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5 Tips to Truly Relax on Vacation

Vacations are a time for relaxation, fun, and stress-free living with the people who mean the most to you. Camping can provide that perfect mixture of fun activities and quiet serenity that you need to truly enjoy and relax on vacation. Unfortunately, with busy, always-on-the-go lives that we have when we aren't camping, sometimes the stress and looming responsibilities can carry over into your precious vacation time. It can often take days to finally unwind enough to enjoy yourself and by that time, your vacation is half-way over. Here are 5 ways to relax on vacation from the get-go to make sure you make the most of every minute.

1. Give yourself buffer days: If possible, give yourself a day before and after your vacation. The day before will allow you to take care of any business at home or work before you leave, and the day after will allow you to transition back into work-mode after a week of fun and care-free living.

2. Enjoy the journey to your vacation: Especially when you're camping, there is sometimes a long process from the time you leave your house to the time you actually get to take a breath and relax. You have to get the camper ready, drive, check in, set up the camper at the campsite, and make sure everything is set and ready to go for your stay. While this could easily add stress to your routine, make this fun and lighthearted. The more you enjoy the process of getting there, the more you'll enjoy the actual time there.

3. Get everyone's top 3 activities: With a family to entertain, there can be a lot going on that makes the vacation more stressful than needed. Before arriving, or just upon arriving, ask everyone what their top 3 things to do are. That way you can cater and plan to make everyone happy without arguments or conflicts. Don't forget about yourself!

4. Schedule some down time: There are tons of activities and things to keep the family going, having fun, and enjoying the camping experience. But don't forget about the down time! Taking a break (or three) to just breathe and do something quiet. You never want to get burned out, so take the time to rejuvenate! Relax by the pool with a book, take a yoga class, or treat yourself to an amazing massage in our Wellness Center.

5. Be flexible and go with the flow: The most memorable moments are often the simple things. When you don't over-schedule and allow for moments to just happen, that's when the best memories are made.

Happy Camping!


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Mother of the Year 2015 

Congratulations to our 2015 Mother of the Year: Jenny Wenzel

1st runner up: Darcy Cohen

2nd runner up: Maria Loveridge

Honorable Mention: Keisha Mendoza

Girl's Weekend
Another Great Girl's Weekend May 2015. Thank You, the Bean Group!    
Bike Park Bonanza!
We just added some new features in the bike park.  Come check it out! And don't miss the Annual BMX Bike Jam on Saturday, July 4th at 2pm.   
Dog's Day Winners! 

Congratulations to all of the dogs that participated in our Dog's Day Weekend festivities!  Click here to view the 1st place winners! Many thanks to Paws New England who brought some adorable dogs in need of a loving home.  Click here to view their association and their cute dogs. 


In order to ensure that all guests are registered, we will be utilizing a wristband program where all children (aged 3-17) will be given a Normandy Farms wristband to wear during their stay.  The wristbands will be distributed from our Hospitality Station when it is staffed, otherwise they will be given out at the Reception Center.  These wristbands are required for children to access the pools and planned recreation events. If you are expecting visitors during your stay, please be advised that visitors between the ages of 3-17 will also be issued wristbands. Please notify us if your occupants have changed since you made your reservation so that we can update the number of wristbands that will be issued. Thanks so much for your support.  
Memorial Day Weekend Tournament Winners! 
Congratulations to Team Yovino for winning our Volleyball Tournament!
Congratulations to Jill's One Pitch Team for taking home the title!
Popups For Sale + A FREE WEEK of Camping!
We have 2 new 2015 spacious popups that sleep 6 available for rent for the 2015 camping season. Click here for details and call today to reserve. These popups will be available for purchase after the season. Secure the purchase of your new popup with a deposit now and you'll receive a FREE WEEK OF CAMPING at Normandy Farms!  Click here for details.
Birthdays and Anniversaries

June Birthdays
Jennifer & Jessica Mitchell 6/1, Charlie Harris 6/2, Katie Sundling 6/8, Paul Martins 6/17, Dennis Ryan 6/18, Anni White 6/21, Carol Powers 6/22, Brandon Parker 6/22, Jaime Caffin 6/24, Clara Noonan 6/26.
June Anniversaries
Krissy Daniels & Mike Murphy 6/2, Carol & Paul Powers 6/6, Allan & Marilyn Newton 6/11, Andrea & EJ 6/24.

We look forward to providing you and your family with the finest services and amenities for a truly memorable camping experience.




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