Word on the Street
May 2014
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In this May edition of Word on the Street: Take Back Land Teach-In, a tale of corn, and musings of an urban gardener. Please share this information with your neighbors and friends!

Tuesday night we shared a meal, talked about our place in the process, learned about the way this law was written to work, laughed about so many things and meditated about what our communities could look like with the input and shared vision of all parties concerned...and that looked good to me.
The theory is that over hundreds and hundreds of years, by means of selective breeding done by humans (also known as artificial selection, as opposed to natural selection), teosinte slowly evolved into corn.

Gardens give us so much more than just food or flowers, it is a place of healing, of peace, of ancestral thoughts and strangely... power.
by Amy Laura Cahn

Read in this month's Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations Magazine...along with other great articles on Urban Agriculture...
Spring Fun!

Strawberry Festival

The  Neighborhood Gardens Trust (NGT), whose mission is to acquire and preserve community gardens and shared open space in order to enhance the quality of life in Philadelphia neighborhoods, would like to invite you and your garden to participate in celebrating COMMUNITY GARDENS DAY on June 21, 2014. 


If you are interested in participating on June 21st between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will be hosting an activity, please register your garden. Registration is open until Thursday, May 27th, so register soon.