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Keeping Your Camper Rodent- and Insect- Free During Storage
Since there are only a few weeks left in the camping season, it might be time to start preparing your camper or RV for the upcoming winter storage. In addition to winterizing, you should also make sure that you prevent rodents and insects from causing issues during the cold winter months. Follow these steps to prevent those pesky creatures from invading your space while you're not looking!

1. Make sure you have removed all fruits and vegetables from the RV before storage. Rotting fruits and vegetables attract and produce all kinds of creepy crawlies.

2. Remove all other food from your RV unless they are sealed in a can or bottle.

3. Get rid of all standing water. If you have an Ice Maker in your RV's fridge, make sure you empty the water out of it.

4. Install Insect Screens on the exterior of your RV over the openings for your RV's refrigerator, furnace and hot water heater. This will prevent both insects and rodents from entering your RV through these exterior openings.

5. Put plugs in all the sink drains; make sure the toilet seats are down. Cover the shower or bathtub drain.

6. Turn off the propane at the tank, not only is this a safety tip, but it also stops little insects who love the smell of propane odor from congregating in the stove and fridge area.

7. Make sure all windows, exterior doors and slideouts are tightly closed.

8. If you are storing the RV in an area where pets etc. cannot get to it, spread Roach powder and Ant Powder around the tires, leveler jacks etc. Remember if it rains the powder will have to be re-applied.

9. Check for any areas under your RV that may allow insects or rodents to crawl in. Do the same for the interior, in particular around slideouts, cabinets, etc. If you find some gaps, go to the hardware store and get a can of expanding foam sealer and seal them.

10. Make sure the inside of the RV is clean; even one little crumb is enough to attract bugs and rodents.

11. If you have rodents invading your RV and you do not want to use poison to kill them, there is an all natural rodent repellent that a lot of RVers swear by called Fresh Cab.

Thanks to Alan Weiner from www.everything-about-rving.com for these awesome tips!

Happy Camping!

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Happy New Year!
The Daniels Family and Normandy Farms Team would like to wish you and your family health and happiness in 2016!
 RV Park of the Year! 
The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) recognized the achievements of top private park owners and operators during its annual Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo in Daytona Beach, FL.  Park of the Year awards were awarded to RV parks and campgrounds that deliver an extraordinary guest experience as a result of all-around excellence in operations, professionalism, marketing, guest service, and industry involvement. 

Paul Bambei, President/CEO ARVC describes Normandy as:
"This large park is a luxury camping destination that has been a family tradition since 1971.  The team is committed to making a personal connection with the guests so that they feel more like family.  Guests have commented that *quote* "every campground should send their personnel here to be trained!"  This year's winner of the 2015 Large Park of the Year award is: Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort".

"We are so proud to receive this award, which would not have been achieved without the hard work and dedication of our team" said President & Owner, Albert Daniels, upon receiving the Large Park of the Year award in Daytona FL.
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Time is running out...don't miss your chance to purchase a new popup - we only have 1 left! It's a 2015 and in great condition, never having been on the road and sleeps 6.
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We are looking for Team Members who would like to work less than 30 hours per week and are able to work weekends. Once school is out for the summer, each department's hours vary on a 7 day a week schedule.
"To join our team, keep one thing in mind: passion is a requirement, not an elective". Click here to check out our website for a list of current positions and an application. 
Good Sam recognizes 111 campgrounds that have earned a perfect 10/10/10 rating for 2016!   Click here to see the complete list.  
Best Wishes
To Ranger Dan Malone who is recovering from quadruple bypass after suffering a heart attack last week. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Our Sympathy
Our deepest sympathy to Margy Cittadino for the recent loss of her mother. Our thoughts go out to her family during this difficult time. 
2017 Reservations
Don't forget to mark your calendar for March 15th when we'll begin taking reservations for 2017!  Yep, that's right 2017. Give us a call at 866-673-2767 or book online. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Birthdays and Anniversaries
January Birthdays
Dave McGrath 1/3, Shaina Abbott 1/6, Barbara Harris 1/6, Cassidy Harrison 1/7, Marissa Colombo 1/7, Natalie Fertitta 1/13, Nicole Parmeggiani 1/16, Caryn Bullen 1/16, Amanda Loewen 1/17, Dave Rebello 1/20, Nicole Flynn 1/21, Sharon Beaumont 1/22, Inez Keyes 1/22, John Bondaruk 1/24, Cory Neal 1/27, Jackie McCann 1/28, Krystle Thyng 1/28.

February Birthdays
Verda Larsson & Danny Conroy 2/1, Mike Petit 2/2, Evan Bryant 2/5, Frankie Richard 2/7, Margy Cittandino 2/7, Ronald Barbour 2/9, Jessica Russell 2/9, Dick Gove 2/11, Sarah Small 2/13, Cindy Fuller 2/18, Jacqueline Bailey 2/19, Rachel Ferreira 2/22, Mike Iacobacci 2/22, Dan Malone 2/23, Paul Biagi 2/23, Dan Malone 2/23, George Kear 2/23, Lorraine Frechette, 2/25, Meredith Starr 2/25, Kathy Testa 2/25, Irene Slezak 2/25, Bob Daniels 2/26, Erin Matthews 2/27, Kevin Clifford 2/27.   
February Anniversaries 
Jeff & Sherry Williams 2/26  
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