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August 2013 | Issue 297 __ 

Top Family Park!
Junior Olympics
BBQ Dinner
Pick Your Own Fruit
Jimmy Fund Update
Hula Hoop Fun
Supervisor Spotlights
Message from our Concierge
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Playhouse For Sale
Snack Bar For Sale
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1 Tickets go on sale for BBQ Weekend to be held on August 24. Purchase online.

Royal Weekend - We'll make you feel like royalty. This special weekend includes a formal dance and pageant. Sign up for the pageant online.

Pirate Weekend - Ahoy Matey! Batten down the hatches and join us for a treasure of a time.

15 Tickets go on sale for Thanksgiving Dinner to be held on November 30th.

Sweets Weekend - Bring your sweetheart to the sweetest weekend ever!

BBQ Weekend - 'If it ain't barbecue, it ain't food!' Let us do the cookin' for you. Reserve early, tickets on sale August 1st and sell out. Purchase online today.  

Jill's Blog

4 Ways to Save at the Gas Pump 

Gas prices soar in the summer. This is something that many people have become accustomed to when visiting the gas pumps during the summer months. As campers, we know this all too well. We fill up to drive to our favorite vacation spots and cringe as the bill climbs higher and higher! Whether you're filling up the RV or the car, here are 4 tips that can save you some money at the pumps:

1. Pump on slow: Gas pumps have 3 settings when pumping: high, medium, and slow. If you pump on slow, it minimizes the amount of vapors that come through the hose which guarantees that you get more gas for your money.

2. Fill up when you're still half full. When your tank still has gas in it, it minimizes the amount of air in the tank, which leaves less room for the gas to evaporate.


3. Fill up at the coldest possible time of day. Although the heat may be difficult to avoid during the summer, filling up during the coolest parts of the day (or night) will ensure that you get the most gas for your money. The colder the gas is, the more dense it is. Gas expands the warmer it gets, so filling up when it is hot, may mean that you're not getting the full gallon of gas that you are paying for.


4. If you see a gas truck filling up the station, find a different station to fill up. The gas truck will be stirring up dirt in the gas in the underground tanks. Dirt in your gas tank is never a good thing. You're paying for gas, not dirt!

These tricks may not save you exponential amounts of money, but when all is said and done, those dollars add up! Your wallet will be sure to thank you! Read Article 


Visit Jill's Blog 

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Top Family Park!
Good Sam just awarded Normandy Farms as one of the Top Family Campgrounds in the country - only one of two parks in Massachusetts! The top RV parks for families were selected by the Good Sam RV Travel Guide staff from a database of more than 14,000 RV parks.  Check out the full list here.
Junior Olympics
Congratulations to all the Junior Olympics
participants and especially the 2013 Winners!

Leila Gagnon 14 points  Justin Keogler 14 points

6 & 7 years
Samantha Robertson 16 points   Cody Gass  11 points

8 & 9 years  
Erin McCarthy 15 points  David Floyd 20 points

10 & 11 Years  
Jessica Matheson 14 points  Aiden Mc Carthy 16 points

12 & 13 Years  
(Tie) Lauren Ragone 13 Points & Molly McCabe 13 Points   Mathew Mc Cabe 16 points

14 & over  
Mia Piluso 20 points   Craig Salvador 18 points 
BBQ Dinner

BBQ on Saturday 8/24 starts at 4PM next to the Recreation Lodge with games and prizes. Food is served at 5PM. Tickets cost $12 per person.

Includes 1/2 barbequed chicken, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, watermelon and punch.

Please note, you must be a camping guest to attend the dinner and a 2 night stay is required. Click here to purchase today - tickets sell out! 


Pick Your Own Fruit
Jimmy Fund Update
Thanks for supporting our Casino Night where we raised $1120 for the Jimmy Fund!


2013 marks the 30th year Normandy Farms Campground has been raising money for the Jimmy Fund. We are enthusiastic each year to raise as much money as possible to help those who suffer from cancer.

Here's an update:
10/8/12 Patriots/Colts Tickets $718
10/8/12 Columbus Day Basket Drawing $1272
10/19&21, 10/26&27/12 Hayride & Haunted House $3,154
5/26/13 Jail Day $619
5/27/13 Silent Drawing $1556
5/27/13 50/50 Drawing $205
7/20/13 Ice Cream Social $334
7/13/13 Casino Night $1,120
7/16 & 18/13    Haunted Hayride $1,290
 Can you Hula?
It's not only fun, but it's a great exercise!  Join us on Mondays at 3:30pm at the Recreation Lodge.     
Every once and a while it is nice to take the time to honor some of the wonderful people that work with us at Normandy Farms. We have an incredible group of staff 
team members this year. Each department needs leaders to guide other team members and help keep Normandy Farms recognized for top-notch guest service. Click here to read our latest spotlights on Erin Mitchell and Amanda Monson, both amazing team members


A message from our Concierge...
There's always another reason to visit  Massachusetts! A small state with many impressive sights to see.  We have the best of everything, from unique seasons, to an array of art and history, to food from around the globe, not to mention the charming cobblestone streets of Boston and over 1500 miles of coastline, but that's just the beginning. 

With so much to do, why not rely on the expertise of our Concierge to assist in planning your stay?  Let us know of any particular areas you would like to visit by clicking here and allow us to coordinate all of your requests. We'll even have an itinerary waiting for you upon your arrival.
Birthdays and Anniversaries!

August Birthdays
Timmy Morgan Jr 8/1, Judy Mitchell 8/4, Bryan McLean 8/9, Ryan Doyle 8/9, Tom Clifford 8/12, Patrick Malala 8/12, Corrinne Daniels 8/14, Patsy Daniels 8/16, Kayla Thomas 8/16, Janelle Gasson 8/17, Marcy Kelly 8/20, Marcia Galvin 8/24, Jim Pendergast 8/25, Lincoln Thyng 8/26, Faye Shurdut 8/28, Heather Curley 8/29, Paul White 8/29, Janis Pendergast 8/30, Duce 8/30, Sandy Favaloro 8/31.


August Anniversary Celebrations
Bob & Lorraine Frechette 8/2, Inez & Marshall Keyes 8/7, Faye & Hill Shurdut 8/13, Bob & Sue Latuga 8/17.

Playhouse For Sale - reduced price!
While our Playhouses were VERY popular, it's challenging for us to safely maneuver them around the park.  As a result, we're no longer providing them for rent and offering them for sale.
  • Playhouse #1  (6ft x 10ft) $1500 or BEST OFFER 


  • Playhouse #2 SOLD 
  1. Payment must be made by check or cash.
  2. We will load the Playhouse onto your trailer, but it is your responsibility from there.
  6. We will not hold the units, they will be sold to the first person who makes payment and must be picked up within 2 weeks.  
Please email if interested.   

interior To make way for our new snack bar, Normandy Farms is selling their Kamper's Kitchen snack bar. BEST OFFER! It is a fully functional, approximately 400 square foot, 8x40' kitchen. The park model is on wheels and can be pulled away with a truck. 


Includes 3 commercial exhaust fans with a 20 foot stainless steel hood and assorted stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment.  Anyone interested may come by and take a look.  

We look forward to providing you and your family with the finest services and amenities for a truly memorable camping experience.




The Daniels Family

Normandy Farms