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2016 Reservations
Leaders of the Pack
Bike Park Improvements
Looking for Work?
Our Sympathy
Popup Rental
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CCA Program 2015
Spring Spectacular 2015
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30 Benefits of Doing Yoga

Its a new year and a new you! While you're trying to stick to those resolutions to get in shape, why not kill two birds with one stone and take care of your mental health as well. Yoga has been around for thousands of years and it is not only therapeutic, but it's also an amazing way to stay in shape. Yoga can be practiced individually, in small groups, or in classes- which we offer at our park! Here are 30 reasons why you should try a yoga class and add it to your routine, especially when you're staying with us this year! Join us, get in a great workout, feel refreshed, and indulge in that s'more without any guilt!


Yoga is great because it...

1. Improves your flexibility
2. Builds muscle strength
3. Perfects your posture
4. Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown
5. Protects your spine
6. Betters your bone health
7. Increases your blood flow
8. Ups your heart rate
9. Drops your blood pressure
10. Makes you happier
11. Founds a healthy lifestyle
12. Lowers blood sugar
13. Helps you focus
14. Relaxes your system
15. Improves your balance
16. Maintains your nervous system
17. Helps you sleep deeper
18. Boosts your immune system functionality
19. Gives your lungs room to breathe
20. Gives you peace of mind
21. Increases your self-esteem
22. Eases pain
23. Gives you inner strength
24. Connects you with guidance
25. Builds awareness for transformation
26. Benefits your relationships
27. Uses sounds to soothe your sinuses
28. Encourages self care
29. Supports your connective tissue
30. Prevents allergies and viruses from invading your system

Find more benefits at!

Happy Camping! 


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2016 Reservations 
Don't forget to mark your calendar for Sunday, March 15th when we'll begin taking reservations for 2016!  Yep, that's right 2016. Give us a call at 866-673-2767 or book online. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Leaders of the Pack 
Normandy Farms is proud to be listed among the top 100 campgrounds in the country!
Bike Park Improvements
We're working on some new improvements for the bike park and plan to have the following design installed for Memorial Day Weekend!
Looking for a Rewarding Position?
We are looking for Team Members who would like to work less than 30 hours per week and are able to work weekends. Once school is out for the summer, each department's hours vary on a 7 day a week schedule.
"To join our team, keep one thing in mind: passion is a requirement, not an elective". Check out our website for a list of current positions and an application. 
Our Sympathy
We are deeply saddened by the recent losses of Marilyn Krain, a long time friend and guest at Normandy Farms and Les Goodwin, also a long time friend and former team member at Normandy Farms.  Our condolences go out to their families during this difficult time. 
Popup Rental
We have 2 new 2015 spacious popups that sleeps 6 available for rent. Click here for details and call today to reserve. 
CCA Program 2015
Here's a review of the benefits:  
  • 10% discount on campsites (cannot be combined with other discounts).  
  • No advance deposits required (see form for just a few exclusions). 
  • You will be able to join a wait list so that if a site becomes available for a desired time frame, we will notify you. Please note, the wait list is ONLY for CCA guests.   
  • Enjoy early check in or late check out if the site is available.
  • During our peak season, you won't have to print your vehicle pass as we'll have it waiting for you at the Hospitality Station.

In order to participate in the CCA program, there is a $50 annual fee.  To take advantage of the benefits, click here to complete the form. 


Program benefits, cost, restrictions, and rules are subject to change.

Spring Spectacular 2015

Apr 1 - Memorial Day
Let Normandy Farms be your home away from home. Just say "no" to spring cleaning this year and go camping instead, less crowds means more room for you! Select from available sites and stay situated from April 1st thru Memorial Day.

Package Includes:

  • Unlimited Camping with activities every weekend
  • Indoor heated pool, jacuzzi, sauna, fitness center
  • Includes school vacation week and Memorial Day weekend
  • Fewer people means more room for you!


  • $1140 for two people + $150 w/sewer + $120 w/cable*
  • $1490 for a family (1 or 2 adults and their unmarried dependent children) + $150 w/sewer +$120 w/cable*
    *Electric is metered

Limited availability for sewer sites. $100 deposit due Memorial Day for the following season and payment in full is due by March 1. One month's notice is required for cancellation. Payments must be made via cash or check.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

March Birthdays  

Angie Sundling 3/4, Diane Bryant 3/4, Nicole MacAulay 3/5, Sean Whelahan 3/5, Jim Miller 3/5, Julie Clifford 3/7, Tyler Russell 3/8, James Kear 3/9, Kelsey  MacAulay 3/14, Jim Walker 3/16, Shelia Ryan 3/19, Dave Armstrong 3/21, Sam Lincoln Page 3/21, Adele Kohl 3/24, Rich Madden 3/24, Ruth Henderson 3/25, Jillian Harrison 3/28, Dan Daniels 3/30, Judy Ferguson 3/30, Andrew Harrison 3/30, Beth Begin 3/31, George Krain 3/31

March Anniversaries 
Pat & Marie Curtin 3/5, Dan & Doris Daniels 3/31 

We look forward to providing you and your family with the finest services and amenities for a truly memorable camping experience.




The Daniels Family

Normandy Farms