Quitting for the WIn
Rewriting History
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"Patience may be a virtue, but quitting is an art."

                                                         ~ Evan Harris

Moment of Clarity, July 2014, I QUIT!
Moment of Clarity, July 2014, I QUIT!



Quitting for the Win



"Quitters never win and winners never quit."

-Vince Lombardi


"Never say never."

-Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers


I tend to differ with Coach Lombardi and agree with Dickens on this one. Quitting is the tactical execution of the strategic Positive Power of NO-in order to make a "no" stick, you have to be willing to quit. (Read more).... 




Rewriting History


A father's entry in a journal found in an attic:

"Wasted the whole day fishing with Jimmy. Didn't catch a thing."


Jimmy's diary entry from the same day:

"Went fishing with my dad. Best day of my life."


I used this story to make a point with a friend of mine at breakfast this morning and got to thinking. Most of us, including me, aren't so lucky as to have a journal from our early childhood. But can writing a journal of our memories about our formative years also offer insight into how we came to be who we are? (Read more).....



Many of my readers know what I do as a Co-Driver in a rally car....but for those who don't, click here to get a quick idea! 


OK.  I have an idea about what you do in a Rally Car...but what can you do for me or my team?


  • Reduce Struggle.
  • Dissipate Conflict.
  • Improve Relationships.
  • Relieve Stress.
  • Develop Trust, Understanding and Camaraderie in your team.


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