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Kim DeMotte's Monthly thoughts on the value of Clarity, Trust, and the Human Interaction


Volume 6   Issue 5                                                                                             May, 2013
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  High Definition Trust, Understanding and Camaraderie
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In Pursuit of Happiness
If Not Now
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"The purpose of our lives is to be happy"


                                                  ~ The Dalai Lama


Moment of Clarity, May 2013, Black Swans and Silver Swans
Moment of Clarity, May 2013, Black Swans and Silver Swans


In Pursuit of Happiness



Ever since the tiny country of Bhutan decided its metric would be happiness instead of product, I've wondered how happiness is measured. What makes us "happy," and how can we get more happiness?   (Read more) ....  



If not now.... 



Ever have an opportunity to correct a habit that's getting in the way of your happiness but for some reason just don't do it-again? Let me tell you about the habit I've been battling for the last three or four decades.  (Read more) ....  





I have an idea about what you do in a Rally Car...but what can you do for me or my team?


  • Reduce Struggle.
  • Dissipate Conflict.
  • Improve Relationships.
  • Relieve Stress.
  • Develop Trust, Understanding and Camaraderie in your team.


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"There is a clear and present danger.....when you are neither clear nor present."
Saving civilization (or your team) one conversation at a time.

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