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Father of the Year 2014
Popup Rental
Jail Day
New AV System
Girls Weekend!
July 4th Fireworks
Southern New England Good Sam Family Fest
Activity Schedule 2014
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5 All-Natural Outdoor Ideas

With summer upon us, being outdoors is becoming a more frequent event for most families. Whether it be daytime activities or nighttime fun, there are many healthier, more natural choices for repelling bugs, grilling up some dinner, or protecting yourself from the sun!

1. Throw a sage bundle in the campfire to repeal mosquitoes. Though the smoke from the fire will also drive those pesky bugs away, the sage will help in the effort and leave you with a pleasant smell.

2. Put Rosemary over hot coals before cooking instead of marinating. If you love flavor, this is a great tip. Some marinades are full of sodium and other unhealthy ingredients, which can be harmful to your health. Grilling with this herb will give you all the flavor and none of the damaging aspects.

3. Prevent ticks with white vinegar, tree oil, water, and lavender. Combining the tree oil, vinegar, water, and lavender creates a sweet smelling concoction that can be sprayed on you, the kids, and your furry friends to help prevent ticks from biting. Most Tick and Mosquito sprays contain harmful chemicals that can kill the bugs, but do you really want those chemicals on you? The natural way is the way to go!

4. Buy an all natural, organic sunscreen. With the increasing amounts of diagnosed cases of skin cancer, sunscreen is an absolute must when enjoying the outdoors. But, just like with the bug repellents, sunscreen can have some questionable ingredients that can be harmful to some people. There are tons of inexpensive, all natural, biodegradable sunscreens on the market, which are much better options for you and your family!

5. Use cucumber peels to repel bees. This one sounds crazy, but its crazy enough to work! Bees have been in the news a lot lately because people have been killing them in large numbers. Instead of whacking that bothersome bee away from your food and taking the risk of being stung, simply place some cucumber peels around your campsite as an all natural repellent. Bees hate the bitter taste and smell of cucumber peels so it has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to drive bees away. A good place could be under your tablecloth or in the grass!

Trying out any or all of these tips could not only help you and your family's health, but it will be better for the environment as well!

Happy Green Camping!


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Father of the Year 2014
We had a blast over Father's Day Weekend! Congratulations to our 2014 Father of the Year, John Chapman and the runners up, David Mendoza and Bill Gravel!
Popup Rental    
We now have a popup available for rent and we're now taking reservations for 2015.  Click here to check out the details.
Jail Day
New AV System
We're excited about our new Audio/Video system in the Recreation Lodge. With four 80 inch TV's you'll be able to watch the Patriots and the Red Sox at the same time!  We've also replaced all of our speakers so that the sound will be much improved for all of our events including dances, bands, etc.  
Girls Weekend!
"Thanks for the great weekend once again!!"  Carla Bean
July 4th Fireworks

Looking for amazing fireworks? The Concierge at our Reception Center has a complete listing of fireworks, including directions to celebrate the Fourth!


July 3:

  •  Patriots Places in Foxboro at 9:00pm
  •  Stone Field in Walpole at 9:30pm
  •  Plain's Park in Milford at 10:00pm
  •  Memorial Park Beach in Sharon at 9:30pm

July 4:

  •  Bellingham High School in Bellingham at 9:00pm
  •  Legion Field in Bridgewater at 9:30pm
  •  Boston Pops on the Charles River at 9:30pm

Click here for directions 

Southern New England Good Sam Family Fest!   
September 12-14, 2014
Come join Massachusetts and Rhode Island Good Sam for a weekend of camping, smiles and good times at Normandy Farms. You will be entertained by the likes of Acoustic Rick and Daddy-O, complimentary breakfast Saturday, guest appearance by Sammy, and bus service to area shopping outlets.  Call us to make a reservation or for more information, visit Good Sam.
Activity Schedule 2014
Birthdays and Anniversaries

July Birthdays
Jason Luciano 7/3,
Sydney Rose Devaney 7/5, "TJ" Clifford 7/13, Andrew Thornton 7/13, Sofia Svanholt 7/17, Tommy Ryan 7/19, Janet O'Reilly 7/25, Mark Sinclair 7/30.

We look forward to providing you and your family with the finest services and amenities for a truly memorable camping experience.




The Daniels Family

Normandy Farms