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Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Mosquitoes

Every camper knows that mosquitoes can be the worst part of your camping experience. They buzz, bite, annoy, and frustrate you until you can't stand to be outside anymore. Not to mention they carry diseases that can be detrimental to your health! You could always buy sprays or try natural remedies to help get rid of them, but that can be expensive and, often times, ineffective. There are so many products and myths about mosquitoes out there that it's hard to tell what's fact and what's fiction. So let's debunk them and get the truth about mosquitoes!

MYTH #1: Mosquitoes are repelled by garlic, citronella, bug zappers, and bats. This is a myth for a few different reasons; garlic may repel people, but mosquitoes love it; citronella is only effective for the first 3-10 minutes of lighting or spraying; bug zappers only kill a handful of bugs; mosquitoes make up a very small proportion of bat's diets, so they do not actually get rid of that many.

FACT #1: Peppermint oil, beauty berry, and catnip repel mosquitoes. Yes, catnip! It's said to be 10 times more powerful than DEET! These may not keep them all away, but in addition to some personal spray or commercial spraying by pest control, it can be extremely effective.

MYTH #2: Eating bananas will make you more likely to get bit. It is true that bananas break down lactic acid, which mosquitoes are attracted to, but that is only if you have lactic stores for the banana to break down, which is unlikely for the common camper.

FACT #2: Mosquitoes are attracted to blonde hair, perfume, and dark colors. Blondes may or may not have more fun, but studies do prove that blondes will get bit more often than brunettes.

MYTH #3: Mosquitoes will bite regardless of your size. Actually, larger people tend to get bit more often because of the extra body heat and emitted carbon dioxide that mosquitoes are oh so attracted to.

FACT #3: Mosquitoes are the worst at dawn and dusk. This is absolutely true. If you are planning on being outside, make sure you choose midday and after dark to spend some quality time outdoors.

MYTH #4: Mosquito spray for kids works just as well as the kind for adults. Actually, the kid's spray is less effective than the adult spray in terms of the length of time it will keep the mosquitoes away. Kid's spray lasts about 1.5 hours, where the adult spray lasts for about 2.5 hours. If you still want to use the kid version for your little ones, make sure you reapply often!

FACT #4: OFF! Deep Woods will keep away more than ticks. OFF! Deep Woods is your best option in keeping mosquitoes away for long periods of time! It is found to repel mosquitoes and other bugs for 5 full hours before needing to be reapplied. So one spray for a night around the campfire can keep you worry and mosquito bite free!


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We're Open! 
After a LONG snowy winter, we're finally open for camping! Brush off that RV or tent and join us for a weekend of camping fun!
Top Destination RV Parks
The Good Sam Travel Guide and Campground Directory announced it's list of Top Destination RV Parks for 2014 and Normandy Farms was among the 37 Parks out of over 8000!
Read the article 
Just Won It! 

Get in the winner's circle with our "just won it" tee-shirt! Join us for a game this summer for your chance to win one!   



Easter Weekend 

Join us for an Easter Ham Dinner!  Advance reservations are required. Minimum 2 night stay. Reserve early, tickets are limited and non-refundable. Scrumptious Easter dinner includes mouthwatering ham, creamy mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, applesauce, tasty desserts and coffee. *Special Door Prize Drawings* Table set up starts at 12pm.

Please bring your own plates and table set-ups. We will have a vegetable peeling party at the Recreation Lodge on Saturday morning beginning at 9am for anyone who would like to help. Hot coffee & donuts will be provided for all our volunteer helpers. 

Congratulations Colin!

We are very pleased to announce the promotion of Colin Kramer to the full time position of Ranger Supervisor. Colin has been with Normandy Farms for 8 years as an integral part of the Ranger and Maintenance teams. During his time with us, Colin has mastered every aspect of the Ranger's position and has been a valuable asset to Bobby & Dan given his expertise with heavy machinery.

His congenial personality and sense of compassion enable him to relate well with guests. Colin is known for his ability to be a team player and overcome problems during challenging times.

Guest satisfaction is key for the park's long-term success. With this is mind, we look forward to Colin's continued growth as he assumes the leadership role as Ranger Supervisor.

Congratulations Colin!

Congratulations Molly!  

Congratulations to Molly and her husband Brian who are expecting!  Molly worked in the Reception Center as a Guest Service Supervisor for many years. Best wishes to you both!

