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Winterizing Your RV
Cleaning out your camper or RV's waterlines is an important step in maintaining the basic functions of your home-on-wheels. Cleaning out your water lines will help ensure that your hoses are free of gunk and odor and that your drinking water tastes fresh. Whether you are cleaning them out before winterizing your unit, or if you're just keeping the lines clean for future uses, these simple steps will help you through the process.
Step 1: Drain your water heater
Make sure the power to your water heater is off.
Remove the drain plug located near the bottom left side.
Open the pressure release valve. Water should start draining.
Step 2: Locate the low points in your lines
The low points are generally located under your RV.
The manufacturer's user manual may have instructions on where these are located. These are generally located under your RV in the lowest point in your water system, with separate lines for hot and cold.
Open the lines and let the water drain out.
Open your sink faucet to allow for drainage. Close up when the water stops draining.
Step 3: Clean out the holding tank
Open up your drinking water hold tank drain and empty the water out of it. Force any remaining water out by running the pump, but do not leave pump running after the water is drained or your motor could burn out.
Step 4: Flush the fresh water tank with bleach
When all your water is out, close up your valves and flush your fresh water tank with a bleach water solution. Make a solution of about 2C bleach to 30 gallons of water.
Next, fill your fresh water tank full of clean water. Turn your water pump on and open up your sink faucets until you smell the bleach water coming through. You should also turn on your outdoor shower if you have one.
Close the faucets and turn off your pump.
Let the system sit for 12-15 hours.
Step 5: Flush fresh water tank with clean water
Drain your entire system and fill the fresh water tank with clean water.
Open your sink faucets and run the water until the bleach smell has dissipated.
Your water lines are now clean and safe for drinking!
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Happy Camping!

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Popups For Sale!
Don't miss your chance to purchase a 2016 popup and receive a Gift Card to Normandy Farms!  It's a 2016 Viking and is in great condition, never having been on the road.  It sleeps 6 and will be available to pick up mid-November. 
Patriots Tickets!
Congratulations to the winner of the Patriots vs Ravens Tickets - Carlos Cintron! We raised nearly $1,100 just with those tickets alone! With the Silent Drawing and the 50/50 raffle, we raised over $3,000 for for the Jimmy Fund this weekend! Thank you to all who donated and congratulations to our winners. Many thanks to Dr. Alan Lee who donated the tickets to help raise money for the Jimmy Fund.
Halloween Pictures   
Our 3 spook-filled Halloween weekends were so much fun! Click here to view some pictures:
Jimmy Fund  
We want to thank all of our guests for helping us raise and donate $15,617 to the Jimmy Fund for the 2016 year! You make every event that we run for the Jimmy Fund a huge success and a ton of fun!
Thanksgiving Dinner
We're looking forward to our annual Thanksgiving Dinner on November 26th and wanted to remind you that tickets went on sale August 15th. Purchase online as we will sell out!
Dinner starts at 2pm in the Recreation Lodge. Tickets cost $12 per person if purchased by October 31th.  As of November 1st, tickets cost $15 per person.
Dinner menu includes: Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, squash, cranberry sauce, stuffing, olives, dessert & coffee.
Please bring your own plates and table set-ups.  
Holiday Gift Idea 
It's that time of year again to purchase a Normandy Farms Gift Card for a perfect holiday gift that will leave lasting memories forever!  
Looking for a Forever Home 
Sam the Man
How super cute is this Pit Bull mix!  Sam the man was abandoned and obviously not treated very nice but all that has changed. He is now in a loving foster home and is doing amazing. He is determined to love and be loved. Sam the man ADORES children and would love a new forever home with children. He is a friendly, lovable guy who loves people and does well with other dogs with proper introductions. Sam the Man is a little shy at first, but quickly comes out of his shell and would love a forever home that can help him build some confidence. 
Click here to view more beautiful dogs looking for their forever home.
Big Fish!  
One of our guests, Mike Delisle, caught this 4 pound fish in our pond on Sept. 23rd. We stock our fresh water pond each season with rainbow, brook, and brown trout for catch and release fishing.   
Concierge Recommendations
There are so many amazing things going on in the area, but here's just a few highlights:
Click here to read more
Birthdays and Anniversaries
November Birthday Celebrations
Daniel Kristenson 11/1, Ryan Curtin 11/3, Tricia Leary 11/8, Jeff Keane Jr. 11/9, Rich Harris 11/9, Debbie Micozzi 11/9, Katie Dickman & Ethan Daniels 11/12, Dawn Crowley 11/13, Mary Horsman 11/13, Doris & Kristine Daniels 11/13, Dennis Vadenais 11/15, Katie Gunnard 11/15, Jean O'Connor 11/15, Lisa Conroy 11/16, Rick Schempf 11/26, Matthew Force 11/23, Bonnie Mitchell 11/24, Tina Biagi 11/26, Kyle MacAulay 11/29, Pat Curtin Sr. 11/29.
December Birthday Celebrations
Brian Favela 12/6, Joanne Field 12/7, Luanne MacAulay &
Logan Villandry 12/13, David Kear 12/14, Mark Harris 12/29, Bob Harrison 12/30, Tim Ryan 12/31.
November & December Anniversary Celebrations
Ray & Stacey Parent 11/22, Dave & Elaine Armstrong 12/15, Lisa & Steve Pascale 11/25, Marcia & Dave Galvin 12/18
We look forward to providing you and your family with the finest services and amenities for a truly memorable camping experience.




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