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Plainridge Casino
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Chicken BBQ
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Magnetic Kid's Games

Camping often requires long car rides that can make any kid squirm, scream, or become too antsy to handle. While some families have iPads or tablets that will keep kids entertained, others don't own one, don't want to deal with the fight to share, or don't yet trust the little ones to keep it safe. One way to keep kids entertained in the car or at the campsite is to create a magnetic game set. It only costs about $5 and will keep them entertained and out of your hair for hours!

You'll need:
A large metal platter
several small magnets
contruction paper

Directions: Cut several pieces of contruction paper to fit the metal platter and attach different games to each one. Some ideas for games would be Road Bingo, Tick Tac Toe, Chess, matching games, or any other fun things you can come up with. Place a game on the platter and let the little ones have some fun. When they are done with that game, they can switch it out for another!

Happy Camping!

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Junior Olympics 2015  

Congratulations to all the participants in our 2015 Junior Olympics! 


Preschool Boys: Jonas Gagnon
Preschool Girls: Molly Ryan
6 & 7 Boys: Justin Keogler
6 & 7 Girls: Caroline Queenan
8 & 9 Boys: Colin Murphy
8 & 9 Girls: Sinead Kennedy
10 & 11 Boys: Andrew Taft
10 & 11 Girls: Jaiden Tonucci
12 & 13 Boys: (3-way Tie) James Taft, Aidan McCarty, Tanner Cella
12 & 13 Girls: Jessica Matheson
14 & Over Girls: Lauren Ragone 

Plainridge Casino 
For those with the gambling spirit, we are pleased to announce the opening of Plainridge Park Casino just two miles from Normandy Farms on Rte 1. 
BMX Bike Jam
The 2nd Annual BMX Bike Jam on Saturday, July 4th drew over 20 contestants and a HUGE crowd! Congrats to all those who participated!
Chicken BBQ
BBQ on Saturday 8/22 starts at 4PM next to the Recreation Lodge with games and prizes. Food is served at 5PM. Tickets cost $12 per person.
Includes 1/2 barbequed chicken, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, watermelon and punch.
Please note, you must be a camping guest to attend the dinner and a 2 night stay is required.  Click here to purchase today - tickets sell out! 

Jimmy Fund
Normandy Farms Campground has been raising money for the Jimmy Fund for over 30 years. We are enthusiastic each year to raise as much money as possible to help those who suffer from cancer. We generated $1807 for the Jimmy Fund over our popular Halloween Week with many thanks due to the Haunted Alliance (featured in photo) who were amazing! We also made $1018 on Casino night and $400 at the Ice cream social. The combined total for all events, plus previous years is now $279,269!
Activity Schedule 2015
Click here to check out our exciting activity schedule!

Also, click here to view our Concierge list of "Things to Do" in the area this month.  

Here's a peak at a few Concierge Recommendations:
  • Wards Berry Farm in Sharon-You can pick your own fruit or vegetable, take a hayride, enjoy the petting farm or take a pony ride. Enjoy a fresh baked pie and other delicious foods made on the premises. Take home fresh dairy milk and ice cream from Crescent Ridge. Open every day at 9 am. Located at 614 South Main Street, Sharon, MA
  • Capron Park and Zoo is a small 8-acre zoo that opened in 1937, found in the heart of Attleboro, Capron Park Zoo is one of the city's premiere recreation destinations. Visitors can immerse themselves in the warmth and wonder of a tropical rainforest, be awed by the roar of a lion pride, or simply enjoy the wonders of animals from all over the globe. With something to amaze and inspire the whole family, Capron Park Zoo is a fun-filled place for the young and young-at-heart. Kids may also enjoy the splash pad and playground. 201 County St. Attleboro, MA 
Popups For Sale + A FREE WEEK of Camping!
We have 2 new 2015 spacious popups that sleep 6 available for rent for the 2015 camping season. Click here for details and call today to reserve. These popups will be available for purchase after the season. Secure the purchase of your new popup with a deposit by August 1st and you'll receive a FREE WEEK OF CAMPING at Normandy Farms!  Click here for details.
Birthdays and Anniversaries

August Birthdays
Timmy Morgan Jr 8/1, Judy Mitchell 8/4, Bambi White 8/7, Bryan McLean 8/9, Ryan Doyle 8/9, Tom Clifford 8/12, Patrick Malala 8/12, Corrinne Daniels 8/14, Patsy Daniels 8/16, Kayla Thomas 8/16, Janelle Gasson 8/17, Marcy Kelly 8/20, Marcia Galvin 8/24, Jim Pendergast 8/25, Lincoln Thyng 8/26, Faye Shurdut 8/28, Heather Curley 8/29, Paul White 8/29, Janis Pendergast 8/30, Duce 8/30, Sandy Favaloro 8/31.
August Anniversary Celebrations
Bob & Lorraine Frechette 8/2, Faye & Hill Shurdut 8/13, Bob & Sue Latuga 8/17.

We look forward to providing you and your family with the finest services and amenities for a truly memorable camping experience.




The Daniels Family

Normandy Farms