CCA Program 2014
Here's a review of the benefits:  
  • 10% discount on campsites (cannot be combined with other discounts).  
  • No advance deposits required (see form for just a few exclusions). 
  • You will be able to join a wait list so that if a site becomes available for a desired time frame, we will notify you. Please note, the wait list is ONLY for CCA guests.   
  • Enjoy early check in or late check out if the site is available.
  • During our peak season, you won't have to print your vehicle pass as we'll have it waiting for you at the Hospitality Station.

In order to participate in the CCA program for 2014, there is a $50 annual fee.  To take advantage of the benefits, please complete the following form.


Program benefits, cost, restrictions, and rules are subject to change.   

Check out What's New! 
  • We're building some exciting new features in the bike park.
  • Want a private yoga class? We now offer private yoga classes with a registered yoga instructor. Click here to request a class.
  • Do you like mountain biking?  How about a guided mountain bike tour in Gilbert Hills State Forest featuring some of the best biking and hiking trails in the state. Click here to request a tour.   
  • Allow us to take your dog on an adventurous hike at the adjacent state forest or a walk around the park. Click here to request a hike or walk. 
Activity Schedule 2014
Spring Spectacular 2014

Apr 1 - Memorial Day
Let Normandy Farms be your home away from home. Just say "no" to spring cleaning this year and go camping instead, less crowds means more room for you! Select from available sites and stay situated from April 1st thru Memorial Day.

Package Includes:

  • Unlimited Camping with activities every weekend
  • Indoor heated pool, jacuzzi, sauna, fitness center
  • Includes school vacation week and Memorial Day weekend
  • Fewer people means more room for you!


  • $1140 for two people + $150 w/sewer + $120 w/cable*
  • $1490 for a family (1 or 2 adults and their unmarried dependent children) + $150 w/sewer +$120 w/cable*
    *Electric is metered

Limited availability for sewer sites. $100 deposit due Memorial Day for the following season and payment in full is due by March 1. One month's notice is required for cancellation. Payments must be made via cash or check.

Visit us and discover why Normandy Farms has been widely recognized as one of the premier resorts in the world by the Travel Channel, Outdoor Network and the National Association of RV Parks. The Normandy Farms Lifestyle is all about enjoying a variety of activities, amenities, and entertainment that provides the opportunity to relax, socialize, to learn and grow, and to strengthen and energize the mind, body & spirit!   


Option #1 April 1 - Nov 30 (w/onsite storage Dec 1 - Mar 31)

* 1 or 2 adults $7298
* Family rate $8513 (1 or 2 adults and their unmarried dependent children)
Electric is metered and is charged to the seasonal guest


Option #2 May 1 - October 31 (taking unit off site) 

* 1 or 2 adults $6376
* Family rate $7458 (1 or 2 adults and their unmarried dependent children) 

Electric is metered and is charged to the seasonal guest  
Birthdays and Anniversaries

April Birthdays

Sue Faber 4/6, Alexander Skladzien 4/6, Florence Cushman 4/7, Georgina Krain 4/8, Phil & Paige Iacobocci 4/10, Peggy Miller 4/11, Sandy Mercier 4/11, Eric Kristenson 4/14, Ellie Clifford 4/16, Mike Hogan 4/18, Jennifer  Bryant 4/19, Dylan Curtin 4/21, Karen Webster 4/25, Elaine Armstrong 4/28, Elmer Sulkowski Jr. 4/30.

April Anniversaries

Rich & Barbara Harris 4/5, Angie & Al Sundling 4/19, Shawn & Lisa Conroy, 4/21, Fran & Bob Lally 4/24, Janice & Rick Rose 4/24.

2005 Beaver For Sale $105,000
400 Quad SLD, 400 Cat C-9 Engine, 45,000 miles, Non-smoking/no pets, 4 slides, new 2013 aqua hot water heating system, 4 door refrigerator with ice maker, air assisted suspension, air leveling system, two 15,000 BTU central/ducted AC, washer/dryer combo, 8 KW diesel generator, 2,000 watt inverter, full body paint, rear vision camera/monitor, security system, light maple cabinetry upgrade, aluminum RV wheels, 16' carefree power awning with auto wind sensor, power entry door awning, 2012 slide topper awnings, 6 way power seats, solar panel and battery charger, tile upgrade in bath and kitchen, power roof vents with rain sensor, trailer hitch, loaded with every upgrade option. If interested, please call Al 508-294-4164. Click here for more pictures.
We look forward to providing you and your family with the finest services and amenities for a truly memorable camping experience.




The Daniels Family

Normandy Farms