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November & December 2013 | Issue 300__ 

Evolution of Camping
Jimmy Fund Donation
Halloween Weekend #1
Halloween Weekend #2
Thanksgiving Dinner
Daylight Savings
Holiday Gift Idea
Festive Local Events
Dedication to Marshall
Winter Hours
Birthdays and Anniversaries
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Weekend Activities


Veterans Day Weekend - Normandy Farms is proud to offer all veterans 50% off camping and hope you join us for a FREE reception!



Weekend Activities  



Weekend Activities 


Nov 29 - Dec 1
Thanksgiving Weekend - Be thankful that you don't have to cook the meal or do the dishes! Join us for our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. Tickets on sale beginning August 15.


Closed December 1 - March 31.  


Activity Schedule 

Jill's Blog


It doesn't matter what season we are in, if we are camping, we are having at least one campfire. Campfires are a staple for camping trips: roasting marshmallows, telling campfire stories, sharing laughs and creating memories are all things that a campfire brings to your camping trip; along with the warmth of the fire on a cool night, of course! Although campfires are mostly regarded for their ability to create a bond between you and those who sit around it with you, campfires can also be very dangerous if they are not handled with the proper safety precautions. Campfire accidents send thousands of children and adults to the emergency room with burn injuries each year. Burns account for 74 percent of all children's camping injuries, and nearly 50 percent of children admitted to hospitals with burns are less than 4 years old. So follow these tips to ensure that your favorite camping tradition is both fun and safe!

1. Use only the designated rings or pits to build your fire. These pits should be on gravel or dirt, never grass.

2. Clear the area of any dry leaves and sticks and make sure that automobiles, tents, campers, and other items are placed at a considerable distance from the fire.

3. Check the weather forecast. Even a small amount of wind can blow burning debris or sparks onto a flammable surface or YOU!

4. Stack extra wood upwind and away from the fire.

5. Start building your fire with small sticks and twigs and gradually work your way up to the larger pieces of wood. When placing the large pieces of wood on the fire, point them inwards and use another piece of wood to shift them to their desired spot.

6. NEVER USE FLAMMABLE LIQUID TO IGNITE YOUR FIRE! Please avoid gasoline, lighter fluid, diesel fuel and other dangerous liquids to prevent serious accidents and injuries.

7. Keep your campfire small and contained. A suggested size would be a 2ft x 2 ft x 2ft fire.

8. Never allow children and pets to play or stand too close to the fire and NEVER leave the fire unattended.

9. Keep a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergencies and teach children to stop, drop, and roll, if their clothing ever catches fire.

10. When extinguishing the fire, make sure to drown the fire completely with water. Many people forget that coals that are not cooled or extinguished can remain hot and capable of inflicting burns for 24 hours. To ensure that they are out, do not bury them, which can keep them hot, instead, pour water and stir the ashes and embers until it is clear that they have all been cooled.



Visit Jill's Blog 

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Evolution of Camping
Ever wonder how camping evolved into such a popular pastime?  Click here to read an interesting article on its evolution.
Jimmy Fund Donation
David Muntz was the lucky winner of the Patriots vs Bronco tickets donated by Dr Alan Lee to support the Jimmy Fund.
Halloween Weekend #1
What a ghoulishly amazing weekend! The weather was perfect and the costumes and sites were decorated spooktacularly!

Click here to view the weekend standouts.  

Don't forget, next October is even spookier as we're having 3 Halloween Weekends plus a Paranormal Spirit Weekend! Make your reservations early as we're already booking up!
::Oct 3-5 Spirit Weekend
::Oct 10-13 Columbus Day Wknd (3N)
::Oct 17-19 Halloween Wknd #1
::Oct 24-26 Halloween Wknd #2
::Oct 31-Nov 2 Halloween Wknd #3 
Halloween Weekend #2
Yet another awesome weekend!
The Halloween spirit and creativity was simply impressive!

Due to popular demand, next year we're having a 3rd Halloween Weekend and will also have a dog costume contest! 

Click here to view the weekend standouts.
Thanksgiving Dinner 
We're looking forward to our annual Thanksgiving Dinner on November 30th and wanted to remind you that tickets went on sale August 15th.   Purchase online - we will sell out!


Dinner starts at 2pm in the Recreation Lodge. Tickets cost $12 per person if purchased by October 31th.  As of November 1st, tickets cost $15 per person.


Dinner menu includes: Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, creamed onions, squash, cranberry sauce, stuffing, olives, pastry & coffee.

Please bring your own plates and table set-ups.

Minimum 2 night camping stay required to purchase dinner tickets and you must be a camping guest to attend the dinner. 

 Daylight Savings
Don't forget to change your clocks back on Sunday, November 3rd at 2am.
Holiday Gift Idea 
Purchase a Normandy Farms Gift Card for the perfect holiday gift!
Festive Local Events
  • 1627 Harvest Dinner with the Pilgirms in Plymouth 
  • Blackstone Valley Polar Express
  • Christmas Festival of Lights at Edaville in Carver 
  • La Salette Shrine Illuminations in Attleboro 
  • Blink! Faneuil Hall Marketplace
  • Christmas at the Newport Mansions

Click here for details 

Dedication to Marshall
In memory of Marshall, who raised the bar and set the standard for Normandy Farms Hospitality. You will always be remembered with love and gratitude.
Winter Hours
Reception Center Winter Hours

November: 9am-6pm daily


December - March (CLOSED FOR CAMPING)


While we are closed for camping, our Reception Center will be open from 10am-5pm Monday - Friday (Closed Saturday & Sunday).


Closed December 21-January 1  - Happy Holidays! 

Birthdays and Anniversaries!

November Birthday Celebrations
Daniel Kristenson 11/1, Ryan Curtin 11/3, Tricia Leary 11/8, Jeff Keane Jr. 11/9, Rich Harris 11/9, Debbie Micozzi 11/9, Katie Dickman 11/12, Dawn Crowley 11/13, Mary Horseman
11/13, Doris & Kristine Daniels 11/13, Dennis Vadenais 11/15, Katie Gunnard 11/15, Jean O'Connor 11/15, Lisa Conroy 11/16, Rick Schempf 11/26, Matthew Force 11/23, Bonnie Mitchell 11/24, Tina Biagi 11/26, Kyle MacAulay 11/29, Pat Curtin Sr. 11/29.

December Birthday Celebrations
Dot Malo 12/3, Brian Favela 12/6, Joanne Field 12/7, Luanne MacAulay and Logan Villandry 12/13, David Kear 12/14, Mark Harris 12/29, Bob Harrison 12/30, Tim Ryan 12/31.
November & December Anniversary Celebrations
Ray & Stacey Parent 11/22, Dave & Elaine Armstrong 12/15, Lisa & Steve Pascale 11/25, Marcia & Dave Galvin 12/18 

We look forward to providing you and your family with the finest services and amenities for a truly memorable camping experience.




The Daniels Family

Normandy Farms