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Halloween Weekend #1
Halloween Weekend #2
Halloween Weekend #3
Veterans Weekend
Annual Girl's Weekend!
Winter Hours
Holiday Gift Idea
Popup For Sale
Thanksgiving Dinner
Birthdays and Anniversaries



8 Simple Steps to Winterize your RV  


As the 2014 camping season comes to a close, we need to start thinking about winterizing our RVs to make sure that they are ready to go when spring finally rolls around! Winterizing can seem like a daunting and complicated task, but if you follow these 8 simple steps, you can have the RV protected from the harsh, cold temperatures coming in the next few months and you can rest assured that your RV will be safe from the winter weather and ready for your first trip in the spring.

1. Disconnect the outside water source. DO NOT DRAIN THE WATER HEATER until after you have filled your pipes with antifreeze.

2. Bypass your water heater. Bypass any under-sink water filtration systems.

3. Open the petcock to drain as much water from your pipes as possible. Open the water taps and flush the toilet to drain any remaining water from the system.

4. After draining as much water as possible, it is recommended a Blow Out Plug be attached to the Water Intake Fitting. Apply air pressure from an air compressor to drain the remaining water. Although blowing out the remaining water is not required, the remaining water will dilute your antifreeze. Close all faucets and petcock when complete.

5. You can add antifreeze either from the inside using the Water Pump Conversion Kit or from the outside using a hand pump. Be sure to check your progress by opening up one faucet at a time, starting from the highest and working to the lowest point in the fresh water system. Begin with the kitchen faucet. Open the HOT side of the kitchen faucet ONLY. Pump antifreeze until flow from the faucet becomes very pink. This will indicate that all the water has been flushed from your system. Close the faucet. Repeat on COLD side. Continue to the next lower fixture. This is normally the bathroom sink, then the shower and finally the toilet.

6. Pour at least 2 pints of antifreeze into all sink & shower drains. The ice maker, washing machine and external shower will also need to be winterized. Look for this information in your appliance manuals.

7. Open drain plug/valve on water heater and leave open.

8. Finally, leave antifreeze in lines until spring.


Happy Camping!   


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Halloween Weekend #1
Adult Costume Winners
1st Place:

The Saurette group from Yarmouth, MA
2nd Place:
Green blowups
Mahoney's from  Halifax, MA
3rd Place:
Kurt & Holly Hathaway
Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
From Rehoboth, MA

Site Decorating Winners
  1. Site#801 Ronald & Michelle Sweet from Warwick, RI
  2. Site#1 Marianne Iacobucci from Wareham, MA
  3. Site#E4 Sherri Diraimo & Wayne Mitchell from Johnston, RI
Carved Pumpkin Winners
  1. Nathan Bouzon from Rockland, MA #6 pumpkin
  2. Seth Stewart from Norton, MA #8 pumpkin
  3. Robert Mercer from Pembroke, MA #7 pumpkin 
Halloween Weekend #2
Adult Costume Winners

1st John Clark, Taunton, MA (group of Glow sticks)

2nd Sam Sheebow, Haverhill, MA  Captain Morgan

3rd Kirk McAulay, Norfolk, MA

Site Decorating Winners

Site 605 Anna & Richard Brance, Bridgewater, MA 1st prize

Site 1011 Steven Greenberg, Mansfield MA 2nd prize 

Site 906 Larry & Elaine Boucher, Spencer, MA  3rd prize


Carved Pumpkin Winners
1st place pumpkin #12 Susan Dixon from Plymouth, MA
2nd place Pumpkin #2 Makenzi Stoddard, from Plymouth, MA
3rd place Pumpkin #25 Shane Morgenweck from Rehoboth, MA
Halloween Weekend #3
Will be emailed after the weekend!
Veterans Weekend      
We're proud to welcome all Veterans and military personnel for a weekend of camping with 50% off!  Weekend activities include a reception for all Veterans.  Give us a call today to book your site!

Annual Girl's Weekend!       

Winter Hours
Reception Center Winter Hours

November: 9am-6pm daily


December - March (CLOSED FOR CAMPING)


While we are closed for camping, our Reception Center will be open from 10am-5pm Monday - Friday (Closed Saturday & Sunday).


Reception Center closed December 24-January 1 - Happy Holidays! 

Holiday Gift Idea 
Purchase a Normandy Farms Gift Card for a uniquely perfect holiday gift!
Popup For Sale    
We have a popup available for sale! It's in great condition and only been used at Normandy Farms so it doesn't have any miles on it.  Click here for more information.  
Thanksgiving Dinner 
We're looking forward to our annual Thanksgiving Dinner on November 29th and wanted to remind you that tickets went on sale August 15th. Purchase online as we will sell out!

Dinner starts at 2pm in the Recreation Lodge. Tickets cost $12 per person if purchased by October 31th.  As of November 1st, tickets cost $15 per person.


Dinner menu includes: Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, squash, cranberry sauce, stuffing, olives, dessert & coffee.

Please bring your own plates and table set-ups.

Minimum 2 night camping stay required to purchase dinner tickets and you must be a camping guest to attend the dinner.
Birthdays and Anniversaries

November Birthday Celebrations
Daniel Kristenson 11/1, Ryan Curtin 11/3, Tricia Leary 11/8, Jeff Keane Jr. 11/9, Rich Harris 11/9, Debbie Micozzi 11/9, Katie Dickman & Ethan Daniels 11/12, Dawn Crowley 11/13, Mary Horsman 11/13, Doris & Kristine Daniels 11/13, Dennis Vadenais 11/15, Katie Gunnard 11/15, Jean O'Connor 11/15, Lisa Conroy 11/16, Rick Schempf 11/26, Matthew Force 11/23, Bonnie Mitchell 11/24, Tina Biagi 11/26, Kyle MacAulay 11/29, Pat Curtin Sr. 11/29.


December Birthday Celebrations
Brian Favela 12/6, Joanne Field 12/7, Luanne MacAulay &
Logan Villandry 12/13, David Kear 12/14, Mark Harris 12/29, Bob Harrison 12/30, Tim Ryan 12/31.


November & December Anniversary Celebrations
Ray & Stacey Parent 11/22, Dave & Elaine Armstrong 12/15, Lisa & Steve Pascale 11/25, Marcia & Dave Galvin 12/18

We look forward to providing you and your family with the finest services and amenities for a truly memorable camping experience.




The Daniels Family

Normandy Farms