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May 2015
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In our May edition of the Grounded in Philly newsletter: One Art Community Center scores a win for community agriculture; find out if you are more producer or consumer; Food for Thought at the Schuylkill Center; "Abundance Models" free webinar; help out the Philly US Social Forum Urban Garden Bike Tour; rock out with Urban Creators this summer; get "in the know;" and check out job opportunities... 


One Art - Music, Art, Healing, Sustainable Urban Design: A True Community Collaboration

Malaika Hart with the young lions at One Art Community Center

One Art Community Center (formerly Wall St. International) looks like a store-front on 52nd street near Lancaster Ave. However, if you've ever gone to an event there, once you walk through the wrought-iron front gate, and the adjacent doors, you realize you just stepped into an oasis in the middle of the city. The doors open up to a courtyard of bustling activity with musicians playing and singing on a concert-sized stage, children running between their parents and the sand pit off to the back. Vendors are spread around selling food and wares, and there is an orchard off to one side while a small patch of grass with sandy edges offers you an island like view of the stage and people dancing. Bamboo fences trace the outer perimeter giving those walking its border a feeling of solitude while enjoying the orchard and rich colorful wall art flows around the landscape telling the story of this artist and that. Wall St International was the vision of the late Benjamin Reid, along with his wife Malaika Hart. Over the years, she has worked tirelessly to continue to realize his vision in what is now One Art Community Center. READ MORE...

It's Called Produce


Eugene Cooke
Can a consumer culture lead us toward health and abundance? In all major United States cities there are areas that look like emerging 'third world' neighborhoods. Abandoned homes, where land is overgrown and houses are falling apart, closed businesses, deteriorating schools and jobless, homeless residents. This situation is created by a complex combination of factors and it most often leads to crime and violence. How does the consumer driven local food movement touch those of us living and serving in these places under police terrorism and economic apartheid? As an urban farmer for over a decade, from California to Georgia, I have been present at countless conferences and meetings promoting local organic food access. What does food access look like in an area that is subject to police curfew or martial law? 


Right now in our nation's cities we continue to experience state violence perpetrated on people of color and urban residents who are economically imprisoned within a social status based on deliberate under investment. Many of these areas are within the same zip code as neighborhoods slated for 'urban renewal'. Is there a connection between the instigated uprisings and looming re-development plans? READ MORE...




Weavers Way and the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education Present:


Food for Thought: Connecting with the Land of Philadelphia

 Come for an evening in the forest with delicious local foods and drinks and a roundtable discussion about the future of Philadelphia's land and food systems.  Philadelphia was first imagined as a "City in a Park," and our panel of civic and thought leaders will discuss how they are creating a city that's not only beautiful, but also environmentally sustainable and healthy.
Panelists include 
Leah Murphy, President of Friends of Rail Park
Kirtrina Baxter, The Garden Justice Legal Initiative at the Public Interest Law Center
Tara Campbell & Saul students, Weavers Way Community Programs
 Donkey Dover, Urban Nutrition Initiative


Free Webinar on "Abundance Models" May 30, 1pm EST

Karryn Olson-Ramanujan is passionate about supporting women's leadership* and their "Thrivelihoods," and she is hosting a free online webinar on March 30 at 1pm EST, about 

"Abundance Models." 

All are welcome to attend! If you aren't free on the 30th, sign up anyway so you can listen to the recording.  


At the end of the webinar, Karryn will also outline her six-month transformational program that is designed to help jumpstart permaculture "Thrivelihoods." Kirtrina Baxter is a guest speaker in her "Grow Your Permaculture Thrivelihood" program.


*In 2013, Karryn wrote "A "Pattern Language for Women in Permaculture" for the Permaculture Activist magazine. She has also compiled some "Best Practices to Support Women in Permaculture." If you haven't read them yet, I suggest you check them out. Or listen to the free replay of the "Women Thriving in Permaculture" webinar, in which she covered why it can be hard to thrive in permaculture, why it can be especially hard for women, and how we can work towards systemic solutions so we can co-create our regenerative future.

If you are interested or want more information email [email protected]





Green Infrastructure Research Roundtable


Wednesday, June 3rd at 3:30pm (EST)

Hill Seminar Room - Drexel University - Lebow Engineering Room 240 - 31st and Market Sts, Phila, PA


Free Library of Philadelphia Culinary Literacy Center's
Summer events

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On the Ground

Soil Generation
Soil Generation's April meeting welcomed guests from Neighborhood Gardens Trust (NGT), The US Social Forum Philly, Philly EcoCity & Home Grown Music Festival...



If you are interested or want more information email [email protected]

In The Know


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Job Opportunities... 

Greener Partners is looking to fill 3 positions related to farming and farm education.