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September 2013 | Issue 298 __ 

Little Miss & Master Pageant
Guided Bike Tours
Thanksgiving Dinner
Ahoy Matey!
Supervisor Spotlight
Deepest Sympathy
Marshall Keyes
Message from our Concierge
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Snack Bar For Sale
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Aug 30-Sept 2
Labor Day Weekend - (3 Day Holiday Weekend) - Summer is coming to end, but not until we play all weekend long. Bring the family for this ultra fun weekend complete with one-pitch and volleyball tournaments.


Massachusetts Weekend - Massachusetts campers will receive a special 25% discount on camping, RV supplies and gift merchandise.


Maine Weekend - Maine campers will receive a special 25% discount on camping, RV supplies and gift merchandise.


Rhode Island Weekend - Rhode Island campers will receive a special 25% discount on camping, RV supplies and gift merchandise.


Fall Weekend - Nothing says fall like beautiful New England foliage and a weekend of camping.


Activity Schedule 

Jill's Blog


Getting Poison Ivy can really put a damper on a camping trip. What some people may not realize is there are a lot of myths floating around about these poisonous little plants that may change the way you look at them and the rash they cause!

myth #1: Poison Ivy is contagious to others. This is certainly a myth since the reaction comes only from contact with the urushiol oil from the plant's leaves. If the rash is cleaned and free of that oil, then the rash is not contagious!

myth #2: Once allergic, always allergic. Allergies and sensitivities change over time and even from season to season. If you were allergic as a child, you may not be allergic as an adult and vice versa.

myth #3: Itching will spread the rash. This brings us back to the explanation of myth #1: if the rash has been cleaned and is free of urushiol oil, itching the rash will not spread it.

myth #4: Dead poison ivy is no longer contagious. Urushiol oil can stay active on dead plants for a long time: up to five years! It can also stay on surrounding plants for this long, not just poison ivy!

myth #5: Besides complete avoidance, there is no way to prevent a poison ivy rash. Studies have proven that certain creams can be effective in preventing rashes if applied before contact with the urushiol oil. So if you're planning a camping trip or a hike, pick some up at your local pharmacy just in case!


Visit Jill's Blog 

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Little Miss & Master Pageant
Congratulations to all our contestants in the Little Miss and Master Pageant today! And a special congratulations to our winners: Tori Holland, Brody Galvin, Abigail Olszewski and Antonio Parmeggiani!
Guided Bike Tours
Are you a guest at Normandy Farms and interested in a complimentary guided mountain bike tour? There are 23 miles of trails looping through the adjacent state forest. The biking is rather challenging so you would need to be experienced in technical trail riding and have your own gear including a mountain bike (not a road bike), repair kit, helmet, and water.  Not recommended for children under 18.  All tours are based on the availability of a guide and are weather permitting. Click here to request a tour.  
Thanksgiving Dinner 
We're looking forward to our annual Thanksgiving Dinner on November 30th and wanted to remind you that tickets went on sale August 15th.   Purchase online - we will sell out!


Dinner starts at 2pm in the Recreation Lodge. Tickets cost $12 per person if purchased by October 31th.  As of November 1st, tickets cost $15 per person.


Dinner menu includes: Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, creamed onions, squash, cranberry sauce, stuffing, olives, pastry & coffee.

Please bring your own plates and table set-ups.

Minimum 2 night camping stay required to purchase dinner tickets and you must be a camping guest to attend the dinner. 

Ahoy Matey!
Me thinks I found a buried treasure! Many thanks to our spirited pirates over Pirate Weekend!

To soon to be parents, Bryan & Jody McLean.  Best wishes to you both! 

This week's supervisor spotlight is on Guest Service Representative, Meg Blaisdell. Meg is a sophomore at Bridgewater State University and is majoring in Elementary Education, Special Education, and English. When she is not working in the office, Meg enjoys dancing, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends. Meg always has a bubbly attitude and friendly, approachable demeanor. She handles problems in a calm and collected manor and encourages her staff to be the best Guest Service Representatives that they can be. Meg is a true asset to the Normandy Farms team and we are fortunate to have her and her brother Ryan working for us!
Deepest Sympathy
The Daniels Family and Normandy Farms Team extend their condolences to Paula Mitchell, our landscape designer and Erin Mitchell, our Pool Supervisor, and Sara Ballou, our sales assistant, on the recent loss of their mother and grandmother.  
Marshall Keyes
We are deeply saddened to announce that Marshall Keyes, a former Normandy Farms team member, has passed away. Marshall set the high standard at the Hospitality Station that we continue to follow today.  He and his wife, Inez, worked at Normandy for many years and our thoughts and prayers go to Inez and her family during this difficult time.
A message from our Concierge...
In fall, New England is famous for its glorious foliage as billions of leaves change from green to a kaleidoscope of colors. The air is crisp and cool - perfect for camping, hiking, biking or a good old day trip along back roads, where farm stands are piled high with crunchy apples and orange pumpkins. Fall is also an excellent time to see the New England coastline area - weather is often still warm and beautiful, and the summer crowds are gone. It's a perfect time to walk the beaches, explore antique shops, specialty boutiques, and get the best table on those dockside patios. You'll find beautiful fall colors here too, even along the roadways. We welcome your visit to the Business & Information Center where are Concierge will help you plan your visit to some of our fall favorites!  Let us know of any particular areas you would like to visit by clicking here and allow us to coordinate all of your requests. We'll even have an itinerary waiting for you upon your arrival.
Birthdays and Anniversaries!

September Birthday Celebrations
Bill Heffernon 9/2, Joan Holland 9/3, Ed Leary 9/3, Ron Piazza 9/3, Tim O'Leary 9/4, Bobby Harrison 9/10, Joanne Caffrey 9/11, DeArndra Galvin 9/12, Kathy Morrow 9/16, Dolly Gilbertson 9/17, Lisa Pascale 9/21, Eddie
Doolan 9/21, Hill Shurdut 9/23, Dave Bertoldi 9/26, Jean Lincoln 9/29, Mike Fuller 9/30, Annie Kristenson 9/30


September Anniversary Celebrations
Harold & Lillian Carpenter 9/2, Helen & Ron Piazza 9/5, Mike & Jamie Iacobacci 9/6, Shaun & Jillian Daniels 9/9, Richard & Barbara Dunshee 9/9, Diane & Ken Bryant 9/11, Karen & John Webster 9/14, Bill & Judy O'Connor 9/19, Jeanne & Craig Force 9/20, Wendy & Pepi Pimental 9/29 

interior Normandy Farms is selling their Kamper's Kitchen snack bar. BEST OFFER! It is a fully functional, approximately 400 square foot, 8x40' kitchen. The park model is on wheels and can be pulled away with a truck. 


Includes 3 commercial exhaust fans with a 20 foot stainless steel hood and assorted stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment.  Anyone interested may come by and take a look.  

We look forward to providing you and your family with the finest services and amenities for a truly memorable camping experience.




The Daniels Family

Normandy Farms