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Little did I know that when I published the October issue of HDClarity my digital world was imploding! The server on which the HDClarity blog resides decided it didn't like me anymore. At the same time all my mail to corporatecodriver.com evaporated, AND I was virtually out of digital connection in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (which is pretty much out of connection with everywhere) watching it all come crashing down.


So it's time for a "DO-OVER!" I believe we're all up and running and my digital world has been re-assembled. Please accept my apologies for not being able to read the blog posts or connect to HDClarity, and let's try again.




Kim DeMotte. Team Performance Professional, Executive and Leadership Coach.


Thoughts you can use on the Value of Clarity, Trust, and the Human Interaction.



Volume 6   Issue 10                                                                                     October, 2013
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Freeing My Goat
Focus and Presence
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"For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind."


                                       ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson   


Moment of Clarity, October, 2013, How to Drive Your Own Life
Moment of Clarity, October, 2013, How to Drive Your Own Life

Freeing My Goat




Do people push your buttons? They do mine. I've certainly got some soft spots that people can get my goat with. Actually, different people rile up different goats because of patterns we've set up. While flaring back at the person who has my goat seems momentarily appropriate, I've learned that over the long term it's usually not in my best interests. So, what to do? Here are some ideas.  (Read more).....





Focus and Presence



Wow...this is complicated.


I've been a fan of focus since I wrote The Positive Power of NO: How That Little Word You Love to Hate Can Make or Break Your Business. The book is about setting boundaries between yes and no in order to live a less stressful, more organized life. I believe that we can make decisions more easily and with less anxiety when we've thought about choice in advance and set a nice, crisp, black and white boundary over which our Knower/Judger will not let us go. (Remember, the K/J is accountable for very functional performances as well as dysfunctional.) And I think we would all agree that operating in a very focused manner helps us accomplish goals in the short term. But at what cost?  (Read more)....



Many of my readers know what I do as a Co-Driver in a rally car....but for those who don't, click here to get a quick idea! 


OK.  I have an idea about what you do in a Rally Car...but what can you do for me or my team?


  • Reduce Struggle.
  • Dissipate Conflict.
  • Improve Relationships.
  • Relieve Stress.
  • Develop Trust, Understanding and Camaraderie in your team.


Check out  Kim's 3-pronged approach.


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"There is a clear and present danger.....when you are neither clear nor present."
Saving civilization (or your team) one conversation at a time.


Kim DeMotte, Corporate CoDriver


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