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New Resort Video
Junior Olympics
BMX Bike Jam
Chicken BBQ
Casino Night
Christmas In July
Looking for a Forever Home
Lost & Found
Things To Do This Month
Birthdays and Anniversaries


Camping Survival Kit
To get started with the camping survival kit I went to the dollar store. Yes, seriously the dollar store has amazing stuff. I will share with you my ideas, but add what you would use and subtract what you wouldn't.
DIY Camping Survival Kit at
Don't forget something to keep everything handy in. I used a basket, but a backpack would be a great idea too. Camping in my neck of the woods definitely has some bear danger. It is best to keep anything scented or food items in a separate area from where you sleep. It will help keep the bears from being drawn to the tent and other critters as well.
Pack these items and more to build a camping survival kit:
Camping Survival Kit and Tips at
1. Fly Swatter. Keeps the bugs at bay. I always seem to find a spider or two in my tent and I hate spiders. So I take a fly swatter to take care of them.
2. Dish Soap. It is great for the basic washing dishes and hands.
3. Lip Balm. Essential. Especially if lips get sun burnt. Lip balm will soothe and replenish those lips.
4. Flashlight. This may seem silly, but don't forget the necessities. I don't want to have to find my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night without a flashlight.
5. Aloe Vera. Again sun burns hurt! I love how great aloe feels (may as well grab some sunscreen while you are packing the survival kit).
6. Hand Towel. Keep this handy for drying hands after washing. It could also be used as a sling.
7. Hand Sanitizer. For those times when you can't wash your hands.
8. Bar of Soap. Great for washing hands and face or for a shower if feeling adventurous.
9. Face Wipes. Since I don't love camping, it should be easy to believe that I also don't love going without makeup. Makeup removing wipes are an easy way to wash it off without having to go all the way to the bathroom.
10.Wet Wipes. Where I camp it is usually pretty dry and dusty. I hate when I go to get in my sleeping bag at night and my ankles are caked with dirt. I give my feet a little wet wipe bath and they feel so much better.
11.Duct Tape. Why leave home without it?
12. Tissues. For the sniffles.
13. Playing Cards. I love to play games while I am camping. Teach everyone's favorite card games.
14. Anti-Itch Cream. Bug Bites, Poison Ivy, Stinging Nettle, etc. These things make camping even more miserable than it already its.
15. Allergy Medication. Just in case someone has an allergic reaction to food or plants or whatever.
Maybe I'm overly cautious but things always come up.
16. Bandages. I don't even need to explain this one.
17. Pain Reliever. Headaches and stupid accidents require medicine.
Camping Survival Kit at
Throw all the survival goodness together and head out on a fun filled camping trip.

Happy Camping!

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New Resort Video!
Check out our new resort video:
Thanks to
Junior Olympics 
Congratulations to all the participants!

Pre-School - Girls - Elyse McGee
Pre-School - Boys - Anthony Ankstitus
6&7 yr old -Girls - Sydney Palma
6&7 yr old - Boys - Nathan Shelton
8&9 yr old - Girls - Sophia Dutra
8&9 yr old - Boys - Justin Keogler
10&11 yr old - Girls - Nell Sohier
10&11 yr old - Boys - Kyle Conroy
12&13 yr old - Girls - Ryanne Haynes
12&13 yr old - Boys - Darren Palma
14 + Boys only - Tie - Daniel Conroy and Tyler Antananars
BMX Bike Jam

Fastest Track Contest
6-12 years - Winner - Jack Whitney - time 22:41
Teen & Adults - Winner - Dylan Cella - time 20:09
Best Trick
6-12 years - Winner - Jack Whitney
Teen & Adult - Winner  - Ryan Nickerson
Wall Ride
6-12 years - Winner - Jack Whitney
Teen & Adult - Winner - Dylan Cella
Winner of BMX Bike drawing - Zachary Lynn
Chicken BBQ
BBQ on Saturday 8/27 starts at 4PM next to the Recreation Lodge with games and prizes. Food is served at 5PM. Tickets cost $12 per person.
Includes 1/2 barbecued chicken, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, watermelon and punch.
Please note, you must be a camping guest to attend the dinner and a 2 night stay is required.  Click here to purchase today - tickets sell out!
Casino Night
Thank you! We raised $1131.00 for the Jimmy Fund at our Casino Night!
Christmas In July!
Click picture to view the video.
Looking for a Forever Home   
My name is Presley and I am still waiting for my forever home, not sure why because I am the total package. I am a Pit Bull Boxer mix who is just beginning to understand the meaning of life at just 3 years old, I am so smart.   I love to play and try not to take life to seriously because after all life is too short not to have a good time. I can be a little bossy so if my forever home has a canine sibling it must be low key/submissive or I can rule the roost all by myself.

 Click here to view more beautiful dogs looking for their forever home.   
Lost & Found
Don't forget...we have a lost and found! 
Almost every day at the park we have lost items turned in at the Reception Center. We have seen keys, wallets, credit cards, children's toys, clothing, towels and many more lost items. Usually they are claimed the same day, but some stay around in our storage room for weeks or even months.
If you lose something at the park, or think you might have, please do check with the Reception Center at your earliest opportunity. We just might have your lost item. Check with any locations you might have stopped at to play or chat as well. They may have found your lost item or had it turned in to them and haven't yet had the opportunity to walk it down to us. If you'd prefer to call...866-673-2767 x1
Things To Do This Month
Birthdays and Anniversaries
August Birthdays
Timmy Morgan Jr 8/1, Judy Mitchell 8/4, Bambi White 8/7, Bryan McLean 8/9, Ryan Doyle 8/9, Tom Clifford 8/12, Patrick Malala 8/12, Corrinne Daniels 8/14, Patsy Daniels 8/16, Kayla Thomas 8/16, Janelle Gasson 8/17, Marcy Kelly 8/20, Marcia Galvin 8/24, Jim Pendergast 8/25, Lincoln Thyng 8/26, Faye Shurdut 8/28, Heather Curley 8/29, Paul White 8/29, Janis Pendergast 8/30, Duce 8/30, Sandy Favaloro 8/31.
August Anniversary Celebrations
Bob & Lorraine Frechette 8/2, Faye & Hill Shurdut 8/13, Bob & Sue Latuga 8/17.
We look forward to providing you and your family with the finest services and amenities for a truly memorable camping experience.




The Daniels Family

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